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Cum eating instructions phone sex is what you are looking for.  It would be hilarious if I had you eat your cum for me.  I certainly am capable of having you do it.  Eat your cum for me phone sex!  Cum eating instructions, Yes,  Confess, would you?  I know a lot of you stroker boy’s would like to try this, and I certainly will hep you along.  I know how to do it, why? Lot’s of practice.  It’s new level of low for you guys wanting humiliation phone sex.
I am here to give you your cum eating instructions!

I also like to humiliate little dick losers wanting domination, SPH, JOI and the kink of humiliation you will never forget.

Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360
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Small penis humiliation and JOI with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Wimpy husband loves JOI PHONE SEX as well as  small penis humiliation phone sex, and cuckold phone sex as well. He told me that he had to take his wife over to her bf’s house while she spent the night at his place. AGAIN! He has been calling me, because his sexy wife leaves him home to jerk off to my instructions.
He has a tiny cock and she only likes big black cock.

She let him hang around a while, while he watched her boyfriend pound her with his big black cock, and have sex, and he said it was good. They had sex for two hours, and that made him feel even more like a wimp. I own and control him now. She went out with her friends tonight to find another
guy, making him feel like a bigger wimp. He licked her pussy after when she came home and he said it was full of cum.
He is such a pathetic loser who craves humiliation because he has a little dick, he can’t satisfy anyone. He told me that she calls him a loser white boy, faggot. He may have to suck her boyfriend’s cock, he is waiting for his wife to make him do it.
I make him watch wife’s legs spread wide open, and I have him lick her pussy while she gets fucked. She is coming all over that big giant black cock.
Loser is pumping his one inch cock and going to eat his cum for me! Now as I give him guided masturbation. I own and control him. Pump it loser.
She likes rap music, blasts songs, and talks with black accent, (she is white) she now wants to be black and wants a black baby. She is super hot and cool, and he is a wimpy loser husband. hahaha…
xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

Reasons to call Ms. Mandy for phone sex – 1-877-732-6360

I thought I would take a moment to let you stroker boys out there why you should call Ms. Mandy.

What sets me apart from all others.For one thing I totally love what I do.  I love making you jack off for me.  I love writing about you, and keeping up with all your dirty antics.  I have made some terrific friends on here, that only makes my days more rewarding.  I do not take what I do lightly.  I want you to seriously enjoy yourself.  I also like to be in charge.  I take control and there are no two ways about that.  I like to hear your fantasies as well as real life experiences, I appreciate being privy to this inside information.  Your secrets are safe with me.

I like to do guided masturbation.  I like to hear you moan, I also can have you totally silent, if you have someone there, I can carry on the entire conversation.  What I like to talk about… I am mostly interested in domination phone sex.  I have much distance training experience, I am a real life cuckold wife, I know that interests many of you, I would love to hear about your lifestyle if that is the case. I have been married for 8 years and enjoy cheating on my husband.   I do cock and ball torture, cbt, guided masturbation,  foot worship phone sex,

I do not do any submissive calls, other than talking to submissive men.

I ADORE submissive men.  I like to talk to sissy’s.  I think sissy’s are fabulous, and will dress you up, use you, turn you into a sissy maid.  Not all sissies like the same things, I need to know your preferences before the call.  The telephone is great, but I am not a mind reader, therefore.. if you only like dress up, or you don’t like sucking a dildo, or no men or whatever, tell me first.  Do not sit and suffer.  I need to know. Many calls later, I can not tell what a new caller might like, and for others, if you develop a new kink, tell me about that, and I will run with it.

I get very excited with these calls and press your secret buttons to  make you cum harder!

Any questions ?

Want to appear on my blog, let me know, have a fantasy to share, would love to hear it.

My hours are:

10am till 1am EST (sometimes earlier, later etc)  you can set up an appointment via email also.

Know that I LOVE to have you stroke for me, I think I give a totally fabulous experience, from guided masturbation phone sex   to humiliation and to domination phone sex.  Thank you all for your continued patronage and my deep gratitude for making every day of mine special with your calls.

