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Many of you know me for guided masturbation phone sex, and of course domination. I do enjoy panty boys, and getting panty boy’s pussy’s fucked!  I am posting a super hot erotic story by my Tiffany, I control and own her, and she is my fucking cum slut.  I use her and she goes out and gets dick to suck for me.  I happened upon this story and thought I would share it with my follower’s, I am sure that Tiffany’s clitty will be hard, knowing that she is getting the audience that she deserves.

I left the hunting site at noon.  It is about 40 minutes west of my house, and I was in full camo, with the exception of Amy’s panties. As I drove, I stopped into a new go-go bar.  Not the filthy place I am used to, but I did get a decent lap dance  and nothing else.  It was nice, actually, feeling the satiny panties and not having to explain why I had them on. I
left with some liquid courage and a raging hard-on.  I drove ten
minutes to the shop and the lot was full.  I imagine a lot of men were
playing while their wives shopped.

I walked into the store with
my Under Armour Orange Shirt and my Camo Pants, and walked right into
the booth in the back.  I popped in my twenty bucks and stripped down.  I
saw that the window for the buddy booth was green, so after I was in my
panties and had my shemale movies going, I pushed the button and the
screen went up.

I don’t know how to describe to you my
excitement when I saw too young hot men naked and making out.  One was
light skinned black, and the other was a punk Asian.  They were making
out so passionately, I felt pre cum pour into my panties.  I watched them
grind their cocks into each other, and the slender and very young black
man stopped kissing his bitch and turned to face me.  He nodded his
chin toward me, and the bulge in my pants, and I pulled my panties down
and my cock sprung out.  He got behind the Asian boy and grabbed his cock in his hand and  stroked it two or three times.

pushed him toward the hole, and I dropped down and swallowed his cock
as he pushed it through.  I held it in my mouth, and he started to work
it in and out slowly.  I opened my eyes to see the big black cock coming
through the gap too, and it pressed against my cheek.

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