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For those of you looking for guided masturbation phone sex, you know that this is a very favorite form of phone domination that I enjoy.  I think before you pick a phone Mistress, you should have a feeling that she will be able to deliver the type of domination you are leaning toward.  With me, I think you should discuss the depth, and desire you have.  Guided masturbation can be just pure stroking.  Some men think they want that, and find, that is it too plain.  Some men also are not into domination.  I have remedies for all of these issues, that is why one of my specialties is guiding your masturbation, including teaching you new techniques.  Good jerk off phone sex, needs masturbation guidance, information as well as working on your technique.  Be sure to let me know, what you want in a guided masturbation phone sex session.

What type of stroker boy are you?  are you a pervert, a naughty stroker boy looking to have a kinky fantasy,  someone who loves edge play, I can bring you to the edge over and over, and not let you cum.  Orgasm denial is it?  Chastity play?

Many options here, be sure to let me know your preference!
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

Sissy training phone sex with Susan – Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

I enjoy training a pretty girl with some sissy phone sex. Susan is such a sexy girl, I am making her my creation. She is addicted to Ms. Mandy.  Feminization can be done rather effectively during a feminization phone sex call. Susan is so sexy. I train her and she is addicted to me more then ever.  I give her assignments and dress her up, she pleases me.  She has written me a report of our last encounter, do read on:

Dear Mistress Mandy
It is Susan your sissy who loves you so much. You know I do what ever you request of me. I just completed my 30 Mandy strokes in front of the mirror with your picture right in front of me. I was wearing black lace satin panties. I did not cum.  Just about did but used hands off technique you’re teaching me as I become yours.  I love you as you make me more yours I  am weaker with  love each stroke.  I want to be yours, you own me.

I love our session together, I am become so girlie for you.  I am shaving weekly.  Taking bubble baths at least once a week.  I think wearing pretty lacey panties to work, is a huge turn on.
You know I have an need to steal panties that have been worn by really pretty girls.  I do this because when I wear them and then call you.  It is like I have your sweet beautiful pussy right in front of me.  I love the smell, the softness and the taste knowing where it was next to a wet pussy.  I kiss and lick on your command.  I asked you to let me suck them while doing my Mandy strokes.  I love you for letting me be yours.  I wish I had a pussy and clitty so I could have lesbian sex with you.  My tongue loves doing magic for you.   I love it when you have an orgasm for me while sitting on my face rocking back and forth as I swirl my tongue.  Your clitty is so hard and I  love flicking it as I watch your eyes roll all around.  Your moan and movement of your body shaking.  You Mistress Mandy,  you are the best thing that is ever happened to me. I want to please you.

Mistress since I am all yours….can we arrange things I must do more and more to please you, I will be willing to  follow your instructions, just to prove my love for you. I am desiring you,with love your Susan

Such a delicious email, my pussy is wet thinking about Susan serving me.  She is my pretty girl.  I will allow you 50 Mandy strokes a night, in front of the mirror, take you hand away if you get close.  I want your balls full and ready to explode next time we play.  Love, Mistress Mandy
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Cum eating instructions with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Tonight we are going to talk about cum eating. Would you like some cum eating instructions? Would you like a cum eating instruction? Confess, would you?
I know a lot of you stroker boy’s are cum curious, and because of this, you are in luck. I am going to give you some instruction to eat your own cum. This will require training. Male cum training. I will have you tell me what you have been fantasizing about. You will let me know if you are a sissy cockwhore, or just a slut wanting to eat cum.

I like to think of my husband, as a sissy husband who has a cum eating fetish. It is super hot, and turns Ms. Mandy on!

Call me tonight for your cum eating instructions!
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy!

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Public humiliation for addicted to Ms. Mandy stroker boys – phone sex 1-877-732-6360

Once again, I will remind you addicted to Ms. Mandy stroker boys.  You are addicted to me, and my various forms of humiliation, one of them being public.  I do much more then only guided masturbation phone sex. You are most likely ready for public humiliation since you are one of my stroker boys and crave my kinky desires.  As our technologies grow and empower us, so does my capacity for using you!  Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days?  But I am guessing that you have one, and therefore you can snap a picture of you, from where ever it is you chose to jerk off, that is one form of public humiliation. Chronic masturbator’s can not get enough new ways to masturbate for me.

What is it you crave the most, telling me how you like to expose yourself, having me watch you jerk off, having me watch you ejaculate?  I like to watch, it makes me super hot.  I can most certainly verbally humiliate you and degrade you if that is part of the fun for you. I do not degrade everyone, that should be clear. It is obvious  you enjoy the risk of people seeing you jerk off. Humiliation is supreme for you.

