~OLC Hubby has a date, humiliation and financial domination in Atlantic City! Call Mandy at 1-877-732-6360

My Online Cucky Hubby always makes me smile, this week was no exception. He had been missing in action. I was busy getting pleasured by my Real Man Boyfriend.  He has a big Real Man’s tool for sure. While RMB and I had gone to Atlantic City, for the weekend, it turned out that my OLC Hubby had gone to the Pocono’s.  I did not find out that he had gone, untill I tried reaching him, and asked him to come up to our suite at Trump Tower, for some hot cuckold sex fun!

I had gotten some pretty fuck me clothes, shoes, lingerie, bra’s and panties, and was wearing the hottest little baby doll, in the hotel room while we tried to locate my OLC Hubby. It was a cute little red see thru baby doll with red thong panties. I had on 5 inch stiletto sandal’s, and red toe nail polish as well.  We had been swimming all afternoon, and drinking margaritta’s at the hotel pool, but now it was time for some action. I was getting all worked up, thinking about my RMB’s 10 inch tool, and how good it was going to make me feel. We were missing my OLC Hubby though, he is so much fun to play with. My RMB and I love to laugh at him, when he joins us. I love to measure his little dick, and we love to laugh and play games with him while we do it!

However, when I called my OLC Hubby’s cellphone and there was no answer. I had to laugh, because my OLC Hubby had gotten me some delicious new perfumes. They were, The One, by Dolce and Gabbana, and also Daisy, by Marc Jacobs.   I had devised a game, and I was going to make my RMB and my OLC,  they were to guess which was which one was on me, at different intervals, and then whoever got the questions right would be rewarded, one way or the other. But as I said, I called the phone and there was no answer. Ho Hum, better luck next time, playing my game.

It turned out, the next day, my OLC Hubby showed up at my suite at Trump. I had left him a message, so he knew where to find me.  It seems that he had gone to the Poconos of all places with a girl he had met, of all places, ON LINE?   RMB and I were laughing so hard when he showed up.  My OLC Hubby looked so disheveled.  He said he had quite the experience with this girl.  Personally I could not imagine that he would take the chance of taking his little 3″ cock out. Although it is cute, I have a picture of it, it is very adorable for a little dick!

Ok, so here is what happened, RMB and I were both curious about what OLC did with this girl at the Poconos.  My OLC Hubby said that he had sex with her.  I thought I would never stop laughing.  RMB and I poured some more drinks, and we sat and laughed some more, as my OLC Hubby told us, how she just stared at it, when he took IT out!

I asked him, what was it like for you. He said that he was thinking the whole time, he put his little dick in this girl, that he was fucking me!  I said, “you did?”  And, my OLC Hubby said, “yes, Mandy, I think you are so beautiful, I wanted to have my cock in you!”

As cute and sweet as my OLC Hubby is, you know that he could never satisfy me. I had to laugh more, thinking of him having sex with this girl. He did say though, that he made her happy with his tongue, I was so glad of that.

Ok, back to basics.  I wanted to have some fun in Atlantic City, we went out for dinner after my OLC Hubby told me this story. It was so funny, we had to go have dinner and drinks, we managed to get seats in the hotel restaurant, and had delicious Lobster. Afterwards, we went back to the room, and my OLC Hubby was in for a treat. I told him I would let him get my RMB hard for me, only thing was he had to suck his cock for me, and he had to ask him, if he could pay him to do it!  That really made the two of us laugh.

In order to suck his cock, I took my RMB’s dick out and fed it to my OLC Hubby, in doing so, I noticed I needed a manicure, so I insisted on a my OLC Hubby treating me to a manicure, before I would let him continue, and of course he said yes as he wanted to make me happy!  I also thought maybe he might lick my RMB’s ass, and that was going to cost him as well. I love when my OnLine Cucky Hubby pays to lick, and suck and even pay for my Real Man Boyfriend to take me out to lunch.

In fact, my Online Cucky Hubby did just that, he offered to pay for lunch, for me and my boyfriend, right after he sucked him off!


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