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Wimpy husband loves JOI PHONE SEX as well as  small penis humiliation phone sex, and cuckold phone sex as well. He told me that he had to take his wife over to her bf’s house while she spent the night at his place. AGAIN! He has been calling me, because his sexy wife leaves him home to jerk off to my instructions.
He has a tiny cock and she only likes big black cock.

She let him hang around a while, while he watched her boyfriend pound her with his big black cock, and have sex, and he said it was good. They had sex for two hours, and that made him feel even more like a wimp. I own and control him now. She went out with her friends tonight to find another
guy, making him feel like a bigger wimp. He licked her pussy after when she came home and he said it was full of cum.
He is such a pathetic loser who craves humiliation because he has a little dick, he can’t satisfy anyone. He told me that she calls him a loser white boy, faggot. He may have to suck her boyfriend’s cock, he is waiting for his wife to make him do it.
I make him watch wife’s legs spread wide open, and I have him lick her pussy while she gets fucked. She is coming all over that big giant black cock.
Loser is pumping his one inch cock and going to eat his cum for me! Now as I give him guided masturbation. I own and control him. Pump it loser.
She likes rap music, blasts songs, and talks with black accent, (she is white) she now wants to be black and wants a black baby. She is super hot and cool, and he is a wimpy loser husband. hahaha…
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Humiliation phone sex, for you cock suckers and little dick losers out there, with ME, Mistress Mandy.  Rim Job loves sissy phone sex and has been serving me for many years, and here are some reports that he has sent me.  I send him email assignments, and then once he completes them he sends me a report, and then calls me for a session so I can laugh at him and his tiny SPH cock and make fun of what a cock sucking cum dumpster he really is.
I do enjoy sending email assignments… it is so much fun reading the reports and have a cup of coffee and laugh my ass off at him!
Read some of this below, to see what a fucking slut he is…. I do a lot more then guided masturbation phone sex, if you are looking for email assignments, sissy training, cock control, email control and distance training, Findom, financial domination, turning you gay or laughing at your little dick.. just let me know.
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Mistress I did everything you told me to do in my hotel room, while I was away on business, and it was fun. I sucked several cocks and I did wear a pink bra and panties and had the dildo on the nightstand.   The cleaning lady knocked and introduced house cleaning and I pretended to sleep.  She walked in and saw me spread out on the bed and the dildo on the nightstand. At first she laughed and then I pretended to wake up and she just looked at me and asked me what the hell I am doing.  I did not cover up and told her that I was under orders from my Mistress Mandy to expose myself like this.  She asked me what else do I have to do, and I told her that if house cleaning was willing I would do anything they tell me.  She told me that she had to get back to work but if I was serious she would be back after her shift ended and I would be used.  I did tell her that I had to leave by 6 pm and she said no problem.  She did came back at 2 pm and told me to strip, She wanted to see my cock and she then realized why I wear panties.  She spanked me for a while and then took the dildo and had me suck it. I and got it wet, then she ordered me to bend over and spread my pussy ass and she pretended that she was fucking me with a real cock.  She then  had me jerk off and when I was ready to cum she had me put my legs over my face and told me that she would finish me off and aimed my cock right my mouth.  She  told me to keep it open and when I did cum she did aim, and my cum went right into my mouth and she told me to swallow. She did tell me next time I was here get the same floor and she would bring a few friends to use me.  I can”t wait until we talk again, and for her to used me again..   rim job
