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Pillow humping phone sex with Mistress Mandy is fun especially since I specialize in guided masturbation phone sex, I can have you hump your pillow with my superior guidance.  I have a new pillow humper sissy Sabrina.
Sissy sabrina is a pillow humping  sissy gurl.  I asked her how her pillow humping started.  Sissy sabrina told me it started all because she loved teddy bears, and would hump them, against her little clitty.   She has a really tiny clitty and does not feel she should touch hers, like a real man would.  Sissy gurl sabrina started wearing panties very young from her mommies drawer. During O/our session she told me she was wearing a pair of pink frilly lace panties under her romper.   She called it a Pink satin onesie.  She is all covered up – like a little sissy gurl. She has a pillow on her clitty now, she has pink satin bed sheets, pillow puffers, pink romper, pussy pink sissy gurl. Pretty in pink.

I thought perhaps a sissy bedroom for her when she grows up.  The room would be painted pink on pink, with dolls and a princess bed, with white curtains.   Sabrina will shoot cummies when she climbs into bed and humps her pillow.   She wears panties every day, every night sleeps in sissy dresses, pink satin with white peter pan collar. Wears dipies too!

Sabrina is a pretty, sissy gurl. Pillow humper. She just wants to be my sissy and I am her strong powerful woman owner. She wants to hump her pillow for me. Sissy Sabrina is a good sissy pillow humper and called me again.  Sissy sabrina is being a little sissy, has her little rubber ruffled panties on with space for diapers. Pair of white satin boy shorts – tap pants, over her head. Match a full length white sissy dress.  Needs to be my naughty sissy gurl. Wants some pillow humper help today. Does not like to touch, her little clitty. Men’s cocks deserve touching not little clitty.  She will hump her pink satin pillow today.

I took sissy sabrina to the mall, and had her come to the mattress store, she was dressed in white with ruffled panties, I had her bring her satin pillow.  I had her lie on the mattress and hump her pillow in front of all the people in the store.  Then we went to the panty store, I had sissy Sabrina hump her pillow on a cot in the center of the store all the pretty girls laughed and took pictures with their cell phones.  Then we went and had her nails done in sissy pink. The manicurist, took Sabrina’s pillow and masturbated her, she pillow humped her in the shop and everyone watched.  It was quite the rage.

I own and control sissy sabrina she is the best pillow humper, that I know!
xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

Bill the cum slut – Ass fucks himself – humiliation phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Believe it or not, with all the guided masturbation phone sex  and fetish oriented phone calls that I do, I had someone come up with an idea the other night that I never heard before!   Bill the cum slut told me he wanted to fuck his own ass with his own cock, and in fact he could do it.  He said he has been successful in getting his cock in
his own ass. Self ass fucking, how hot is that!  I asked him how it would be done and he said that he lies on his back on
the bed, then he spreads his  knees apart and put pillows under ass, elevates his legs, then
semi erect he pulls his balls over to the side or tucks a ball inside himself, and then he swings his cock
between his legs,  he then uses a finger and stuffs his dick into his ass, he works it in.
He likes my guided masturbation phone sex for the fact that I make him cum so hard, it is not only stroking but telling me secret fetishes that make my stroking sessions so successful.  He told me he also was wearing pink panties,  he had gotten them at Victoria’s Secret.  They were high cut pink and white horizontal
stripes, with tiny gold glittery stripe, I had him slide these sexy hot panties to the side, so sexy!  This was so he could fuck his own ass!  He loves
those panties, told me that they fit perfectly on his nice round butt. He wants to wear panties
full time, I told him to burn his men’s underwear.   Bag it up donate it, and only wear panties. The men’s underwear has to
go!   He was prancing up and down the hallway and around his house in the sexy panties when he first got them.
I think for humiliation phone sex this is tops!  Self ass fucking has to be number one!  So he pulled the panties to the side like I suggested and then he slid the edge of his cock into his ass, using his fingers. He was telling me on the phone that his  cock
starting to go in a little, (this really is a turn on!)  cock is in, YAY!  He then pumped his ass, and ass fucked
himself and came in his ass. He said it was a wonderful feeling to fuck his own ass!