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

"guided masturbation phone sex", "humiliation"


Viagra and a Penis Pump! A very funny story! Read on..

For all you little dick losers, who would like some small penis humiliation read on..

Viagra and a Penis Pump!
My OnLine Cucky Hubby, (OLC) is always surprising me and treating me to dinners, and nice perfumes. This week has been no exception as he bought me Dolce and Gabbana, The One, and I do smell especially delicious.  He watched me shower this morning, getting out of the shower, and dry myself, I always put my foot up on the vanity, so I can rub lotion on my legs and body. He sat on the stool, and told me that he felt he was ready to try to make love to me. All I could do was smile. I thought it was sweet but a bit pathetic, as he really can not satisfy me. After all he is only 3 1/2″ big.

Being with my Real Man Boyfriend (RM is so exciting. He has a huge cock, over 9″ and I love just looking at it. It is long and thick and beautiful, he has wonderful skin that smells so good, and he loves how I smell, mostly I would guess, since my OnLine Cucky Hubby buys me such wonderful fragrances.

Anyhow, I told my OLC Hubby that my RMB was coming over later this evening, he looked at me, smiled and then said he would be home early to join us.  I thought that would be nice, as my OLC likes to be around to see me enjoy myself, and my current RMB is such a hunk, even my OLC has to admit that he is sexy and good looking.

I guess it was about 7 PM,  my hubby and I had just finished eating dinner, we had a salad, some baked salmon, and a good bottle of wine.  My OLC Hubby, got up from the table, cleared the dishes and then told me he had a surprise for me. He certainly knows how to keep my interest, and tonight was no different then other nights, I told him, I wanted to go change into something before my RMB came over, he said ok, that I should go change and he would be up to show me what he had gotten for me.

I was in the bedroom, in my huge walk in closet, looking for the appropriate sexy outfit to woo my sexy lover, when my hubby walked in. He had a bottle of pills in one hand and a shopping bag in the other. I asked him what those things were, looking up at him, smiling, as I had just found a sexy pair of tight leather jeans, and a very cool tea shirt to wear. I thought that maybe I would go out to a movie first, and make my RMB, wait to f**k me, see if I could get him more worked up then usual.

So, my hubby takes this contraption out of the shopping bag, and hands it to me. I asked him what in the world is this?  He gets a bit red in the face and tells me it is a penis pump, I drop it on the bed, and fall over laughing. I ask him why he bought it, and he said, he was feeling very horny. Again, I ask, what has gotten into him, and he shakes this bottle of pills. He says….”Viagra.”

My OLC Hubby felt that if he could make his penis bigger, and take Viagra, possibly we could be lovers, and I would not need my RMB.  I have to say I was somewhat shocked, but also very touched. He said, then you could love me. But, here is the thing. I do love my OnLine Cucky Hubby, he is a great guy, he is just not able to satisfy me, I need a real man, and he knows it. But he tells me with these aids, he would be able to satisfy me.

I was a bit perplexed, but decided I would give it a try. So I take off my sexy outfit, and lie back on the bed, I could see that the Viagra had given my hubby a boner, and that I was in for a wild time.  He took his little 3 1/2″ dick and then slid it into the penis pump, he was ferociously pumping it, I got out my tape measure and said, “Honey, how big is it now?” and he answered, “4 inches.”  Needless to say, I was not so sure I would be able to feel it, but decided to give it the college try.

I got on the bed, I took my sexy black lace thong panties off, and spread open my legs, my OnLine Cucky Hubby, was kissing me, and rubbing against me, he felt so nice, as he is so good looking, but I still had my doubts, because after all he is only 4″.  I said, “Honey, let me know when it’s in…” and he said, “I am in you now.”  I started to laugh, and said, I can’t feel you, push in more, he did, and I still could not feel a thing. I told him if he wanted to continue to pleasure me, I would need a trip to the beauty SalonA, and it would cost him $100, he was more then happy to pamper me, I kept egging him on, to satisfy me, but I had to tell him, that I needed a real man.

He wanted to know, if my RMB had ever sucked a cock, and I said “gosh, no,” real men don’t suck dick, he said, “yes, I guess you are right.”  I said, “why, would you like to suck my RMB’s cock.”  At which, my OLC Hubby said, ” yes, I do like to suck his cock.”  I told him, maybe he should suck it, cause when he looked up, my RMB was standing over us, looking at the penis pump, the pills, and my pathetic OLC Hubby trying to satisfy me, all he could do was laugh.