Have to say another great call W/we just had Mistress Mandy!
And following your instructions when I was in Springdale Arkansas,  I went on a tranny site it and met Olivia, and after we chatted and she knew that I wanted to be dominanted by her.  I was instructed  to wear a pink bra and panties under my shirt and pants and was going to meet her.  She told me to go to a bar (THE ODD SOUL) after I spotted her, I went over to the  table and  I introduced myself and sat down. We had drinks and after  the drinks, she asked me if I was wearing the panties and I told her yes.  She told me to undo my pants and open them up she pull my shirt up, and saw the panties and she just said good boy.   I was going to fix my pants but she told me to stay that way.  We talked for awhile and the waitress came back and we ordered another round of drinks and when the drinks arrived Olivia asked the waitress to walk around and look at my pants.  When she saw the panties she laughed her ass off.  Then Olivia asked me to undo my shirt to see the bra and I did.  She had me leave the shirt open until the waitress came back.  When the waitress she saw me wearing  a bra, she said something to Olivia.  The waitress walked away and came back   with napkins to stuff the bra.  I was told to get dressed and pay the bill.   When I got outside,  she told me to get in her car and handed me a collar and told me to put it on, So I did.  We drove for some time and then we arrived at a bar,  sorry don’t remember the name.  I was then told to take off my shirt and pants and then I was told to get out.  I forgot to mention I had nothing else to wear,  she went into the truck and came out with a black dress short and it was to0 small for me.  She was unable to zip the dress up.   She laughed and told me to follow,  so  I did.  Just before I got to the door, she put a leash on me and lead me into the place.    I found  others in there fucking and sucking.  I saw male and female slaves, and men sucking cock and getting fucked, also I saw woman on woman.  W/we found a booth and once we sat down she told me to get on my knees and crawl to her.  She lifted up her dress and told me to pull her panties down.  I was then told to lick and suck her cock. she had a big cock over 8′ and about 4″ girth. I was able to get a little more than half in my mouth,  The entire time she was telling me how good of a sissy cock sucker I was. Then she told me to bend over the table, she pulled out a small tube of lube and started to lube  my ass up.  Once she was happy she put a big glob on her dick and then told me to beg her to fuck me.  I did just that, but she was not happy and told me to say it louder, so I did and I think everyone in there could hear me.  She shoved her massive cock into me and just stayed that way for awhile. My ass loosened up once she started fucking me like a slut.  Then one guy came over to watch, and she told him he could use my mouth, so he did. They both ended up shooting loads of load of cum in  me,  I not sure how many but I was at it for many hours.  When they were done with me, I was sore as hell and I was full of cum and had it all over my body especially on my face. She took me back to the bar were we met, and she let me out wearing only the bra, she handed me my shirt and pants and told me to dressed.  She told me to call her the next time I back in town. It was a wild night and I got back to my hotel room and went to  bed covered in cum, i felt like such a sissy cock sucker faggot.  I did love the idea of having the meeting with my old client and having him order me to get on my knees and suck his cock, in his office that has all windows and anyone walking by could see me sucking their boss’s cock.. Just thinking of how he could put in the contract that I would have to be his cock slut to keep his business. Like you suggested, maybe his entire staff would use me. your willing slave rim job Maureen