Ms. Mandy Malone

Guided masturbation phone sex, audio’s and instructions with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

"sissy phone sex"What is it you like to look for, for your masturbation pleasure?  Do you start off by getting your dick out and then looking for a guided masturbation video? I like that!  I think an instruction video, showing a cock, and how you can jack it off is totally hot.  Of course you might want some masturbation instruction audio,  I can help you with that. My blog has 50 hours of free audio’s, if you dig hard enough you will find some long one’s.  The search feature should be set to the advanced tab, if you want to really find anything on this blog.

Orgasm denial is also something I like!  I think you guy’s need to save your cum up. The more you don’t cum, the better it is when you do cum~  I can give you masturbation techniques and instructions for denial orgasm’s.   How would you find cock twitching pics does anyone know?  If you have any, share please~

I do know there is free masturbation instructions on line, as well as free guided masturbation videos – life is great!  Have you ever found any small dick humiliation free audio’s?  that is a trick question~  Of course you have~  I have them on my member site, and on this blog~ be sure to check out my free audio guided masturbation session’s!  I know you will love them.

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New OLC story! Financial domination with Ms. Mandy

Financial domination phone sex with my cuckold husband is so rewarding, this story is written on behalf of him being in my control and serving me. I even have him call me so that I can use him.

Day at the beach with Ms. Mandy at “Le Casa de Stroka” all the sissies have been scurrying around in their pink Speedos.  I buy them all new pink Speedos to wear on the beach for me, some have my Casa de Stroka crest on the front of them covering what there is of their clits, and some are also thong style, for the buff sissies, this can be a real treat for me. I get pretty excited when I know I have emasculated a hot guy, a built guy even with a big dick to wear my goodies, and show off his goodies on a public beach for all to see.

I like to have the sissies wait on me, stroke for me, and I do like to degrade them, when I feel in the mood for some sissy fun!  Which is most if not all of the time.  I never tire of sissies asking me for makeup advice. Or begging me to use them or to have me have them suck a cock, jerk off, or whatever I like.

Tyrone has been spending a lot of time with me, and my husband has settled into the fact that I like being paid a lot of attention to, (of which he really does not have the free time to do so as he is always working) and his services are not really needed. Although I must say my husband can be a lot of laughs, and is great company when he is around, which is not often.

I had a bit of fun today, I had gone to the beach. Ty and I had gotten a beach tent, a rather large one, the sissies helped him bring down some banquet tables, and we had tons of beach chairs, surf boards, a grill, loads of ice filled coolers, and all sorts of great beverages.  I had Isobella get lots of clean beach towels, and smaller umbrellas for those who wanted to stray away from my camp area on the beach. Also baskets full of sun lotions and sun screens, we had enough stuff so we did not really have to go up to the house for anything.

Ty had ordered food from a local catering place, we had trays of crab and lobster salads, lasagnas’, Caesars salad, big pretty watermelons, full of mixed melon and cherries, a great big spread of food.  You could look back over our shoulders and see the house from behind the bluffs, and it looked so summery. I do love being on LBI for the summer.  The air had the salt smell today. Loads of boats, sail boats, fishing boats, and wind surfers filled the local water and it was the perfect beach day.

I was very content, Ty and I were listening to one of the sissies playing his guitar for us. He and I spent the day relaxing and chatting, and swimming in the in the warm ocean water. He and I were pretty content, I was not really paying much attention to the others, I knew that later we would be ready for the grill, for steaks, and grilled veggies but not until it started to get dark. Then I remembered that I was supposed to make a phone call, I did not want to talk on the beach, so I excused myself and ran up to the house.

You will never guess what I found. I heard all this moaning and noise, I could not believe my ears,  As I went up the staircase, walked down the long hallway the noise was getting louder, and yes, in my bedroom, OLC (my  Online Cucky Husband) was on MY bed naked.  I could not believe what I was seeing and it made me laugh.   OLC  had little pathetic Isobella straddling his tiny  pathetic little cock, and she was yelling, and moaning, and bouncing on it.  He was lying there, looking at the ceiling as if in a stupor. She was orgasm-ing over and over, and he was basically motionless. She was yelling out, “fuck me with your big dick.”  I started to laugh till tears started running down my face.

I was horrified on the one hand to see them on my bed, but the laugh was worth it  OLC had what appeared to be his cell phone in his other hand, and he was looking at guess what?  Cock sucking pictures on his phone, as little Isobella freakishly bounced on his little dick, and was calling it a big one.  She is surprising confused all of time, and this showed to be no exception.