Orgasm Denial Phone sex with Marathon Man – Mistress Mandy – 1-877-732-6360

"guided masturbation phone sex"

Let me guide your masturbation

I had a hot guided masturbation cock stroking phone sex session with Marathon Man, you strokers out there know him as MM.  He is a very prolific stroker, and many have informed me they have adopted his panty, girdled, condom, style of masturbating, and I have since locked some of them up in chastity as well. After all I cumming is a privilege and you must earn the right. MM definitely works at being a winner, as he has been in chastity denial for 200 days! Can you imagine that? We had a session recently in honor of his denial.

He says:

As your #1 Stroker Boy i often find an opportunity to stimulate me to be naughty. I’ve likely hit a new low in stroking for my lovely Ms. Mandy. You’ll likely be upset with me, & know you’ll slap me with a hefty cum tax for being so naughty. Perhaps put Junior in chastity if you could. My house & my neighbor’s house are at a 90-degree angle to each other. I have a full view of the back of their house & yard. Likewise, they have a full view of the back of my house & yard. A white vinyl fence separates the 2 yards. My neighbor installed a very large above ground pool this summer. They have 2 daughters — a girl that’s very young, & an older daughter, but going on 18. The older girl is a hottie & is rapidly maturing. This young thing wears a very skimpy bikini when she’s in the pool. She causes YOUR Junior to stir & drool when i watch her in the pool. You know where this is heading, don’t you? I’m able to observe this lovely hottie in the pool from my kitchen window & stroke YOUR COCK as i watch her. I have a strong urge to cum, but only stroke, edge, & deny orgasm in keeping with my vow to never cum without your permission. This opportunity for naughty stroking will likely be present for several years as the pool is used in the summer months. She’ll be more temptation for me each year as she matures. I’m such a naughty stroker boy. I & will accept whatever punishment & tax levy that you deem appropriate for being so naughty — especially considering all this, I know it is a surprise for you!  My naughty will never cross the line. I’m very discreet. Both her father & mother are large tattooed people that would squash me like a bug if they knew what i was doing.

Haha, lots of guys just love the young gurls! I will add more abstinence to your ritual as a punishment, my durty stroker boy! 

I love stroking YOUR COCK in a sexy panty. I believe you’d enjoy stroking, & watching YOUR JUNIOR explode after giving me your approval to cum. Btw, I engaged in a bit of discreet naughty stroking on Saturday as I spotted my young hottie teen neighbor in & around their pool. She wore a pink bikini top, & a very brief turquoise panty. She’s maturing quite nicely. I just discovered that my sexy panty fits over my head like a stocking cap.

I absolutely love my new intimate thongs.

They’re a perfect fit, & make me feel naughty by wearing them over my pantyhose I have a black thong – it also fits me like a glove. YOUR JUNIOR approves of them, loves & stimulates him, I wear a  thong over my pantyhose & Junior everyday and when I go out, as directed by You, My Owner and Controller! i plan to be naughty as much as possible today, with thoughts of my lovely Ms. Mandy foremost in my mind. Your #1 Stroker Boy is naughty nearly every day. I have an incurable addiction that I don’t plan to cure. The most difficult part of my addiction is in denying Junior of orgasm. Ms. Mandy taught me well, & I adhere to the vow I made with you to cum only after asking for, & receiving your approval. I don’t know how much longer I can endure the abstinence without YOUR JUNIOR going completely insane. WE’LL likely need to tame him upon your approval before too much longer. Perhaps we could set 100 days as our target date. I’ll keep track of the days, & will keep you posted as we near the target date.

I’m surprised, but thankful that I haven’t worn YOUR JUNIOR out, or possibly damaged him beyond repair from habitual masturbation, chronic masturbation at that! I’m blessed that today he’s every bit as active & naughty as he was back when I was a teenager. I’ve just refined, perfected, & enhanced my pleasure through the years to be your #1 Stroker Boy today for you, Ms Mandy . I’m blessed to have you, Ms. Mandy, as my stimulus. I most definitely have an obsession & addiction to stroking, but you’ve taught me restraint, patience, & endurance by edging thousands of times, while denying orgasm each time, pending asking for & receiving your permission to cum. I’m long overdue to have an orgasm, as I stroke YOUR JUNIOR nearly every day, & many nights …. often the entire night, without sleep, or just 2 or 3 hours at most. My last orgasm was during our last session when You directed & counted down YOUR JUNIOR to explode precisely at the same time as the town’s fireworks exploded. My ecstasy was muffled only by the sounds of the town’s fireworks. My “cumplosion” was a nuclear event.