I did complete my assignment last night I found a adult book store and sucked off 3 guys with two of them came all over my face. I was a good slut for you Mistress Mandy.  Then, I went back to my hotel room with the cum still on face.  I was seen by a couple who looked at me,  the girl finally asked me what was on my face so I told her.  It was all crusty too!  The look on her face was priceless, and  the guy that was with her just laughed and told me it was a good look for a fag.  I was just about to get off the elevator when the girl asked me if I would suck her bf because off she always wanted to see a guy suck cock.   So I ask the guy if he wanted me to suck him off, and after a short time he said yes, so we went back to their room.  The girl told me to strip and she saw I was wearing a blue bra and panties and she could not stop laughing.   I got on my knees and pulled his cock out and licked it and kissed the head before I started sucking him off.  He was about 7″ and I had no problem in deep throating  him. He lasted about 10 minutes and he pulled out and  jerked off on my face.  After that he told me to get out so I got dressed and left.   Iwill be in touch in early soon!  Your servant rim job Maureen


Mistress after O/our chat last night, I did go to the theater and I  get lucky.  Usually after the movie starts,  I strip down to my bra and panties.  I had written cum dumpster on my chest.   There were 2 guys at the theater  besides me, and one of them walked up the isle and saw me, and laughed his ass off. He asked me what the fuck I was doing sitting there like that?  I was in bra and panties.  I told him I was under orders from my Mistress  Mandy to seek out cocks to suck.  He said bull shit,  so I told him to take out his dick, and I would suck him off.  He just looked at me and went back to his friend,  I could see them look back at me.  So I got brave and walked down, leaving my clothes were I had put them. When I got down to them I got on my hands and knees and crawled over to them.  I then asked  them if I could suck their cocks,  they just looked at me and said… OK slut suck my cock.  Both guys were small only 5″  and I did suck them and one of them told  me he was going to fuck me.  He did fuck me and  they both shot their cum about the same time.   After they were done with me I started to go back to my seat to get dressed and one of then asked me where I was going, so  I told them to get my clothes they told me to stay right in front of them, and be ready to suck again.  One of them did go and get my clothes and came back he told me if I was a good boy they would  give me my clothes back.  They each took turns using me and this time they came all over my face.  They had me rub the cum on my face and the lick my fingers. They have my number and said, that they will call me when they want to use me again.  Just one question can you give me those sites you mentioned?  I did not write them down and I forgot.  Your sissy slut rim job maureen
Well mistress you would be proud of me   I went to the glory hole last night and once again I found the same  booth empty.  Once inside I striped and then wrote slut on my forehead. I had already had Ms. Mandy’s sissy slut, written on my tiny cock. Cum dumpster on my chest and stomach and loser on my face.  I was on my knees for awhile when a cock came threw the hole, it was small and it came quick and  he did call me a fag. I thought that was interesting.  I was thinking that he knew a guy was sucking his cock, and I  sucked a few more over the next hour and then it got busy for me.  I had two cocks – one was in my mouth and the other was in  my ass pussy. Both took their time they both shot their load in.  After they were done a guy knocked on the door and told me to let him in and I did.  He laughed once he saw what  was written on me and loved the arrow on my back pointing to ass, and he shoved his cock in me and fucked me hard.  When he was ready to cum,  he ordered me on my knees, and told me to suck him dry, so I did. After that it was a blur it was around midnight, when the clerk came back and told me to get dressed and leave.  But before I did,  he said I had to suck him off and I did.  He walked me to the back of the store naked and opened the door and told me to lay down on the ground and jerk off.  So, I did and when I was ready to cum he told me to make sure it was on my face and he was laughing his ass off calling me names and then he let me get dressed. I was told to come back anytime I wanted because they like a good slut.   I was asked if I would do some kinky things; I told him I had to ask my Mistress what I can do.  He laughed and  called me a loser and said he wanted to see the email that you sent me.   I plan on going back in a few weeks and this time I going to be wear a bra and panties.  I think I will order them from amazon that should make some their laugh, seeing a guy ordering for himself.  Thank you for making me what I am now… your sissy slut rim job Maureen

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"sissy phone sex"What is it you like to look for, for your masturbation pleasure?  Do you start off by getting your dick out and then looking for a guided masturbation video? I like that!  I think an instruction video, showing a cock, and how you can jack it off is totally hot.  Of course you might want some masturbation instruction audio,  I can help you with that. My blog has 50 hours of free audio’s, if you dig hard enough you will find some long one’s.  The search feature should be set to the advanced tab, if you want to really find anything on this blog.

Orgasm denial is also something I like!  I think you guy’s need to save your cum up. The more you don’t cum, the better it is when you do cum~  I can give you masturbation techniques and instructions for denial orgasm’s.   How would you find cock twitching pics does anyone know?  If you have any, share please~

I do know there is free masturbation instructions on line, as well as free guided masturbation videos – life is great!  Have you ever found any small dick humiliation free audio’s?  that is a trick question~  Of course you have~  I have them on my member site, and on this blog~ be sure to check out my free audio guided masturbation session’s!  I know you will love them.