She was screaming, “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder, with your big dick.”  Making me laugh more and more.  Good thing I have a camcorder feature in my cell, cause this was priceless. I have made no bones about telling everyone how not endowed my OLC loser is. The fact that she was screaming big cock repeatedly was one of the funniest things I have yet to see. Isobella can be so backwards but I guess this is not news either.   I could see even from my angle that his little pathetic cock was not even inside her, he was not paying much attention to her, and he was looking at big black cocks on his phone.  I had the camcorder rolling, and knew everyone at the beach would have a good laugh when they saw this.

I left the room  and  went down to the beach and handed my phone to be passed around for all to see what a funny little slut Isobella is, and how pathetic OLC is.  I grabbed Ty and pulled him up to the house behind me.  All 6’4″ glorious black inches of pure man.  He asked, “what now Ms. Mandy?”  Laughing under his breath as he usually does.

He and I got up to the house, nothing much had changed.  Isobella was trying out for the academy award for pathetic sluts this year, and was still pretending to climax repeatedly. I have to give her credit for longevity.  I know that OLC was obviously not interested in her pussy, I am pretty sure, he is only interested in mine, if I so offer it in any form, or Ty’s big black cock.  I also have to wonder, what could they be thinking of being on MY bed.  I like when he strays for vanilla sex, or any other sex, thinking he can break his addiction to me.  Face it loser, it is hopeless as I own and control you, and you are MINE!   Seeing his tiny cock twitch whenever he sees me is proof of this in itself.

Ty and I now were standing next to the bed watching this show.  Was Isobella deliberately trying to be me?  Throwing her head back, moaning like in a porn flick.    She must be, I do like when others try to imitate me, it is the best form of flattery I think.  You know what I say, you can try to be me, but guess what?  You are NOT me.  Seeing that  she is submissive, I doubt that she would ever be me.  OLC is so small, and his  one inch cock is too small to feel, you would not have known it from her behavior, only causing TY and I to laugh harder.  Granted, OLC  is successful, charming and good looking, but aside from that, he is a loser. Isobella is also a loser, so maybe that is the attraction. Two losers.   I am not sure, but that could be it.

I had told Isobella in no uncertain terms,  that Tyrone was off limits to her, Isobella is not a rocket scientist but she must think that by going after OLC, she will achieve some level of status.  Not sure. OLC on the other hand, had introduced Isobella into our circle.  He had been trying to have vanilla sex with her, and has been on and off during the year.  I know that his attempts have been thwarted by my sadistic but loving toying of his masculinity, and he does love to be emasculated.  Just when I think I have made some strides in demoralizing him, he takes off with Isobella and tries to get the dumb fuck award for fucking a slut. Isobella, as you know, will fuck almost anything.  Including a one inch cock.

Most hours of the day, I find her cleaning my house, she will be rubbing her pussy through her clothes, and finger banging herself when she eats her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Then she licks off her juices and the peanut butter at the same time, it is quite a sight.  Ok so you get the picture, OLC is trying to have sex with her, she is trying to be Ms. Porn of LBI. I do not think it’s working, however we shall see.

OLC now had a smirk on his face, seeing us watching over them.  He quietly slid his cell  phone with his porn under the bed pillow hoping I would not see what he was doing.  Isobella was very  red faced from so much breathing I would have to assume, but  I knew she was secretly happy, I told her to get off My bed.  She jumped off.  Her little perky tits bouncing, her shaved pussy, her blonde hair, could be a fetching picture for the right guy wanting to tie her up. But at the moment, I was not amused. I told her to get on her knees, and wait for me to address her.

OLC was still lying sprawled out on my bed.   He is rather tall and lanky, a nice physique and looked very relaxed, I could see him eyeing Ty’s very tight and sexy swim trunks, Ty had gone over to an easy chair, was kicking back, waiting for the sparks to fly. Isobella has been dying to suck Ty’s big black cock for months, now, and I just do not let it happen. I have let her lick his ass though.   I went over to the bed, and asked OLC what exactly he thought he was doing.

