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Had an exciting domination phone sex session with my slut in the UK, he is addicted to Ms. Mandy, I have in the past referred to him as Owned by Mistress Mandy,  we do not do guided masturbation phone sex, but we do other things, as I own and control him.  Tonight Owned by Mistress Mandy shows up on his webcam,  in black thigh high stockings with pink bows
and pink lace panties.. Turns me on to see him serving me like this is on webcam. Webcam loser slut in
stockings. My fucking whore that I will use. Cum eating slut, is going to be
weaker because I said so. Licking up precum, panties under balls, I do own and
control loser and his tiny dick. Rubbing ice on nipples, put a cube up his ass.
Using him like the slut that he is. I love looking at my cock on cam, wrapping
stocking around base of my cock. Using a butt plug to fuck his ass. I like him to lick his cum up, I almost ruined his orgasm and changed my mind he came in a glass and ate it for me.

Recently slave wrote me a tribute:

Dear Mistress Mandy
I loved our last session. I missed you so much , that
when I heard your voice I nearly came straight away.  I love being under your
firm but fair control. I love being your loser pay piggy and I love when you
charge me taxes. Mistress Mandy I love serving you and I love being owned by a
superior femdom as yourself.
I’m so fortunate to be serving someone as
beautiful as you. Mistress Mandy I accept you are my owner and I also accept any
orders/assignments or punishments you choose to administer as you are my evil
I clitty twitches when you make me pay your taxes and spoil you.
I’m so happy to have a purpose in life now . I live to serve you and make you
happy. Mistress Mandy Please make my clitty twitch for you. You are my financial
dominatrix and I’m your pay piggy.

Thank you Goddess Mandy.  my pay piggy clitty wants to twitch for you.  Regards  Slave.

Another tribute from our next session…  Why I serve Mistress Mandy…

I serve you Mistress because you are perfect. I love hearing you laugh at my
expense, it is so humiliating. I love following your commands to the letter
because I like pleasing you. You are so beautiful , I wish I could kiss every
inch of your perfect body.
I know that I am a total loser and I also know I
only exist to serve you Goddess Mandy. I love you Mistress when you make my
clitty twitch by ordering me to pay your taxes and spoiling you .
please train me to be a better pay piggy loser, so I can please you even more.
That signed contract should be useful now as you can use it to its full

Please make my clitty twitch.
Please make me pay for being a loser.Please Mistress.

oxo’s Ms. Mandy