Guided Masturbation Lesson # 3 – nice and relaxing…

T BOY… Here is a relaxing guided masturbation lesson, for you and all you stroker boys out there for the weekend!  I love thinking of you stroking just for me!  Get comfy, naked, with some lube, and play Ms. Mandy’s hot podcast!
Enjoy !



  1. Stan says:

    It was an absolutely hot session with You, again. A Mind-Blowing Orgasm. It was my biggest load ever. And i shot it so hard…. still cleaning my ceiling :). Thank You, Ms. Mandy.

    Your obedient lil puppy, Stan.

  2. Mandy Malone says:

    Dear Puppy Stan:

    I loved teasing you, oh my goodness, the ceiling?  That is too much! Can’t wait till our next session.


  3. jizzster says:

    i followed your directions to a T and boy did I explode! i had your voice giving me directions and i imagined you standing over me laughing as i laid on the floor stroking my tiny cock. Of course as soon as you allowed me to cum i threw my legs over my head and pointed my tiny cock at my face. I wasn’t prepared for the huge load that hit the back of my throat and i started gaging, but i couldn’t stop spraying. i was covered from forehead to chin in my sticky jizz by the time i was done. I am such a pathetic loser i can’t even take a load like a proper cumslut.

    i hope you let me cum again soon so i can learn how to properly swollow my steaming load of jizz.

    Mandy’s laughable cumslut Jizzster

  4. Mandy Malone says:

    Jizzster, you are turning into quite the little dick loser!   Spraying all that cum on your face, you are more then pathetic, and choaking on it too!  I want you to do it again for me, on your back, and play with your pathetic little dick, I guess we can get you to go to the drugstore and ask for tampons too, now that I know you are also a loser!   When can you go?


  5. jizzster says:

    I went out to buy tampons as soon as i read your orders. when i was buying them i told the cashier they were for me. She thought i was joking and laughed. i took the tampons to the store bathroom and put one in my ass. it really hurt and made it uncomfortable to walk. when i came out of the bathroom with the open box and walking funny the casheir didn’t laugh. She asked me what i was doing in the bathroom and i told her i was a loser with a tiny dick who needed a tampon in my ass. i felt so humiliated telling her what i did. I was so turned on though i had to jack off in my car. then i had to drive all the way home with a tampon in my ass and my face covered in my own jizz.

    i love following your orders and humiliating myself.

  6. Kevan Corkill says:

    Hi Ms. Mandy! 🙂
    I am getting ready for Lesson 3. I wanted you to know that your cock has been drooling all day long, as the precum is working it’s way down my leg…I smell like sex…lovely. When I sit, the balls are so full that I have to spread my legs to make room. When I walk, I have to walk like I just got off a horse…the balls are that full…I have to walk bowlegged.
    I have heard your message for this Lesson. I am going to stroke very fast for the first 2 minutes (like in Lesson 2: stroke fast for 10 seconds, then as fast as I can for 5 seconds, stroke fast for 15 seconds, then as fast as I can for 10 seconds, stroke fast for 20 seconds, then as fast as I can for 15 seconds, stroke fast for 25 seconds, then as fast as I can for 20 seconds, or until the 2 minutes runs out). After 2 minutes off, I will do the same for the other 2 minutes (2 minutes on, 2 minutes off, then 2 minutes on, 2 minutes off, then 2 minutes on, 2 minutes off) for the full ten minutes and also for the additional 2 minutes. If I get near the edge in any of the 2 minutes of stroking, I will take my hands off your cock and edge until the 2 minutes runs out. Now since you are allowing a cum for this Lesson, I will apply my cock ring after the last 2 minutes of stroking (and then hands off for 2 minutes) to really get the blood flowing into your cock and really get your cock stiff, full, and rock hard. After these days of wonderful workouts, I can only imagine what your cock will truly look like. I am sure there will be some beautiful definition. I want you to know that I like a slow cum. I enjoy feeling the slow rise of cum up your shaft and the volcanic flow slowing out your cock hole. I enjoy having the PC muscle do the work of pumping out the milky, gooey, delicious liquid…it is so complete and satisfying. I do a lot of head play. I look straight at your cock and know that you are in control. I know you are in control of this cum. It is my pleasure. You deserve this so much after such good instruction. I do not need to have any pictures or stories…just you on my mind…your cock…my hand on the head of your cock with headplay…stroking that head in my tightly closed hand like going tantalizing in and out with just the head into your wet pussy…only giving you the head and nothing more…just the head, but just enough for your cock to be twitching and then…cumming. I will be sitting back and enjoying this…every sensation… and thinking of you. I will see you after the very last 2 minutes stroking because I want to give you a live description of the cum.

  7. Kevan Corkill says:

    Hi Ms. Mandy!
    I decided to do five full sets of 2 minutes on and then 2 minutes. Then, I did the final 2 minutes. Now, I have finished all of the stroking and your cock is twitching with lovely milky thick precum oozing from your cock hole. I am in the middle of the 2 minutes of cool down to allow your cock to relax just a little bit before the cum session begins. There, the 2 minutes is now over as the timer goes off. Now, I am applying the lube to your cock and I grab my cock ring. I slip the cock ring over your cock head…it just barely fits…but I like a tight fit…this really get the blood flowing into your cock and traps it there to really get your cock stiff, full, and rock hard. I work the cock ring down the shaft all the way down to the balls…pressing very hard to make sure that the cock ring will hold all the blood flowing into your cock. I shaved your cock for this very special cum session, so I am smooth at the base of the shaft so the cock ring can be pressed right down on top of those balls. Now I put some more tube on your cock head…this is the only place I will concentrate today…just the cock head. I will be typing with my left hand as my right hand is playing with your cock head. Here we go…my right is like your pussy and I am teasing with just the cock head…picking up the pace…more lube…getting a little visual stimulation with a deep throat flick (one of those in the 1970s where the cocks were big and the ladies could really suck)…more lube…your cock is filling with blood and purple…your cock is rock hard and oozing precum…teasing your pussy with just the cock head…more lube…keeping the pace constant…really working the cock head now…slow deep strokes…getting sensitive..more lube…starting to feel the high of endorphins…won’t need anymore lube…precum is pouring out…working that cock head..waiting for the deep throat flick to download (dial-up connection), then I will cum…your cock is hard, thick, purple, and ready…the deep throat flick has downloaded…here we go…stiff…upping the pace…filling…balls tightening…cock ring getting tight…working that cock head…precum thick and gooey…feeling the seed rise in the shaft…slowing for a tease…feeling the seed rise in the shaft…slowing for a tease…feeling the seed rise in the shaft…cumming…lovely.
    Thank you Ms. Mandy for the wonderful guided masturbation instructions  for the past two weeks. It has been a tremendous experience.

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