"orgasm denial", "chastity phone sex", "tease and denial"

to read the rest of this story, please click here…
guided masturbation phone sex

Humiliation phone sex w/RimJob – MIstress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Humiliation phone sex, for you cock suckers and little dick losers out there, with ME, Mistress Mandy.  Rim Job loves sissy phone sex and has been serving me for many years, and here are some reports that he has sent me.  I send him email assignments, and then once he completes them he sends me a report, and then calls me for a session so I can laugh at him and his tiny SPH cock and make fun of what a cock sucking cum dumpster he really is.
I do enjoy sending email assignments… it is so much fun reading the reports and have a cup of coffee and laugh my ass off at him!
Read some of this below, to see what a fucking slut he is…. I do a lot more then guided masturbation phone sex, if you are looking for email assignments, sissy training, cock control, email control and distance training, Findom, financial domination, turning you gay or laughing at your little dick.. just let me know.
xo’s Mistress Mandy
Mistress I did everything you told me to do in my hotel room, while I was away on business, and it was fun. I sucked several cocks and I did wear a pink bra and panties and had the dildo on the nightstand.   The cleaning lady knocked and introduced house cleaning and I pretended to sleep.  She walked in and saw me spread out on the bed and the dildo on the nightstand. At first she laughed and then I pretended to wake up and she just looked at me and asked me what the hell I am doing.  I did not cover up and told her that I was under orders from my Mistress Mandy to expose myself like this.  She asked me what else do I have to do, and I told her that if house cleaning was willing I would do anything they tell me.  She told me that she had to get back to work but if I was serious she would be back after her shift ended and I would be used.  I did tell her that I had to leave by 6 pm and she said no problem.  She did came back at 2 pm and told me to strip, She wanted to see my cock and she then realized why I wear panties.  She spanked me for a while and then took the dildo and had me suck it. I and got it wet, then she ordered me to bend over and spread my pussy ass and she pretended that she was fucking me with a real cock.  She then  had me jerk off and when I was ready to cum she had me put my legs over my face and told me that she would finish me off and aimed my cock right my mouth.  She  told me to keep it open and when I did cum she did aim, and my cum went right into my mouth and she told me to swallow. She did tell me next time I was here get the same floor and she would bring a few friends to use me.  I can”t wait until we talk again, and for her to used me again..   rim job
Have to say another great call W/we just had Mistress Mandy!
And following your instructions when I was in Springdale Arkansas,  I went on a tranny site it and met Olivia, and after we chatted and she knew that I wanted to be dominanted by her.  I was instructed  to wear a pink bra and panties under my shirt and pants and was going to meet her.  She told me to go to a bar (THE ODD SOUL) after I spotted her, I went over to the  table and  I introduced myself and sat down. We had drinks and after  the drinks, she asked me if I was wearing the panties and I told her yes.  She told me to undo my pants and open them up she pull my shirt up, and saw the panties and she just said good boy.   I was going to fix my pants but she told me to stay that way.  We talked for awhile and the waitress came back and we ordered another round of drinks and when the drinks arrived Olivia asked the waitress to walk around and look at my pants.  When she saw the panties she laughed her ass off.  Then Olivia asked me to undo my shirt to see the bra and I did.  She had me leave the shirt open until the waitress came back.  When the waitress she saw me wearing  a bra, she said something to Olivia.  The waitress walked away and came back   with napkins to stuff the bra.  I was told to get dressed and pay the bill.   When I got outside,  she told me to get in her car and handed me a collar and told me to put it on, So I did.  We drove for some time and then we arrived at a bar,  sorry don’t remember the name.  I was then told to take off my shirt and pants and then I was told to get out.  I forgot to mention I had nothing else to wear,  she went into the truck and came out with a black dress short and it was to0 small for me.  She was unable to zip the dress up.   She laughed and told me to follow,  so  I did.  Just before I got to the door, she put a leash on me and lead me into the place.    I found  others in there fucking and sucking.  I saw male and female slaves, and men sucking cock and getting fucked, also I saw woman on woman.  W/we found a booth and once we sat down she told me to get on my knees and crawl to her.  She lifted up her dress and told me to pull her panties down.  I was then told to lick and suck her cock. she had a big cock over 8′ and about 4″ girth. I was able to get a little more than half in my mouth,  The entire time she was telling me how good of a sissy cock sucker I was. Then she told me to bend over the table, she pulled out a small tube of lube and started to lube  my ass up.  Once she was happy she put a big glob on her dick and then told me to beg her to fuck me.  I did just that, but she was not happy and told me to say it louder, so I did and I think everyone in there could hear me.  She shoved her massive cock into me and just stayed that way for awhile. My ass loosened up once she started fucking me like a slut.  Then one guy came over to watch, and she told him he could use my mouth, so he did. They both ended up shooting loads of load of cum in  me,  I not sure how many but I was at it for many hours.  When they were done with me, I was sore as hell and I was full of cum and had it all over my body especially on my face. She took me back to the bar were we met, and she let me out wearing only the bra, she handed me my shirt and pants and told me to dressed.  She told me to call her the next time I back in town. It was a wild night and I got back to my hotel room and went to  bed covered in cum, i felt like such a sissy cock sucker faggot.  I did love the idea of having the meeting with my old client and having him order me to get on my knees and suck his cock, in his office that has all windows and anyone walking by could see me sucking their boss’s cock.. Just thinking of how he could put in the contract that I would have to be his cock slut to keep his business. Like you suggested, maybe his entire staff would use me. your willing slave rim job Maureen