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Owned by Mistress Mandy is totally and painfully addicted to “moi”.  I own and control him and although he may not like to admit it.  There is NO turning back.  I would say he calls for guided masturbation phone sex, but really wants to be fucked over because he is a little dick loser. I like to watch him on cam and laugh at “MY” useless cock.  A recent session with my loser in the UK, commonly referred to as owned by Mistress Mandy, Pay Piggie, and other assorted names.  He is a loser with a little dick.

Dear Mistress Mandy:here is an account of our last session the session started with Mistress ordering me to slap her cock as punishment.I was then told to stroke Mistress Mandys cock and within seconds the pre cum was flowing,  i was swiftly commanded to scoop all the fluid up with my dildo. then Mistress Mandy egged me on to suck and clean it all up. as i licked it up Mistress was laughing at me and call me a cock sucking whore.Mistress Mandy got me to repeat after her that i was a cock sucking eating whore. every time Mistress humiliates me her cock twitches and when Mistress laughs well what can i say the cock is jumping all over the place.then Mistress Mandy ordered me to stroke her cock to the edge and made me beg to eat my own cum to show my obedience. Mistress Mandy told me to cum and lick it all up but not to shallow it. Mistress Mandy wanted me to savor the flavor. Mistress Mandy laughed at me and called me her cum dumpster Mistress Mandy ordered me to pay taxes for being a pay piggy loser with a little clitty and then she sent me on my way a little poorer with the taste of cum in my mouth. thank you Mistress Mandy p.s Mistress Mandy i will do anything to keep this between us.
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Strange cuckold happening on my honeymoon. Ms. Mandy for Cuckold phone sex at 1-877-732-6360

 It seems, that my first husband, enjoyed me as his young and pretty Trophy Wife.  When we were first married, we had not slept together, as I was just out of high school, He was rich and powerful, and wanted a virgin on his wedding night. I was young and naive and believed him, and he was adoring and passionate we would kiss, and hug, and he would pleasure me with his tongue. Never taking his pants off. Saying that I was a goddess, and that he could not treat as less then a goddess. I believed him, he had me on a pedestal and I liked it.

We went off to Hawaii on a romantic honeymoon. He owned a timeshare on the island. We had a magical wedding, and long flight to the island. When we arrived, there were islanders waiting for our arrival, and greeted us warmly. We went to some parties in my husband’s honor, as the natives knew of our marriage. That night, when it was bedtime, my new husband, pretended to be so tired, that he passed out and we never consummated our marriage in the legal sense.

In the morning, when I arose, my husband was already gone, he left a note that he would be playing golf, with a credit card next to the note, telling me to go shopping for whatever I wanted.  I spent the day, at the nearby shops, and that evening we went out for an extravagant and romantic dinner. Outside with the palm trees swaying and the warm summer breeze on us. My husband reached over the table, held my hand and told me he adored me, and how beautiful I was.

Again that night, we went back to our room, and he passed out again, claiming the golfing had gotten to him, he said he played 36 holes, and could not stay awake much longer.

The following day, I frustrated, I awoke early and put on my sexiest undies, and waited for my husband to awaken. When he did, he did not seem at all interested in me in my undies, but instead, told me, we were going to the races and there would be a young man in a limo picking us up shortly, I should dress and be ready. Unhappily, I did as I was told, and we went downstairs to wait for our ride.

A shiny black limo pulled up, and out of the driver’s seat emerged a most handsome, young driver. He stood about 6’4,” and had ebony skin, Sparkling eyes and teeth, totally handsome, and full of muscles and sex appeal. In my frustrated and unhappy state, his large smile, warmed me all over and I got into the car and we drove off.

My husband seemed very cocky, and was ignoring the fact that we still had not slept together, and when I asked him while we were driving, as to why he did not want to have sex with me now, He replied, that he did not see what the rush was, as he was in no hurry, “After all,,,you are my Goddess, aren’t you? You need to be worshipped.” I felt foolish, but decided I may as well enjoy the beautiful scenery, and we drove off.

On our way home from the races, my husband, got a phone call, and told me he had business that evening, and that Ben (the driver) would keep me company if I liked and he could drive me around the island, and show me the sites.  I sighed, and resigned myself to the odd fact that my husband was not interested in having sex with me, and that Ben would be my guide for the evening.

