New Erotic Story by Tiffany

Hi Stroker boys… Tiffany sent me an erotic story she wrote, I am posting it here for you to enjoy….  Taylor and her father-in-law
read on..

Taylor woke with a feeling
of dread deep in her soul.  Wrapped in the embrace of her husband, she has to
face the reality that he is leaving today. Married just 8 months with a new born
baby her new husband is leaving for the Marines.  They were like so many high
school sweethearts. Theirs is a love that will endure.  While the pregnancy and
the marriage for that matter were not planned for this time, they knew it was
meant to be. They would make it work. Her father-in-law, divorced as long as
Taylor and Joe have dated, has offered to take them in while his son sets off
for training and the start of his military career.  She turns to face him, to
take him in, for the last time for weeks to come.  She wakes him as he likes.
Soft kisses to his temples. Gentle kisses on his mouth until his cock wakes.
Joe rolls on top of his beautiful wife and kisses her tenderly and
passionately, sad about their pending separation. Being a young man he wastes no
time. He hasn’t yet learned how to really please a women, nor has Taylor learned
how to be pleased. They will learn in time.  Joe grabs a condom from the
nightstand drawer. They cannot afford another mistake, not to suggest their baby
was a mistake, just not the best timing.  He slides into his bride and they move
together, her slowly, him too fast and as soon as it began, it’s over.  It’s
time to rise and face the day.

Down the hall, Mike, Joes
father is waking. He is filled with regret. His offer was generous but short
sighted as his daughter-in-law and grandson are sure to put a cramp in his
single mans lifestyle.  He likes Taylor.  He thinks she is beautiful. Her skin
glows, her smile is bright and beaming.  She has the body of a supermodel
normally but her breast feeding tits have turned her into a porn star look
alike.  Mike is aware of his growing cock but pushes away thoughts of Taylor,
it’s just morning wood he tells himself as he begins to stroke slowly.

There is a lot of noise and
hustle Coming from the kitchen downstairs. Mike will return to his cock later
and begins to make his way down.  As he heads down the hall he peers into his
sons open room.  He hesitates at the door for a moment then enters, straight to
his sons side of the bed and retrieves the freshly used condom from the garbage
can and slides it into his pocket.  His cock begins to stir again.

It’s a frantic morning,
cooking, packing, tearful goodbyes and by noon Joe is gone and the house is
quiet.  Taylor and the baby go for a nap and Mike retreats to his room.  Laying
on his bed he reaches for his cock and rubs. It comes to life for him.  He hops
up to lock the door and remove his clothes, retrieves the condom from the pocket
and gets back into bed. He is stroking his cock and licking the condom, adding
moisture to the salty, dried cum of his daughter-in-law.  It reminds him of the
many young pussies he has enjoyed.  Shaking hands untie the condom and he slides
it, with its cold wet contents over his cock and strokes harder, faster,
dreaming of Taylor, savoring the taste of her pussy and he cums, adding to the
already filled condom.  Upon removing he brings the condom to his mouth and
sucks it clean while holding his overly sensitive cock.  He falls freely in a
heap of ecstasy.

After his nap he finds
Taylor in the living room.  The baby sleeping in a bassinet nearby. She seems
troubled.  Mike asks how she’s holding up and she tells him of the pain she is
in from her engorged breasts.  She tells him how she had no idea how painful it
would be.  How sensitive she would be.  Mike disappears momentarily and returns
with a warm wash cloth suggesting she use it on her breasts.  The warmth may
ease the pain.  He is so sweet she thinks to herself

Together they sit quietly
watching a movie.  Taylor sighs and begins to rub her feet.  She complains of
how tired and sore they are.  Give them to me Mike says and she swings her legs
over his lap.  He rubs them gently and she thanks him for his kindness.  He is
rubbing her feet and stroking her calves and she welcomes his touch.  She isn’t
used to her husband tending to her like this.

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