“I look forward to O/our session tomorrow. I reviewed my math, & have determined that O/our session will be exactly 200 days since our last session on the 4th of July. This is crazy. I had decided against having future marathons after our July session, which had been 150 days, but here we are 200 days since then. It might be a good idea if we set up a schedule for future sessions — something like every 30 days or so. I’d like your thoughts. I’ve been prepping for our session since Friday afternoon when i slipped into my new panty — which I really love. I’m going to continue prepping today & tonight, but I will rest YOUR JUNIOR tomorrow to give him time to reload. My orgasm might not eject nearly as much cum as might be expected after 200 days of abstinence since I milk Junior with my daily stroking as your #1 Stroker Boy. I’d like for you to “give me the works” & would enjoy spicing up our session a bit. I love how naughty you are with me and I cannot wait for some dirty talk. I’d appreciate your kind consideration to permit me to cum, & am begging for your permission to cum. YOUR COCK is desperate for release after 200 days of denial, & is on the brink of “cumploding”. He needs to cum real bad. THANK YOU for being my lovely masturbatrix.”

To all this I have to reply, yes we need to set up regular guidance sessions so that I can further monitor your denial, and teasing along the way, so that you keep “Junior” on edge!

Some interesting news ..  MM has sent me panty pics, that I am posting her


Panty boy, sissy phone sex, guided masturbation phone sex.


Sissy phone sex
Stroker boys, I am ready to give you your dose of orgasm denial, sissy training, panty boy cock stroking, cock sucking, humiliation, SPH, JOI, CEI, cuckold role play, and many more kinking fetishes that I enjoy talking about with you!  Till then…

Xo’s Mistress Mandy

New Audio – Ode to T Boy Guided #1 – Tribute to guided masturbation phone sex in the best sense! Call Mandy for your phone sex at 1-877-732-6360

"guided masturbation phone sex", "humiliation phone sex"News to all my stroker boys, and wanna be stroker boys!  I will be putting up a lot of guided masturbations in the next few weeks…  these are in honor of T Boy.. My original stroker boy. I had T Boy stroking for me all last year, he has lots of great guided’s that I had given to him as assignments, I will be posting them and you can also check on my website www.strokesforme.com, to see them all in one place.

For tonight, you will have the honor of practicing the first lesson that I had given T Boy.  Lesson #1, remember, if you practice there are 2 things that can happen. You will become a longer lasting lover. If you decide not to cum at the end of any session and wait, you will get that endorphin high, that T Boy and I had a discussion on a while back.

Here it is…. enjoy!

Tonight, I need you to stroke for me, dim the lights, get out some scented oil – I want you to think of me masturbating you… Stroking your cock, looking into your eyes, You need to stay hard as I stroke and kiss you.

I am going to seduce you… stroke for 10 minutes…

Then make sure you look at my picture, I want more lotion, but rest for 5 minutes..

Then, Stroke for 10 more minutes….

Rest for 5,

Repeat last step only, stroke more, and CUM for me!

xoxox’s Mandy

Sissy clitty needs humiliation phone sex as she cums without touching – Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Sissy report from Sissy clitty, she does enjoy a good dose of sissy humiliation phone sex sessions, as you all know, she  goes to bbc club only once or twice a month, and works at a
bar in drag for 3 days a week, at night she works for her bf Trevor, she never
gets her tips, he pimps her out.She is a dirty little sissy whore! Sissy clitty would
go to parties with Trevor, but he does not take her out much now, and he does
not give her tips, Sissy clitty wants a new pimp. One of her johns keeps her in
chastity when she is working.  Sissy clitty has been in
chastity 3 days a week,and bounces on her new butt plug all the time, as she just got her  aneros, and wanted  to call me and update me.  She told me that the plug makes her feel like she is cumming all of  the time. I ordered her to cum hands free like a good sissy as she would bounce on the plug, she moaned and groaned and loved it, grinding without touching, what a sissy whore!xoxo’s
Mistress Mandy


