Cuckold wife Mandy’s life is back to normal..

I am very happy to say, things are starting to get back to normal. I love being a cuckold wife, I am home and the house is all painted, my 19 foot ladder is missing, and my hose needs a new nossle, so, other then that, the house looks gorgeous. I am happy to say, the gardener came over to tell me he will be putting the mums in shortly, am getting some of those plants that look like cabbages also, actually a lot of them, they will look nice around the house as I have the solar lights at night, they really light the driveway and sidewalk up.

Back to business, Cucky boyfriend, showed up today, I have not seen him, since mid summer when he came to visit me, when my Hubby when to Philadelphia on business, we had a great afternoon together, we went for a walk, there is a pretty neat apple orchard nearby, he brought us a picnic lunch, and he spent a lot of time, telling me about the gifts he was planning on buying me, and how much he liked playing with me, I made him pull his jeans down, and show me what color panties he had on, and they were a sheer lime green, How totally slutty don’t you think? He wanted to know if he could play with us on the weekend, and I told him that I would let him know.

Cucky is such a loser and I do like to humiliate him, he just is not enough for me, and he knows it, I rarely even let him in the room with me, when my Real boyfriend is around. BTW.. Cucky bought me a big batch of Victoria’s Secret panties.. If you click on that, you can see the ones I wanted, they are back ordered till December, ho hum. I got another batch of panties from an admirer, in the Summer, oh my goodness, I am like floating in panties. I do love them.

Today, I also received some Sephora  gifts from my friend, and hot lover boy Richard. He sent me some new perfume by DKNY, and it is just wonderful, I smell so good right now, and some Korres products, which I love they are so totally free of chemicals. ALSO question for you out there?  Am I the only one going GREEN? I am quitting everything with chemicals, NO Hydrogenated fats, does every one know that if it says that on the box, it is worse then saturated fat?

So, I have upped my bike riding to 13 miles, maybe will be doing 15 miles a day, have not made up my mind about the commitment, I also got a new set of the firm,have to keep my body in top shape, never know, when a stranger might get to see it… Giggles **

Hubby has been a trip. He has been on a trip and is a trip, he loves to hear me make love to my Lover. AND I love to cum, knowing that hubby, is #1, either masturbating, OR #2 locked up. So he was away for a few days, and my boyfriend was here, we had so much fun. He cooked us Chicken Piccatta, we have a  SubZero, and he really was at home cooking on it for me, then spent hours satisfying me, Hubby of course was waiting anxiously for my phone call, he was on the phone with us, during dinner and all, we were all laughing, I was wishing he was here with us, so he could sit and have a glass of wine, and enjoy. Hopefully that will happen this weekend. When we took the phone into the bedroom, I guess Hubby had his fill, I let him jack off for all the hours we played, good thing, I have extra phones, cause the batteries, kept going dead. I hear a lot of moaning at the other end..

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