Sissy training and tributes for Ms. Mandy – 1-877-732-6360

I have a new sissy slut!  She sent me the sexiest pair of panties which I received yesterday.  I put them on and had my real man boyfriend have some fun with me in them!   I have been training her, she is amazing!  She has new panties, and no longer wears mens underwear.  That is because I told her not to!  She responds to my commands.  I had her singing, dancing, tap dancing and repeating many fascinating things that I was brainwashing her with last night.

Going to get panties this weekend. Needs plenty of panties for training. Naked and little weenie is throbing, Practicing sissy voice, little clitty is very hard. Came once since our last last and did not eat it’s cum, told her that she has to eat it every time, or I won’t let her cum. Having her lick my butt. Will be wearing panties every day. Once she buys them, sitting down to pee. Practice with dildo 5 minutes of sucking dildo every night.

Must eat cum each time
Wear panties every day
Practice sissy voice
Suck dildo 5 minutes each day
Sitting down to pee
Buy a lipstick.
Little clitty is very very hard. Pump it for Ms. Mandy, Made her cum and then made her eat it!.
She loves my orders and instructions..
She called girlfriend of mine for more phone sex humiliation , seeing as she is a sissy with a little dick !xoxox’s Ms. Mandy

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