That night, turned into many nights of being left alone with Ben, I think about 2 weeks had gone by, with my husband shrugging off his duties to me, and finally, I could not take it any longer, I asked Ben, to come up to my room, and satisfy me the way a real woman needed to be satisfied. He had been aware of my husband’s lack of interest, and was very sympathetic to me. So much so, that I had grown very attracted to the handsome young black man.

We entered the darkened room, and went over to the bed. Ben picked me up carefully, and put me on the silky covers, He was gentle and yet so big and strong, I was melting in his arms, and very full of arousal, as I had been kept on the edge for so many months, and now these weeks in this tropical paradise.  He kissed me passionately, over and over, taking off my sexy things, one by one, and kissing and admiring each inch of my tight, sexy body. When he finally kissed his way down my belly, pulling my panties down as he did so, the door opened.

Shocked and scared, it was my husband, looking in at Ben and I, naked on our bed. I was terrified of what would happen, Ben however, did not stop, and my husband quietly closed the door, and entered the room, He went over to the chair, unzipped his pants, and took his cock out, Ben continued to kiss me, now he was between my legs, kissing up my juices, as my new husband looked on. It was almost too much to bear. My excitement was at a fever’s pitch, yet I was mentally puzzled and shocked.

My husband in the darkened corner seemed to be masturbating and my friend Ben, at this point had taken out a huge cock and was getting ready to enter me. My virginity was going to go to this exciting and handsome man, and my husband was going to be only an onlooker.

That was how my marriage to my first husband began. I am still in touch with Ben today.

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A CFNM fantasy for those of you wanting guided masturbation phone sex, a  “clothed female naked male fantasy” might be something for you to look into.   That is a fantasy where you stay dressed.  Get it out, and masturbate for a beautiful clothed female. I like to talk about this, as it is, number one – hot!  Number two – humiliating of course.  Or did you not know this?  I like the idea of you jerking off for me while I stay dressed.  That’s the way it should be!  You can be on your knees, standing, lying down, or even crawling over to me and licking my toes.

I do have a naughty stroker boy who enjoys the CFNM type fantasy call.  I own a bed and breakfast.  He has a room, and is staying with his gf in one of the rooms.  Early in the morning, he is walking down the hallway.  I stop him and direct him into one of the rooms in the hall.  I close the door behind me.  Without talking, I walk over to him. Unzip him, Take it out..

I take his hand, put it on his cock. (Soon to be my cock).  I pull over a chair. I am dressed in a classy short black skirt, and spiky high heels.  I motion to him to pump it…

The rest is history..
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

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I had a session with my  Stroker boy  recently, he served Ms. Mandy and told me that he adores me and worships me, and he also gave me a nice tribute, as I am his Queen. It is his pleasure to worship me. He says without me there is no love or life, or fire in his heart.. how romantic.  He will continue to worship me and to remind him of my ownership.  He also wrote to me this note:“Dearest Ms Mandy my chastity  over the weeks and months to come will be completely in the design of Your awesome heart and
mind, and as my Queen You have total rule over my daily life and routine between Your phone sessions  with me
When my Queen Ms Mandy feels that I am abusing the online chat with You, it is best to tell
me to spend more time writing email and less time with You in online chat
Your precious gift of spending time in conversations is something i wish would be a welcome treat for You as it is for me
You are most awesome and gracious and the splendor as i see You smile or laugh gives my heart such renewal
and pleasantness that lifts my heart in song for You Ms Mandy my Queen…. ”


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Rim Job Maureen is at it again, this is an update she sent to me.
She is a sissy phone sex whore, who serves me. ..