I did complete my assignment last night I found a adult book store and sucked off 3 guys with two of them came all over my face. I was a good slut for you Mistress Mandy.  Then, I went back to my hotel room with the cum still on face.  I was seen by a couple who looked at me,  the girl finally asked me what was on my face so I told her.  It was all crusty too!  The look on her face was priceless, and  the guy that was with her just laughed and told me it was a good look for a fag.  I was just about to get off the elevator when the girl asked me if I would suck her bf because off she always wanted to see a guy suck cock.   So I ask the guy if he wanted me to suck him off, and after a short time he said yes, so we went back to their room.  The girl told me to strip and she saw I was wearing a blue bra and panties and she could not stop laughing.   I got on my knees and pulled his cock out and licked it and kissed the head before I started sucking him off.  He was about 7″ and I had no problem in deep throating  him. He lasted about 10 minutes and he pulled out and  jerked off on my face.  After that he told me to get out so I got dressed and left.   Iwill be in touch in early soon!  Your servant rim job Maureen


Mistress after O/our chat last night, I did go to the theater and I  get lucky.  Usually after the movie starts,  I strip down to my bra and panties.  I had written cum dumpster on my chest.   There were 2 guys at the theater  besides me, and one of them walked up the isle and saw me, and laughed his ass off. He asked me what the fuck I was doing sitting there like that?  I was in bra and panties.  I told him I was under orders from my Mistress  Mandy to seek out cocks to suck.  He said bull shit,  so I told him to take out his dick, and I would suck him off.  He just looked at me and went back to his friend,  I could see them look back at me.  So I got brave and walked down, leaving my clothes were I had put them. When I got down to them I got on my hands and knees and crawled over to them.  I then asked  them if I could suck their cocks,  they just looked at me and said… OK slut suck my cock.  Both guys were small only 5″  and I did suck them and one of them told  me he was going to fuck me.  He did fuck me and  they both shot their cum about the same time.   After they were done with me I started to go back to my seat to get dressed and one of then asked me where I was going, so  I told them to get my clothes they told me to stay right in front of them, and be ready to suck again.  One of them did go and get my clothes and came back he told me if I was a good boy they would  give me my clothes back.  They each took turns using me and this time they came all over my face.  They had me rub the cum on my face and the lick my fingers. They have my number and said, that they will call me when they want to use me again.  Just one question can you give me those sites you mentioned?  I did not write them down and I forgot.  Your sissy slut rim job maureen
Well mistress you would be proud of me   I went to the glory hole last night and once again I found the same  booth empty.  Once inside I striped and then wrote slut on my forehead. I had already had Ms. Mandy’s sissy slut, written on my tiny cock. Cum dumpster on my chest and stomach and loser on my face.  I was on my knees for awhile when a cock came threw the hole, it was small and it came quick and  he did call me a fag. I thought that was interesting.  I was thinking that he knew a guy was sucking his cock, and I  sucked a few more over the next hour and then it got busy for me.  I had two cocks – one was in my mouth and the other was in  my ass pussy. Both took their time they both shot their load in.  After they were done a guy knocked on the door and told me to let him in and I did.  He laughed once he saw what  was written on me and loved the arrow on my back pointing to ass, and he shoved his cock in me and fucked me hard.  When he was ready to cum,  he ordered me on my knees, and told me to suck him dry, so I did. After that it was a blur it was around midnight, when the clerk came back and told me to get dressed and leave.  But before I did,  he said I had to suck him off and I did.  He walked me to the back of the store naked and opened the door and told me to lay down on the ground and jerk off.  So, I did and when I was ready to cum he told me to make sure it was on my face and he was laughing his ass off calling me names and then he let me get dressed. I was told to come back anytime I wanted because they like a good slut.   I was asked if I would do some kinky things; I told him I had to ask my Mistress what I can do.  He laughed and  called me a loser and said he wanted to see the email that you sent me.   I plan on going back in a few weeks and this time I going to be wear a bra and panties.  I think I will order them from amazon that should make some their laugh, seeing a guy ordering for himself.  Thank you for making me what I am now… your sissy slut rim job Maureen