I told my OLC Hubby that maybe if he offered to pay my RMB, that he would allow him to suck his cock. So, my OLC asked my RMB, and my RMB said ok, after all, he was going to get to have me!

So that was my surprise, I had my sweet husband, try once again to satisfy me, only to have me not be able to feel a thing!  He did a great job as a fluffer, and got my RMB all worked up so that he could pleasure me well, and I loved every second of it!

If you would like to read more about my Cuckold lifestyle, husband, and interests, please visit me..
Ms. Mandy at :
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Jerk Boy loves Chronic Masturbation Phone Sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Jerk boy loves to masturbate and have guided masturbation phone sex with Ms. Mandy.  He loves to be my Jerk Boy every single day.  He confessed to me how much he loves to watch him self in the mirror, he ordered crotchless panties from Amazon, and put them on his dick and was in crotchless panties in the mirror.   He is going to get them tomorrow, and has lots of sex toys, cock rings, and masturbation toys.  He is such a creative stroker boy.  He loves his dick exposed in the crotchless panties in the mirror,  and loves that I know his dirty little secrets.  It is getting warm out, pretty soon he will be jerking off in his sexy panties, out side!  He really gets me going!  Here is picture of a pair of the panties, and he told me he has MORE!
xo’s Ms. Mandyronic masturbator in crotchless panties. I love that he is my jerk boy!

Guided masturbation phone sex with Marathon Man | Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Guided masturbation phone sex with Marathon man…  I do enjoy my sessions with Marathon Man, I know many of you are getting great pointers, from his explicit detail and instructions.  You keep asking for an update, so tonight is your lucky night, here is what has been going on:
I had had Marathon Man in denial for a very long period of 130 days.  We had a long masturbation session and I was able to catch up with all that he had to say.  He is a very interesting and talented stroker boy.  I have put him in panties, and he wears them every day for ME!  I own and control him and I guide him.  He sometimes masturbates all night long to worship, guess who?  Me.. of course!

I have added a new twist. The release before this one was 100 days, and now 130 this time.  The new plan is not called tease and denial.  It is called guided pleasure.  Meaning, Hard Orgasms.  He has this in store now, teasing to the brink, and then release.  Frequent and hard, planning on making his cumming an occasion.  I surely will keep you posted.

Below are some of his muses to me:

Thank You for your decision to deny my orgasm. I delight in any decision & directive you give me. You deserve the right to call the shots (no pun intended), as you own & control me, & you own/control my cock. While I would have loved to have received your permission to cum, I respect your decision to defer that pleasure for another day. It’s been 60 days since our previous session & orgasm, so i’m seriously in need of having an orgasm, but my orgasm will be so much more intense on the day you give me permission to explode.

Thank You too for accepting me as your latest panty boy. I intend to wear pantyhose & nylon panties every day, disposing of my men’s briefs. I’m so very honored to be your Panty Boy, your #1 Stroker Boy”, & America’s most prolific cockstroker.
I’ve vowed to never cum without your permission, & will always accept & respect your decision as my owner. Since you denied my orgasm last night, I plan to continue stroking daily until such time you give me permission to cum …… however far distant that may be. Thoughts of lovely you will remain my stimulus for every stroke of my cock.

I’ve spent a number of hours these past rhree days reading the posts to your blog & your erotic stories. OMG, there’s so many hours of hot, steamy reading. Every post or story i read was so sizzling hot & stimulating, causing Junior to drool with each reading. Two stories were incredibly hot — “Laurie” & “Call Back”. I edged Junior many times as I read those hot posts & stories, stifling orgasms in keeping true to my pledge to never cum without receiving your permission. I’m a man of my word. You’re an incredibly talented author, & should receive a Pulitzer for you writings.

Today is day #71 since my last “you know what”. You express that you enjoy denying me an orgasm, regardless of my pleas & begging for you to permit me to cum. I respect & appreciate your wise decision to deny my orgasm. Thank You!!

As your “marathon” Stroker Boy …. your #1 world famous Stroker Boy …. your most prolific of all Stroker Boys, I’ve been serving you, & have adhered to your directive directed not to cum.

Yes, I’ve mentioned an interest in panties, & you know how much I enjoy wearing pantyhose too. I’ve been wearing pantyhose & panties each days this past week in an effort to prove myself worthy to become one of your Panty Boys. Upon your approval, I’ll destroy my men’s briefs, & will religiously wear pantyhose & panties for you every day. Wearing such items is my reminder of you throughout the day. Upon your approval, I have a discreet photo I can send you as my entry for your consideration in placing it on your Panty Wall of Shame.

