My On Line Cucky Hubby loves to make me smell so good! He is addicted to Mandy!

My Online Cucky Hubby has been spoiling me. He loves to buy me perfume, and he loves that I love it so!  My Real Man Boyfriend, loves the perfume as well.  He came home the other day, and he could smell me, he said, did your OLC buy you the perfume you are wearing, because you sure smell good. Well, I had to laugh, I said, yes of course he did, You can’t afford to buy me the wonderful expensive perfumes, that my OLC buys me, as he knows he has to spoil me, to keep me interested in him.

My RMB started to laugh, he grabbed me and started to kiss my neck, practically licking me, and moaning, “Oh, you smell so good, I can not believe you smell this great” he wanted to know if my OLC Hubby had gotten me any new perfumes lately.
When he asked this question, he started to laugh, and I started to laugh too!
I said, you know, it’s good that he buys me this perfume, so that I can smell good, for you, when we have sex.

My RMB has a very large c**k, and I love that about him. When he wears jeans you can see the outline of his ** going down the thigh part of his pants leg. It is big and thick, and leaves an imprint on his jeans, I guess because it is so big, it has worn the jeans down. There is a huge mark from where his c**k sits in his jeans, I love those jeans, I like it even better when he unzips them, and takes the big large cock out, and shows me how wonderful it is. I can only think, of how it is going to make me feel. It is so smooth and silky. I love to rub my hand on it, I love the silky shiny, skin, the glistening head. He is so lucky to have such a beautiful Penis.

Well, back to how good I smell. My RMB decided that it would be great to ravage me, seeing as I smelled so good. I suggested that we invite my OLC over to play with us. I said, I would like him to smell how good he has made me smell, I smell very expensive.

It did not take a lot of persuading for my OLC to come over. Once he saw my RMB, I could tell he knew he was in store for something out of the ordinary. My RMB told him, you have made Mandy smell so good, I love to F**k her when she has perfume on that you have gotten her. My OLC hubby sort of looked up at me, because both me, and my RMB were laughing hard at this point. Not only does my OLC boyfriend buy me things that enhance my lovemaking with my RMB, he also likes to treat us to our dates, dinner, or lunch, you can never tell, what he will do to make me happy. I know he likes to put a smile on my face.

Getting back to this afternoon, I went over to my RMB, as I mentioned he had on these very tight jeans, I unzipped them, I said, “Hubby, maybe you could get him ready for me,” My OLC seemed to get a little flustered but looked willing to please, he got on his knees and started to get my RMB ready for me. It’s pretty hard, to do this, seeing as my RMB is very large.  I thought it would be nice, to spray some of my perfume on him, as he got my RMB ready for me, This made my RMB and me laugh even harder.

Once my RMB was good and hard, he proceeded to pound me, until I was screaming from an explosive orgasm. I was completely spent, and lying on the bed, when I asked my OLC if he would like to treat my RMB and me to lunch tomorrow, and he smiled and nodded yes. So, I guess we will be going to a very nice restaurant tomorrow, plus, he also got me a nice new bottle of Dior!

Thank you OLC!! xoxo’s Mandy

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