Guided masturbation audio podcast for today!

Wanting some guided masturbation phone sex today?   Seems like a good thing to do.  Tired of doing your chores, or working, or cooking, or maybe you have some alone time.  I like it when a stroker boy calls me from the bathroom.  I can hear an echo, but the good news is I can do ALL the talking.  You just can sit back and relax, and let me guide your masturbation.I like to give you various masturbation techniques, I like to make your cock throb because my sexy voice will drive you insane.  You need me to take control. You will become addicted to Ms. Mandy and her guided masturbation phone sex. Call me today, but first to get a taste… listen to my hot audio.. xoxo’s Ms. Mandy "guided masturbation phone sex"
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  1. Mandys Husband says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that Mistress Mandy is the best when it comes to Guided Masturbation. She has it all. She is smart, she is beautiful, she is experienced, she is imaginative, she is all that you need.

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