Cum eating training with UK Slave – special request

Cum eating phone sex, is an art in itself.  While it is true that cum eating is a fetish / fantasy that many possess.  Most are not able to follow through.  I often times hear, “I am turned on by the idea, but when I am done, I am done.”

I have to laugh, as I have made many follow through to completion shall we say.  I give cum eating guidance and instructions.  It is all fantasy play, but I like to know that you are sincere, and will complete the task “at hand.”

I have just posted about my UK Slave, he is an advocate of cum eating,  Not only does he eat his cum, he is addicted to eating his cum, and craves it.  He begs me for him to eat it, and to pay me a fee, as a reward for watching him eat it.  He is thankful to be eating his own cum.

He is a precum junkie, he slurps it up, like a pre cum piggy boy.  I have been thinking a lot about how cum eating is such a turn on!   Some call me and ask, is cum eating a gay thing? I tell them, I have a cum eating husband, who is not gay. He does it because it turns us on.  Some cum eating sluts like it with the cuckold factor added in.  Many cuckold fantasies involve a cream pie and that is cuckold cum eating at it’s best.   Cum eating is popular in Femdom fantasies, as men cum eaters are very desirable to a Mistress who is in control.  Knowing a resistant male cum eater, turns his power over to a Mistress is desirable for a working relationship.  Every so often I get a guy who wants to cum on my face. Cum facials and cream pies… my my, what will they think of next?

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy


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