UK Slave amuses Ms. Mandy, I own and control him. Call Ms. Mandy for your domination phone sex at 1-877-732-6360

I have been doing phone sex domination  sessions with My Slave in UK. He is totally addicted to Ms. Mandy. He has called me many times, and it is about time that I let you know how much I enjoy our sessions.  I hold his personal information, that keeps him totally attached to me. We have plans for me going to London to open a dungeon, he is helping me set it up.  I enjoy our sessions, and in fact, I love the Bristish accent, He has such a sweet one that totally drives me wild. He is very cute as well. When he disobeys me, he gets an …. or else.. so Slave Boy, do you know what that means?

He called a while ago, here are some highlights of that session…. When he phones me, he is leaking precum, and then I make him lick globs of precum for me.  We start to talk about me divulging certain private info. I can see how that makes MY cock harder, and of course there is more precum  followed by more licking it up for me. He is totally in my control. I own him, it is clear. I ask him what he has to play with and he tells me that he has a stocking, a ruler, he also mentions that it seems his cock gets bigger when it hears my voice. I like hearing that as well. Flattery is always good for a Mistress. I talk about how I own and control his cock. Let’s tie his cock up in a stocking.His cock is now super big, and tied up. Now rubbing balls, I tell him to put some lotion on, and then count me out 10 strokes, I continue to tease and deny  him.   He continues to rub with the stocking, counting strokes, licking up precum, now a torturous countdown, he shoots hard for me, and now he must lick it up!

I own YOU! Slave Boy! Domination and humiliation phone sex with UK slave who amuses Ms. Mandy by being submissive

Hhe had his stocking out this time, and no other toys to amuse me. I do love his British accent, and am trying to learn a few words with the accent for myself. He sounds super hot to me. I teased My cock, as I talked about calling certain people. His cock gets very excited when I talk about these very dangerous things. We have done calls where I insert ice into his butt, and he also makes home made sex toys, that amuse me as well.
He knows who is in charge, and that he must obey me. More to cum..
Mistress Mandy

Sissy training and tributes for Ms. Mandy – 1-877-732-6360

I have a new sissy slut!  She sent me the sexiest pair of panties which I received yesterday.  I put them on and had my real man boyfriend have some fun with me in them!   I have been training her, she is amazing!  She has new panties, and no longer wears mens underwear.  That is because I told her not to!  She responds to my commands.  I had her singing, dancing, tap dancing and repeating many fascinating things that I was brainwashing her with last night.

Going to get panties this weekend. Needs plenty of panties for training. Naked and little weenie is throbing, Practicing sissy voice, little clitty is very hard. Came once since our last last and did not eat it’s cum, told her that she has to eat it every time, or I won’t let her cum. Having her lick my butt. Will be wearing panties every day. Once she buys them, sitting down to pee. Practice with dildo 5 minutes of sucking dildo every night.

Must eat cum each time
Wear panties every day
Practice sissy voice
Suck dildo 5 minutes each day
Sitting down to pee
Buy a lipstick.
Little clitty is very very hard. Pump it for Ms. Mandy, Made her cum and then made her eat it!.
She loves my orders and instructions..
She called girlfriend of mine for more phone sex humiliation , seeing as she is a sissy with a little dick !xoxox’s Ms. Mandy

Cum soaked panties | Tiffany cock whore – Ms. Mandy for phone sex 1-877-732-6360

I have waited until I had enough time to focus on what happened recently.  I had a phone humiliation sex session with Tiffany, and Tiffany is very close to my heart. We go back a ways and I never can have enough of her.  Why is that?  Because she is the ultimate cock craving slut.  Tiffany oh tiffany where for art thou tiffany.  Deny they father and refuse cock?  A little Shakespeare for those of you into the arts .Tiffany and I have had many sessions together and she is the ultimate cock whore.  What makes her a cock whore is her total love, and craving and addiction to cocks.  She is also a panty whore.  I believe she is the originator or wearing cum soaked panties eating her cum sucking off her filthy panties and sucking more dick.

