Cum Eating Fantasy, Cum eating watched by neighbor.

Sexy fantasy roleplay tonight, with Sexy guy!  Yes, he told me he had a secret fantasy, to have his neighbor come over, and watch him masturbate. Taking it a step further, have him cum in or around his mouth, maybe legs over his head, and then make him eat his own cum.

Well you know, I love guys that shoot in their own mouth, so, this was right up my alley. He masturbated for her, while she masturbated and watched, and then he shoot his load in his mouth and then swallowed.

He told her, next time you are going to be the one to swallow!

HOT FANTASY don’t you think?

Can any of you guys, get your legs over your head, so your dick is that close to your own face, better yet, can anyone suck their own cock?


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