Hot Erotic tease and denial story by subby d**

Hi there stroker boys.. Subby d** wrote a super hot erotic story, it is a tease and denial story, all you guys loving edge play will love this one.
He is quite the writer.. enjoy!
Pushing boundaries, I think that what she called it, she was so playful.  She had always enjoyed taking control in the bedroom
and I must admit I have a secret submissive streak.
That night she seduced me and had me kneel before her as she straddled my chin and fed me her beautiful pussy…I was drunk with lust for her,
my hands running up the back of her legs and caressing her wonderful behind. Soon her legs began to tremble, her hands grabbed my head and
pulled me in deep, my tongue delved deep within her musky center. Then it happened, a sudden shutter and a deep moan followed by a rush of her
juices flowing into my mouth and down my cheeks, she was cumimg like never before, it was all I could do the hold her up right as she came
down from her orgasmic blitz.
Once she had recovered she helped me strip and laid me down on the bed, and without warning she quickly had my hands cuffed to the head board.
She smiled down at me as she sat on the side of the bed and slowly stroked my ever so hard cock. She then told me that earlier that day while straightening up in my den she had bumped my mouse and the screen screen illuminated, There before her was a video that I must have forgotten to close. It was of a beautiful woman fondling herself, masturbating all while looking at someone off screen as if teasing him, soon she has him crawling up the bed and licking her to orgasm. She said it really got her hot so she probed into my browser history, She said she had found links to domme wife stories  She said she say a pattern in that most of the stories were of a dominate wife who would tease and often humiliate her husband. She told me how she couldn’t believe how hot the stories made her and how badly she needed to cum on my face this evening.
She said that since I was always reading these stories then I must want to push my boundaries. she put her finger to my lips to let me know she
didn’t want to discuss it.  She then turned and swung her leg over my chest and sat facing away from me, she scooted back just a bit so her
as and pussy were just barely out of tongues reach. She was such an awesome sight and scent, she was swollen and wet from her orgasm, my
cock throbbed at the sight. then her hand was stroking me slowly…up and down, down and up. She was building me up to an explosive climax,
soon I could feel my balls contracting and the first wave at the crest when everything stopped. She let go of my cock and sat up and pushed
back on my face, she ground herself on my face her juices flowing and she came again collapsing on top of me. Then after a bit she moved
forward and turned her attention back to my throbbing member and began her expert manipulations again, this time I felt her mouth close over
the sensitive bulging head as she stroked…Soon I was begging and felt my orgasm build and just at the first spurt was ready to blow..nothing
she stopped stroking and squeezed the base to stifle it. She was ready for another one though and I found my face being ridden to yet another
screaming Orgasm for her.
She repeated this two more times, I was in a heaven/hell submissive state begging her to let me come, “I’ll do anything”.  She then got up
and turned around and held my cock at her pussy and pushed just the top of the head it, just enough to hold it straight. “Anything”? she said
“YES Anything please let me cum” she smiled and asked knowingly, when I had came last, she knew it was almost a week ago, and I told her
so.  “So you must be very full by now, I bet you’ll fill my pussy to overflowing wouldn’t you?” , ” Fuck yes” I replied.  Her smile grew larger as
she said “Anything…….” and sank down the full length of my cock. She sat there, leaned forward and kissed me deep and passionately, then
slid over and whispered in my ear..”well that ANYTHING is that once you cum deep, deep inside me, I’m going to climb up and ride your face
to one another explosive orgasm as you lick and suck all your stick hot goo out of me…My eyes flew open, I have always fantasized about this, as I
jerk off to stories, but after I came there was no desire left.  I began to panic, I stared to tell her no, but her finger once again silenced me.
She sat back up and slowly started her ride, telling me I should at least try to hold out until she came, but that she doubted I would last to long once she started to Gallup. As she picked up pace, the sight of her pounding up and down, her lovely breast swinging with each thrust was an awesome sight indeed. She began to scream, she was close, oh god I could feel my load boiling and my cock swelling deep within her.
Then the thought of what will happen once I’ve filled her, was both terrifying an erotic, exciting and humiliating….then it Happened…as my whole body stiffened, she leaned forward and whispered “Now, cum for me Now, fill me up so I can feed you to my next orgasm”  I came that instant, I don’t know how long it lasted or how many times a spurted deep in her, at some point I must of blacked out because the next thing I remember was opening my eyes in time to see her magnificent pussy dripping with my cum being lowered down on my face.  I didn’t want it at first I struggled but to no avail, so I gave in and licked and licked, it wasn’t all that bad and she was loving it riding me even harder than before, soon she was cummimg, and she just didn’t seem to stop it was all I could do to consume our mixed juice.
When she came down, she uncuffed me and kissed me licking some left overs off for her own enjoyment. She snuggled up into the crook of my
arm and rested her head on my shoulder. She whispered, “I love You….But from now on, here in the bedroom I own and control
you… me Mistress”

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