Guided masturbation and JOI instruction phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

If you are wanting sexy guided masturbation phone sex then I am the girl for you. I do like to have you jerk off for me. I enjoy knowing you are jerking off, dick in hand, and following my sexy commands. You know you need my voice, no other. It is what you crave. You listen to my sexy audios and now you know, you need my control. Not only do I like to guide you doing JOI, or jerk off instructions, it makes me super excited and WET!  Yes, I always get excited knowing your cock is out!  I can take your little dick and have you stroke it to some JOI, and maybe you would like CEI when I do that, if you ask for cum eating instructions, beware, I will make you do it!

You need to set up a session with me, and I will make “My” cock harder then you could imagine. You want me to tell you what to do. This is a form of domination, the type you will enjoy if you always have wanted to give up some control. Even your dick will be thankful to me for taking over.

All the cares of the world will disappear as I softly and gently take control of “My” cock, getting it erect for me, coaxing you to stroke. Tease and deny you. I will keep you on the edge, I like orgasm denial and chastity play. I will not let you off easy. Your balls will ache with desire for me. You will not be just stroking you will be obeying my commands.

I also like to dominate. I do all forms of domination and fetish play. Perhaps you have a fantasy you might like to discuss with me. That would be amazing for you to tell me your dark secret.

I like to have you eat your cum, cum eating sessions are very exciting, as are cbt, humiliation, and sissy play. Humiliation can be public, or personal. Some of you may like some small penis humiliation phone sex with me. I have many humiliation phone sex sessions, sissy sessions as well as cuckolding, on my guided masturbation website, check it out.

Feminization and sissy play will find you in panties as I dress you up and play with you. You may be a cross dresser, only wanting to wear panties and lipstick. You might go a step further and want to be a cock sucking sissy. Or no men at all just some sissy play with the girls at a tea party.

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

MARATHON MAN in my Masturbatorium Room | Ms Mandy for guided masturbation phone sex – 1-877-732-6360


Call Ms. Mandy Guided Masturbation, Fetish and Domination phone sex sessions at: 1-877-732-6360

Hi Stroker Boys, along with guided masturbation phone sex, I been having loads of fun at “Casa de Stroka”, (my home in Princeton where I live with my cuckolded husband).
AND,  my Stroker Boy “MARATHON MAN” has been at it again, stroking away, and teaching all the wannabee strokers how to masturbate for days on end.

I do adore my Masturbatorium Room.  Marathon Man, (who will be referred to as MM) stands on a platform, once up there, the learn-a-bee stroker boys, assume their various positions.  I have had a number of improvements in my Masturbatorium Room, over the past summer.  Some of my strokers are contractors and had volunteered to do all the fix-its, that were necessary to make me happy.  Of course you all know that making Ms. Mandy HAPPY is the number one reason you all exist. Some of the improvements include, MIRRORING the entire room. Different benches, this is for various forms of humiliation never thought of before by ANYONE, other than creative Ms. Mandy of course!

Aside from the benches and mirrors, there is a shelving installed where sex toys, and lubes are at hand, depending on what stroker lessons are needed that day.

I will keep you posted on some of the antics that have been taking place, since the improved Masturbatorium has evolved.

Meanwhile in honor of Marathon Man’s talent in showing stroker boys, how to manage “NOT CUMMING” (because after all) I do enjoy Orgasm Denial phone sex as you all must already know.  After all you do not deserve to cum or have pleasure.  That is reserved only for ME, Ms., or Mistress to you, Ms. Mandy!