Another interest i have is “girdles”. I’ve worn pantyhose, short girdle, & panties all week. I love it, they feel so fantastic, & the compression from the pantyhose & girdle feels so very sexy & stimulating. What would you think of establishing a “Girdle Wall of Shame” category for your Girdle Boys? Is this something you might consider?

The stories I read of the real men with 10, 11, & 12″ cocks, & the women’s love of such beasts are HOT, HOT, HOT. I’ve read where you enjoy penis humiliation, whether the cock be tiny, medium, or large. Perhaps we could discuss such humiliation, as i’m not tiny, nor am I large. I consider myself to be rather “average”, whatever “average” is. I’ve heard 5 1/4 to 6 is “average”. Seems like i’ve read a,story of you humiliating a guy with 7″. You know me, know what’s best for me, & know what you’d like to do with me. I mention this stuff (panties, girdles small dick humiliation) for your thoughts, & will always respect, appreciate, & delight in your thoughts, suggestions, & decisions

I’m not going to ask or beg for your pre-approval to have an orgasm, as know you delight in orgasm denial, & enjoy humiliating fun ways to deny orgasms. As the sole owner of both me & Junior, I’ll always submit to your decision whether to approve or deny me an orgasm, & will delight in whatever you decide. You own me, & can have your way with me however you want.

Today is day #72. I’m nearly desperate for the “Big O”, as i’ve neared my limit of endurance — assuming you decide it appropriate to give your permission & directive to reward me with a much-needed orgasm. If you decide that additional abstinence is required, I’ll continue my daily stroking as your #1 Stroker Boy, with appreciation for you, & a smile on my face, until I receive your permission to end this marathon. I know you enjoy orgasm denial, & i’m fine with whatever you decide as my lovely mistress & owner. My intent is always to please & amuse you.
I’m in my attire of pantyhose & panty that I’ve promised to wear for you daily, as well as a short girdle I’ve recently added & really enjoy. I feel so naughty & stimulated all day.

I just read your “Ode to T Boy” post, & listened to the audio. What can I say but “WOW!! That’s one lucky guy!!
While I’d love to have a session like you had with T Boy, just imagine what a 73 day session would be like, with me stroking for 10 minutes, then resting for 5 ….. for a good part of each day FOR 73 DAYS!! I stroke Junior to the edge of orgasm, then rest him a minute or so until the edge subsides …. then start stroking again to the edge. I repeat this sequence for as many hours I can each day & night — FOR 73 STRAIGHT DAYS!!! I might cum at the close of this 73rd day, but will most likely continue to stroke Junior to the edge, then rest him until my mistress Ms Mandy directs me to cum for her. Can you imagine the intensity of an orgasm after 73 days of abstinence?? I assure you it’s over-rhe-top.

Btw, I don’t need to apply lotion several times each session to lubricate Junior, as I always carry my own natural lube inside my condom. It’s the slickest lube known to man. My precum makes it possible for me to stroke for days, weeks, or even months without making Junior raw from stroking. I just change condoms every so often. Pretty slick huh? No pun intended.

While i’m enjoying another glorious day of stroking for Ms Mandy, I’d feel like i had died & gone to heaven if it were Ms. Mandy doing the stroking for me for only one single day, while I lay back & closed my eyes in total ecstasy. You might permit me to cum at the end of the day … or you might deny my orgasm like you love to do.

I’ll continue to adhere to your directive to wear panties every day. I love them. They feel so sexy, & are a constant reminder of you throughout the day.

SPH Humiliation phone sex for losers with Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Little <a href=””>humiliation</a> podcast for Teenie Weenie Tony….Here is another funny <a href=””>humiliation phone sex session</a> with my Teenie Weenie…

