T Boy Instructions for Memorial Day Weekend END NIGHT!

So T Boy, I have been missing in action, but tonight I am back in rare form.

Once, you receive this notification about your instructions, I need you to masturbate, every hour, 5 minutes, on the hour. Then Stop without Cumming….

Every hour, till you catch up with me.

That means, if you are not online tonight, you have many hours of touching yourself. So hopefully, you will be online later! 

xoox’s Mandy …

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Cuckold Raul and Diana

My girlfriend Diana came over today, to tell me about her exploits. Seems her boyfriend Raul, has a 4 inch weenie, and she has been out getting laid by her real men boyfriends, sometimes more then one at a time.

I talked to Raul, he wants to marry this girl, says he wants a real slut.  Oh I forgot, he has a 4 inch weenie, can you imagine admitting that? 

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I am in rare form these days, Dirty phone sex, good long guided masturbation, orgasm denial, cock torture and the like.. If you are wanting my services, you better step…

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Instructions for T BOY

Tonight I think I will try something different for you, T Boy… I think I am into food, and different things for you to masturbate with.

Butter will be the tool. And your hand.
On your knees, in front of my new picture, Worship me.
I want you to kiss my ass, and take the butter, and lube your cock,
You need to stroke for 5 minutes, with the butter, kissing my ass.

No touching for 10 min.

More butter, 12 minutes of stroking.
No touching for 10 min.

Now more butter, Lie on your back, legs spread, imagine me squating over your face, Stroke for 14 …

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WIMPY Is PATHETIC with his Little D***

So, I have been waiting for some comments from Wimpy…he assures me that he will post in my blog, so we shall see… here is what he messaged me tonight….

“After we got done last night Laura and April returned to put me through another 1 1/2 hours of T&D torture before icing down my penis and putting back into the CB-3000. my balls ached all day and my micropenis throbed inside the cage . aIt is trobbing now. All i think about is sexual release…”

He then told me all the girls and Laura are so laughing at my blog entries …

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Had a great fantasy phone call with D***… he sent me the hottest fantasy, and we played it out.. here it is….he wrote:
“My fantasy involves being teased and denied for an extended period of time and then to be forced to have a ruined orgasm. I’d prefer to do an hour session with you, and at the end of the hour you tell me that you feel I need more teasing, so you order me to pay for another 30 minutes, and after that you tell me I need to pay for one more 30 minute call. During our …

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Tonight is your night! 
I need you to masturbate for me, I miss our lessons, having been away as you know.

Tonight get your lotion out….
I need you to stroke your cock for me badly.

On your knees, looking at my picture, I want you to jerk off JUST FOR ME!

10 Minutes, of soft, sensual stroking as if it were my hand.

10 Minutes of no touching…

3 Minutes of Jacking off,,,

10 Minutes of no touching..

15 Minutes of Jacking, with lotion, and NO CUMMING!!

Let me know how it goes…..
xoxox’s Mandy …

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Tease and Deny…Wimpy is going to have a baby….

Laura is preggers… with some other big dicked man’s baby.  She was with 3 men, so we don’t know who the daddy is…   Wimpy had to oink like a piggie, while Laura was being pleasured.

Laura wants me to hold Wimpy’s key, and then he is going to be allowed to open it, 2x a month, in order to call me. 

April gave Wimpy a Cialis, had Wimpy masturbate for 2 hours, then call me. He is crying on his knees begging me to do this to him, Total denial, for a year!!  April  and I are going to …

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Tonight is a very good night to masturbate for Me. I am in the mood to think of you touching yourself, So, get out the lube, and let’s do…

10 minutes of stroking…
2 minutes of not touching..

10 minutes with more lube..
3 minutes of no touching….

5 minutes of good slow pumping
2 minutes of no touching

5 minutes… of pumping, and then No cumming

So would you like a ruined orgasm too? Leave me a comment and I will think about it.. xoox’s Mandy …

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