Last night I met Lisa at the
theater and she took me to her home. Once we were inside she told me to strip
and give her my clothes, She loved what I was wearing it was the blue teddy with
matching bra and panties.  Lisa took me to her bedroom and after she had me sit
down at a table she applied make-up and it was on heavy, and then she put on a
dark blond wig. I was then told that Wendy and her boyfriend Dave and her
brother would be joining us for the night. When the doorbell rang Lisa told me
to answer the door and it was Wendy and Dave and one look by Wendy and she
laughed saying what a loser I was and Dave just smirked.  I loved the humiliation of it
all and wanted more humiliation phone sex by calling Mistress Mandy.  Shortly after I let Jeff in,
he just laughed at me.

Lisa told me that I was a slut and I would be sucking
cock and Jeff jumped up and told me to get to work, so I undid his pants and pulled
his boxers down and started to lick and suck his cock and he made sure that I was
taking it all the way to my throat and he kept calling me a dirty slut, after he
shot his load down my throat Lisa told me to lick him clean.   Lisa then wrote
cum slut on my forehead, then asked Dave what he wanted to do, and I crawled over
to him and sucked him until he came all over my face, then I was told to leave.  Wendy told me lick her pussy and I did until she came in my mouth and then
I licked her ass until Lisa told me it was her turn and I licked her pussy until I
swallowed her sweet cum. Then the boys took turns fucking me each cumming in my

When I was not serving them with my mouth or pussy ass I fetched drinks and
snacks Lisa and Wendy took out different color markers and wrote all types of
names on my body and I think it was Wendy who drew an arrow pointing at my ass
saying please stick it here (I think ). When they were done with me they all
took me back to the theater I was on my knees giving both guys blow jobs and I
kept  sucking until they both shot their loads on my face.  After that I was
told to get out and walk around to Lisa which she then handed my my clothes
and she took back her wig. I was standing by the car wearing only the teddy
licking the cum off my face and then I licking my fingers clean. I told Lisa
and Wendy that I have breast forms and they both laughed and told me that
they had plans for me but I don’t know what they are. I put my clothes back on
and then we went are separate ways. I will let you know how the next meeting
goes. Rim Job Maureen

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Candi’s Corner

Ruined orgasm’s as well as guided masturbation phone sex, MY sissy candi likes to please me. She calls me Ms.Mandy, because I am a governess type, Candi is a devoted sissy maid, she likes to dress in a formal black and white french type sissy maid outfit, and has been known to be in the scene serving R/T Mistress’s, she enjoys going to BDSM clubs, and being forced to jack off, serve. She is totally addicted to porn, likes Legshow Magazine, and also enjoys being caught masturbating. She has gone to many domination houses, and is very experienced, If any of my girlfriends are reading this, you can inquire, I know that Candi, is looking to serve one of you ladies, You can make her do a variety of humiliating things, I think it would be very enjoyable as well, She is quite the sissy. Sissy Candi, would like to kneel before me, and polish my shoes. with her sissy shoe cream.  Humm, would like me to ruin her orgasm, Especially, by milking and stroking, losing all control.  Says she would like to do cam.  I think we need to get you on cam, so that I can see the sissy maid outfit, and put it on my blog, Candi girlie~! She likes  places where  she can dress up in a maids outfit, Fishnet, stockings, heels, or, whatever the domme’s would like, wearing the ladies things, doing their chores, “den of iniquity” takes on sissy maid’s.
Candi is going to cum in a champagne glass on cam for Ms.Mandy. I think candi would be an excellent sissy maid, serving and pleasing any Mistress.xoxox’s
Ms. Mandy

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Tonight we are going to talk about cum eating. Would you like some cum eating instructions? Would you like a cum eating instruction? Confess, would you? I will have you living out your fantasy, you Will eat your cum for me tonight.
I know a lot of you stroker boy’s are cum curious, and because of this, you are in luck. I am going to give you some instruction to eat your own cum. This will require training. Male cum training. I will have you tell me what you have been fantasizing about. You will let me know if you are a sissy cockwhore, or just a slut wanting to eat cum.

I like to think of my husband, as a sissy husband who has a cum eating fetish. It is super hot, and turns Ms. Mandy on!

Call me tonight for your cum eating instructions!
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