MM’s first assignment was to teach stroker boys, various uses of pantyhose, girdles and condoms. This is of course a ritual that MM developed over the years.  Other sessions will be starting this fall, be sure to sign up!

As a further treat, I will post below some ramblings, MM has sent me, you can see his exciting enthusiasm for the art of Masturbation.  Which is what I hope you all LIVE for!  Masturbation is a privilege, not a right!
Xo’s Mistress Mandy

"sissy phone sex"

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Here is a rather recent one,

he says… I truly enjoy your original erotic sissy stories, Michelle stories — all 34 of them!! I found them to be fascinating & so very smoking & sizzling HOT. I had a constant battle keeping Junior (the name for MM’s penis) calm as I read them. He Junior) wanted to cum so very bad, but I denied him time after time in honoring the vow I made with you. As my Owner, i need your permission to cum, & you are the only woman I cum for. You most definitely wove some great tales. You had to devote a big part of your life to authoring so many tales. I continue to be amazed at your creativity & writing ability (talent). What a gifted author you are. I like your suggestion about talking about new things & ideas for me/us. As my Owner, i always want to do & be what you want me to do & want me to be. Seems you enjoy transforming straight men into other areas to please you. They show so much devotion to you during their transformation. My pleasure is to always pleasure YOU, & to amuse you whenever I can. I agree that it will be exciting for us to talk about new ideas & things You can cum up with for me. I stroke the rest of today, tonight, & tomorrow. You will of course, decide in Our/our session, whether i cum tonight, or defer for a day or two. I’ll will naturally agree to anything you’d like me to do. After all, YOU own me — i’m happy that you are my owner. I am a lucky stroker boy!

As I was saying your “sissy Michelle” stories. They are sizzling hot hot hot!! i mentioned in a previous text today, i’ve been naughty since Wednesday evening, so YOUR COCK is beside himself, & is on the very edge of exploding. Only 1 too many strokes & he’s gone. I have to be very careful, & show great restraint so i don’t have an “accident”. I’d never be able to afford your assessed cum tax. I won’t allow Junior to cum, i have 2 days of stroking left plus, i made a vow with you, my Owner, that I won’t cum without asking for, & receiving your permission. I intend to keep that vow. I came so close to taking Junior over the edge as I read each Michelle story, that I had to stop stroking over & over again. I even feared that a hands-free orgasm might occur. (I DO ENJOY RUINING ORGASM’s AS Some of you LUCKIES may know) You are such a gifted writer. I so know but that all the Michelle stories are true of course! They are HOT!   I’m sure by now that you know what i’ve been doing all day. I’m Ms Mandy’s very naughty #1 Stroker Boy.”


He also commented about this:

“I just read your post about Midwest Stroker Boy / Panty Boy. While i don’t begin to qualify as a panty worshiper like Midwest Boy does, i’d be thrilled & honored to be considered to be one of your Panty Boys ….. in addition to being your #1 Stroker Boy ever — a position I’ve earned over 60 years of stroking. No man in America comes close to stroking as much as i do. I might be the most prolific stroker in the entire world as well, but it would be difficult to confirm that. I wear panties every day as you’ve directed, & panties are always included in my Marathon Masturbation play. Plz let me know what you need me to do to be considered as one of your panty boys. I love panties …. I’ll understand if I don’t measure up to your requirements to be a panty boyI want to be one of your boys in as many ways i can qualify for: ▪︎ pantyhose boy?? ▪︎ condom boy? ▪︎ cum boy?….

Keep posted for more or MM’s contributions to masturbation research and serving Ms. Mandy’s every whim.

To be continued….


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I know that you little dick losers out there are looking for more humiliation phone sex every chance you get.   Teenie Weenie has been begging me for some.  You know, I like losers that comment, and do things for me! I love when I get comments. If you want some added humiliation you should leave comments.  Are you a little dick loser ? Then you should leave me a comment about that.

This is a lost post about teenie weenie… read it and laugh, I think he is so gay!

teenieweenie: How may i entertain you Mistress?
Mandie Parker: get your dildo out loser, and suck it for me, plus tell me about the gym
teenieweenie: Yes Mistress. thank you.
teenieweenie: I saw the stud with the 8 inch cock again at the gym today.
Mandie Parker: oh and?
teenieweenie: I couldn’t stop staring at his huge cock
teenieweenie: It hangs almost to his knees
teenieweenie: It made me feel so week seeing a cock that big than looking down at mine
Mandie Parker: aww you poor loser
Mandie Parker: lol
Mandie Parker: hahaha
teenieweenie: I would suck his cock for you Mistress.
Mandie Parker: that would be nice
Mandie Parker: you are really going gay these days loser
teenieweenie: I would swallow every drop of his cum too.
Mandie Parker: lol
Mandie Parker: aww
Mandie Parker: sissy faggot cock sucker that you are
teenieweenie: Yes Mistress. You could make me a faggot cum slut. I would do it for you.
teenieweenie: I’m so pethetic I would degrade myself for you pleasure
Mandie Parker: yes, i could laugh at you faggot
teenieweenie: Yes Mistress. Do you want me to suck a big thick cock for you?
Mandie Parker: yep
Mandie Parker: sure
Mandie Parker: do
teenieweenie: Ok I will do it for you Mistress. i want to make you happy
Mandie Parker: ok
teenieweenie: How do you want me to do it Mistress?
Mandie Parker: get your dildo
Mandie Parker: you had best practice
teenieweenie: Yes Mistress. i want to make the stud cum after all.
teenieweenie: Maybe I could go to a gay bar and find a guy.
Mandie Parker: ok
teenieweenie: I could suck his cock out in my car.
Mandie Parker: really
Mandie Parker: ask him tomorrow
teenieweenie: Yes Mistress. Thank you for showing me that I can satisfy women with my tiny dick and turning me into a sissy fag cock sucker.
teenieweenie: It’s so embarrassing having a cock this size Mistress.
teenieweenie: I always have to hide it when i go to the bathroom. I can’t use the urinals like the other guys. i have to go into the stall and sit down.
Mandie Parker: lol
Mandie Parker: i heard on tv
Mandie Parker: lots of men sit down now
teenieweenie: Do you like that I have a tiny little dick Mistress?
teenieweenie: Mistress?
~~~~~ I have to laugh… do I like a tiny dick?  Only to laugh at it you fucking loser…xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

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I love cuckolding! I love to do cuckold phone sex calls, as many of you stroker boys already know. I began training my husband this way, having him masturbate every day longer and longer, I would have him stroke, and stroke, and then when he seemed not to be able to last any longer, I would cool his dick down, and lock it up. Yes boys, it can be mean but it is very efficient, I needed him to be under my spell and he is, as you all know.  I like chastity! A Lot!

The next session was even more effective, I would have him stroke even longer, he thought that  I might let him cum. But guess what?

You got it!  No cumming for him..

This continued the following day, the first day, my hubby stroked only for 5 minutes, the second day he made it till 8 minutes. Each time that I could see that he was close, I did not let him argue, I would take his hand off.  Then I would make him get it soft, and then I would lock it up. The following day, I did it again, I asked him, “would you like to try again?”
“Yes,”  he replied. I opened up his short’s, handed him some lube, and asked him to start stroking again. He did so eagerly, his cock was bright red, bordering on purple, swollen, and bigger now, then I ever remembered. “Please let me cum” he begged. “No, I need you to jack off for me, and no Cuming, I am going to control you totally, and this is just the beginning of your submission.”  “Yes, Mandy”, my husband said submissively.  This was how it all started.

So……… now that you know a little about me…

How long do you think you can hold out?  You are up against my soft sexy voice.  I might you want to shoot your load? I am ready to instruct you, get your dick in hand, and be ready for me to torment you to the edge, make you beg, and then start over again!

I like adding  fetish into our session’s sometimes, but not always, if you have one, you can share it with me. I need to know what it is, and we will explore it. I will add your fetish to your masturbation session. If you like, I will set up a schedule and you can masturbate and report to me. I can even put your
results on my blog.

I will control MY COCK!   Are you aware that  the longer you are hard, the harder you will cum? I want your orgasm to be very intense, so long hard stroking will provide the stimulation you need for this to happen. Are you ready to do this for me. Stroke for me, I am a pervert that needs you to do this. Make me happy, Stroke long and hard.

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