 Tiffany must have quite the stretched out ass hole as I have listened to her get gang fucked and suck and fucked at both ends.  Oh Tiffany, where for art thou?  At the adult book store of course.I must digress Tiffany has many sides, you might think she is a sissy, oh contraire – she is a cock whore, a cum slut, craving big cock. But a kinky bitch she is.   Loving to go to strip clubs and hire girls to use strap on’s on her. I get to listen, I get to her her getting fucked.She might run out in the cold and sit in panties and jerk off for me, almost getting caught or go to a neighbors and jerk off, while they almost see her.  And the wife?  Or should I say the wife’s sister?  That is a secret, should I divulge your dirty little secrets Tiff?

 Is your clitty hard at the thought of everyone knowing your cock secret.. I would assume you are sitting in cum soaked panties as I type, thinking of what depraved establishment you might visit tonight for your cum treat, or should I say treats.O/our most recent session had me sending Tiffany to an adult book store, she there took on many cocks as I sat and listened on the phone instructing her to be a good cock sucker, to entice other cocks into her booth so she could amuse me.  She was fucked, and jerked off on and pleased Ms. Mandy to no end.  Tiffany, does it get better?  I instructed her cock masters to use her for me.

 Tiffany wanted me to be her wife on the phone, asking the cocks if they would come home with Tiffany to fuck me.  What a trip.  I am going to send Tiffany out in her cummy panties, and make her beg for more dick.  I like it when she calls from the office and gets someone there to suck off.  Amazing there are so many cocks available to squirt in her cum laden lips.

adding tiffany to my humiliation section of my personal website click here
cock sucking cum eating whore

 Good Girl Tiffany!
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

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PANTY WUSS got some Strap On Play, Little Dick Loser HUMILIATION free audio!

"guided masturbation phone sex"My Panty Wuss called me tonight he was wearing his pink panties, sheer ones, and we know how I love them, he was lying on his back, rubbing his clitty for Ms. Mandy. I had him…. wrap the panty’s around his clitty…..Stroke that clitty.. then I invited Panty Wuss to come into my bedroom, to the panties, I added one of my Pink bras, and a pair of pink thigh high stockings, fuck me pumps, and sent Panty Wuss over to mirror, there I had him put on some Pink lipstick, put on my wig blonde, and i then said, “you look slutty.”

Panty Wuss is so pretty and femme. We had some Lesi sex, Wuss was kissing me, as I had him play with his little clitty, …..stroke it, Stroke it for Mandy. Pump it, wrap those pink sheer panties around your little dick and … pump it!

Hands off! Suck on my nipples.. pull panties, you little dick loser, Stroke that little pathetic cock for me. You could never satisfy me, that’s why you are in my panties, a real man will fuck me in front of you! Play with your panties and clitty while I have sex with a real man.   Panty Wuss is So pathetic. I need a real man. Not a little dick loser. Panty Wuss, is so cute and little and pathetic.  I put my strap on, on, and had Wuss, Suck my strap on, suck it, you little dick loser,

That was Not enough, I put Panty Wuss on his back, legs up in the air, and then I put my big cock right into his ass pussy. I had him masturbate MY cock, just for Mandy!  Stroke Mandys cock, and make that little dick  Cum in those little pink panties.. JUST FOR MANDY!

Orgasm denial for Ms. Mandy’s submissive stroker boy’s – phone sex at: 1-877-732-6360

Many of my guided masturbation phone sex  stroker boys become curious about orgasm denial.  Could be a business man, a submissive wimp, or a general chronic masturbator who likes fetishes, and wants to expand to some other level and orgasm denial will give you an added dimension to your masturbatory  repertoire.  A  beta male jerk off loser will learn that the hard longing feeling
of unrequited lust is the best to reside.   Whether you are curious or are
experienced with this twisted kink and would like a new thrill, this might just be what you need.  My denied stroker boy will have endorphins flowing as you masturbate for me, in return you will amuse me and become weaker as your balls become bluer.
It is a delicious form of pleasure for both of us.  You will possibly experience  torture, however once the sensation of what we will achieve over a few sessions of denial, will be well worth the effort.

I will make you drip with lust as I have you become
weaker for me!  Of course you are going to sacrifice that orgasm, because, noted:  your hard cock thinks what I tell it to do, as I do own it.
You are going to experience something else.  Heightened arousal as you have never had before.

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy