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I enjoy guided masturbation phone sex, for those of you who know me, you will know that I do a lot of this, perhaps it is my specialty, one of my specialties at least.  I am fond of fetish and kink. I am not your normal girl.  I am not submissive, and like to give masturbation instruction. I can be very helpful in having you achieve stronger orgasms.

I am totally capable of taking control and giving you a guided masturbation phone sex session. as you will see when you call me. I do take control, do not be fooled.  I will not let you have your way.  You are calling me because you want guidance, a break from the day, someone to think for you.  Thinking for you is also something I am good at.  I will tell you how to stroke and when, and give you pointers.  You will be my stroker boy. I like to have a fun session with guided masturbation, mixed in some
intelligent phone sex.

I am sure you will be happy with our session, I know what to do in difficult circumstances.  Some of you might “think” you want guided, and perhaps once I start you realize this is not what you may want.  Did I mention that I am intuitive also? This comes in very handy when doing phone sessions.  I can easily switch to another mode to make your experience one in which you are satisfied and so am I.

Guided masturbation phone sex and masturbation instructions with Ms. Mandy.  Learn new techniques and get really turned on by her sexy voice.

Call me today for your masturbation instruction, if you are looking for a role play, or a fetish call, I do like to talk about humiliation fetishes.  Small penis humiliation, cuckold phone sex fantasy, large cock worship fantasy and other things that will make you addicted to Ms. Mandy!

Ms. Mandy

guided masturbation phone sex

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