Here is an interesting little fantasy… I will run this one by you guys … does it make you all excited to see your wife with an other guy? Do you think you could do it or would you have to be restrained? Even though you want it, you need it force upon you, don’t you? So here is a little scenario…..After constantly begging his wife to tie him up and to do whatever she could imagine to humiliate him, his pretty little wife, she finally came to me one day with a plan. Putting on her sexiest dress, and …

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Had a very busy day today. I saw my hubby off to work early this morning, my cucky boyfriend was here, doing the dishes, and getting my house nice and clean for my real man boyfriend to come over and pleasure me. After all it is FRIDAY. TGIF!  So, cucky did a nice job around the house, he did not want to be spanked, I did swat him a few times, just in case, and he of course was wearing my panties, as he did the housework, that is one of the perks of the job.

I went off …

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I had a lot of fun calls today, Sring is definitely in the air, and it is wonderful, I get so excited, to answer the phone and talk dirty. I did a few before I went over to my bf’s house, he was waiting for me in this short white terry robe I bought him, It’s cute because he is so big and muscular, and his long legs hang out, and maybe something else that is long peeks out if he moves just right!  I was so excited to see him, …

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Masturbation denial of my hubby.

I began training my husband this way, having him masturbate every day longer and longer, I would have him stroke, and stroke, and then when he seemed not to be able to last any longer, I would cool his dick down, and lock it up.
Yes boys, mean but efficient, I need him to be under my spell and he is, as you all know.

The next session was even more effective, he would stroke even longer, thinking I might let him cum. But guess what?

No, I did not.

This continued the following day, …

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Phone Sex Call – Masturbation with my Texan friend

Just had a great call, I watched my new Texan friend online, while he took his delicious cock out and stroked for me. I really enjoyed it. We talked about playing with my feet, and me giving a good foot job. I love wrapping my feet around a cock, and stroking it with my toes…Maybe I can get my Texan to lick it up next time….Kisses….Mandy …

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Guided Masturbation, legs over your head cum in your face, ball spreading cuckold fun!

Had a very fun day today! I went to the mall, and did some lingerie shopping, and did manage to find a lot of fabulous panties and bras, and a baby doll nightie as well. My girl friend Rose came along, and she told me about the threesome she and her husband are going to have this weekend. I thought this was very interesting, as you all know, how I do enjoy a little company at times, when we have those alone moments…However, my cucky boyfriend appeared tonight. Seems he has been MIA, and now he has surfaced, and …

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Cheating on my Cucky Boyfriend

Well, it has finally happened, I just cheated on my Cucky BF with another… friend of mine came over to watch me with my well endowed lover. My real boyfriend has been here all day pleasuring me, as I noted earlier. I heard a knock on the door, and it was another very interesting young man, that I wickedly thought, he would be good to help out, while I was the throws of passion. I invited him in, and, we had quite an interlude. He was hesitant at first, because he did not know that I had a guy in …

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Humiliation – Wimpy in case you missed the first time

Wimpy just called me, and told me about his wife. She took him to the hotel with her, and her boyfriend, to help her register for a room, so she could be pleasured by a real man. His wife is not interested in listening to him beg anymore for wanting to cum. His wife wants him to send me the key to the chastity device because she is tired of hearing him beg. She wants to have me hold the key for 6 months. I could help her train her loser husband. If he can’t cum, she can train him, …

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