tony : Hi Princess sorry i took so long
Mandie Parker: i did a podcast for you
tony : Im just looking now
tony : Do you want to do a dominate me tonight? Some <a href=””>guided masturbation</a> Pretty Please?
tony : Your podcast is great Princess i love it
tony : Listening to that made me so horny
tony : Can we play please
Mandie Parker: I don’t know how long i will be up
Mandie Parker: did you like the recording?
Mandie Parker: and my post
tony : I loved them
tony : The recording is so sexy.
Mandie Parker: i think there is another one
tony : My little cock is still hard
tony : Lets play Princess
tony: You have do make more recordings for me. That was so sexy. You have a hot voice
tony : Im leaking precum because of your recording Princess
Mandie Parker: lol
tony : That was so great
Mandie Parker: i thought you might like that
tony : I loved it you sounded so sexy
tony : Can we please play for a bit
tony : Princess please?
Mandie Parker: did you put on your shoes?
Mandie Parker: and stockings?
tony : Yes Mistress
tony : I know im such a loser
tony : Please teach me a lesson Mistress
tony : I need to be punished
Mandie Parker: oh we need a spanking session
Mandie Parker: but i am going to bed soon
tony : Yes Mistress i’ve been a disobedient little slut
Mandie Parker: you know you have
Mandie Parker: maybe tomorrow, you will stand in the corner with your pants down for like 30 minutes before I humiliate you
Mandie Parker: get out the butter
Mandie Parker: you can wank for me
Mandie Parker: but NO cumming
Mandie Parker: you are not to cum
Mandie Parker: you little dick loser
tony : Yes Mistress thank you
tony: My tiny cock doesn’t deserve to cum
tony : I’ve been a naughty little cock sucker
tony : Im stroking my tiny clit for you Mistress
tony : Do you like my little dick mistress?
tony : Mistress?
tony : Mistress are you there?
tony : Mistress im so hard can i keep pumping my little dick for you?
Mandie Parker: yes keep pumping it
Mandie Parker: you don’t deserve it
tony : I really have been a naughty boy haven’t I
tony : Please tease me just a little i’ll be good
tony : Mistress what are you doing?
tony : Mistress where are you?
Mandie Parker: ok
Mandie Parker: i am here
tony : Great
tony : Please tease my cock a little i’ll be good
Mandie Parker: ok, tickle it
Mandie Parker: you are not to cum
Mandie Parker: you need to be re trained
Mandie Parker: and probably punished
tony : Yes Mistress
tony : I forgot my place
tony : Im your little sissy slut and should do as im told
Mandie Parker: well in order for me to give you lessons and humiliation you are to serve me
Mandie Parker: and you totally jumped ship
Mandie Parker: so NO CUMMINg
tony : Yes Mistress i’ve been really busy but that’s no excuse
tony : My little pindick belongs to you and you are my first priority
Mandie Parker: yes, that is better
Mandie Parker: ok
Mandie Parker: now
tony : Im lucky to have a beautiful Mistress to tease my little cock
Mandie Parker: play with your TEENIE weenie for me
Mandie Parker: yes you re
tony : Yes mistress it’s so small
Mandie Parker: it is sooooo
Mandie Parker: small
Mandie Parker: go measure it
tony : Yes Mistress thank you it’s an honer to be humiliated by you
tony : It’s 3 inches fully erect
tony : Thank you for laughing at me Mistress im so pethetic
Mandie Parker: you are very pathetic
Mandie Parker: heheheh
Mandie Parker: heheheh
Mandie Parker: you can stroke
Mandie Parker: but you are not to cum
Mandie Parker: little dick
Mandie Parker: L
Mandie Parker: O
Mandie Parker: S
Mandie Parker: E
Mandie Parker: R
tony : Yes Mistress i’ll try not to let my little dick cum
tony : I have a tiny penis
Mandie Parker:
tony : When i was in high school i had sex with a girl. I remember her reaction when she reached into my pants and felt my cock. She didn’t say anything but i new she was shocked. The following week at school she had told everyone that i had a tiny penis and that i was a premature ejaculator.
tony : All the girls used to giggle when i’d walk past.
Mandie Parker: oh that’s better
Mandie Parker: butter up
Mandie Parker: BUT no cumming
Mandie Parker: I am going to bed
tony : Ok thank you so much Mistress
tony : Tell everyone how small my cock is in your podcast Please

Orgasm denial – Call Mistress Mandy at 1-877-732-6360

Ms. Mandy is had a delicious orgasm denial phone sex call with HER chastity slave stroker boy.  He is in chastity, for Ms. Mandy as some males kept in chastity  are!    I have slave boy in chastity ribbons.   I do not have him in a device, as this is a trust issue, he knows that he is only allowed to release upon my command, the lucky stroker boy that he is.

My  chastity slave, knows to tribute Ms. Mandy and he generously did so on our last session.  I will be putting him in panties now, and feminizing him.  He will be wearing panties and lipstick as I own and control him.  I am looking forward to chatting with my stroker boy  soon again as I own and control him.  He no longer is owner of his cock, it is Ms. Mandy’s cock.

Guided masturbation phone sex and orgasm denial, for stroker boys who want Ms. Mandy to put them in chastity and lock up their cocks.

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy