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Guided masturbation phone sex is taking on all sorts of new meaning these days.  You of course find yourself addicted to my soft sexy voice.  Face it, I make your cock harder then you can on your own, and also then you ever imagined.  So what is the problem.  Simple, there is none.  During a guided masturbation phone sex call you get to talk to me about your innermost secrets.  I will never be in your community, and that makes it safe for you to tell me, you want to wear panties, you are curious about cock, you want your wife to cheat on you.  What is that sexual secret you wish you could talk about and can’t?  I have heard many, and I am sure I will be hearing many more. Sexual secrets going back to the day when things were simple.  Don’t you love to jerk off in silky panties, what or who does that remind you of.  Remember your bedspread, as you laid across it, jerking off, getting the covers dirty, with your stolen panties, hoping you would not get caught, but secretly dreaming someone did catch you?  I can take you to gentler times, when you enjoyed yourself and there were do deadlines, agendas, people pulling at you in every direction.

Workout boy is good example.  Married man, he confessed his wife keeps telling him that she thinks that he is gay.  Why would that be?  Could it be because he only wears women’s underwear.  He does not call me for small penis humiliation, because he has a fine sized cock.  That is the word, cock, he loves cock.  He wants me to out him on this blog, he has been messaging me since our session waiting for me to tell everyone what he did.  So here goes.

He called me from a stop in Europe, traveling for work.  He managed to get two cocks in one day.  First he picked up a tranny, standing outside the hotel. Pretty hot looking girl, apparently amazing cock.  He must be a cock magnet, they fucked and sucked each other off, he sent me her picture.  Definitely not a man or a woman, tranny perhaps?

He told me he was getting ready to workout, he walks out of his hotel, just so happens that he finds a transvestite standing outside of the hotel.   Apparently he wasted no time taking  her up to his room. Beautiful transvestite, WO boy sucks her off, gives a great blow jub, they fuck each other, suck each other. That was cock number one for the day.  Later one he finds a guy is standing by the elevator,  well built good looking,  they have eye contact, he is smooth, manages to hook up quickly with him and his 8 inch cock, he gets fucked and the guy comes in his mouth, and then on his face.   Work out boy told me that he fucking loved it.   Two dicks in one day. Two loads in him on him and over him,  and got fucked twice in one day, he  mentioned that he still has the taste of cum in his mouth. Was not looking for this action, just sort of happened, they “fucked the shit out of him,” to quote him.
Transvestite shot massive load, in Work out boy’s mouth and ass. Two guys in one day, how hot is that.   You can refer to my other post about Work out boy, he likes the hands free blowjob.   Definition of hands free is he has his hands behind back or the guys ass, and just sucks and gets face fucked. Bit of gay behavior, wouldn’t you say?  He is begging me to out his faggot ass. I already outted on another post, and now I am doing it again.
I love a good cock sucking ass fucking story, be sure to let me know one of your exciting cum slut stories.
xoxo’s Mistress Mandy
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Little dick humiliation phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Losers, you are in luck because I have decided to give you a dose of phone humiliation, and put my fav guided masturbation phone sex  and sph discussions on the back burner for a few minutes.  When you call me to tell me about your little dick, loser let me tell you,  the joke is going to be on you!  Having a little dick is not uncommon, trust me,*sigh*  I know.   Needing to be humiliated for being a loser is not uncommon either. But what might surprise you is a lot of guys that call me are not even that small.  Many are average, and some even have big dicks, but they know inside that they are a loser and a disappointment anyway, and so they have a special need for me to humiliate them about their pathetic dicks.

Of course it is obvious that there is always someone bigger and better than you, you know that right?  But there is no one better than me at humiliating and abusing losers like you.  My hot bitchy body and attitude will make that tiny thing grow as big as it is gonna get.  Maybe we can even make it seem BIGGER by making the rest of you feel
smaller.  That is nature’s juxtaposition theory.  My cruel cutting remarks will whittle you down to size, and maybe that will make your joke of pecker seem somehow bigger?  I will shrink your manhood and your ego as I compare you with my better and stronger lovers. Don’t you wish you could watch me get with a real man?  So many of you do. That also makes me laugh at how pathetic that is.

Now here is the question. Is it hard yet, loser?  Even if I watch you on webcam it is sometimes hard for me to tell your size since you are so small!  If you aim it at the camera, sometimes it looks big, now that is a thought, aim it dead on and I can tell you how big you are loser, I might be the only one able to do that.

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

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Sissy Mimi for sissy phone sex with Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Sissy Mimi you have got to love her.  I love doing sissy phone sex with sissy Mimi! Wearing pink panties and see thru baby doll pjs, I asked her where she got them and she told me, she purchased them  at the adult store.  Sissy Mimi said that she was only sissy there and that the sales girl laughed at her.  The sales girl laughed as she asked sissy mimi if she knew that the panties she wanted to buy were plus sized and sissy Mimi answered yes, and that is because they were for him.Sissy mimi confessed that she could not wait
to put them on.  She calls Ms. Mandy for sissy and humiliation phone sex.  She called me as soon as she purchased the new panties, I think I need some pictures MIMI for the panty gallery, don’t you think?  She had only just gotten them, and was quick to put them on for Ms. Mandy.   She only wears panties now, because I told her too, and she is also fully shaved.  That is so feminine. I made her do it, and now feels like a
little girl.   She likes my control, and yes she does pee sitting down. I have been focusing on turning into a total sissy.  She has a little cock/ little
clit, is very small 4 inches, and tells me it is hard.   She says it is too small to
fuck me with it. I would never do that. Not with a little sissy. How funny!
Mimi is a cock sucker, of course I will have her suck my bf’s big cock. She is a good cock
sucker. She will be getting me a new  picture for the  panty gallery,
if you would like to read more about Sissy Mimi, click this link and read all about her previous escapades.
panty boy phone sex
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Humiliation phone sex – pillow humping with Ms Mandy Malone 1-877-732-6360

You are the kind of loser that gets off
to pillow humping phone sex not everyone is looking for guided masturbation, some want real hard core humiliation or cuckold phone sex.  You are in luck finding this page, this post and this audio on my blog.   I am taking the time to address a loser like you, that wants to fuck a pillow for me.  You must confess it you fucking jerk off slut. I am not all warm and cuddly.  Do not be misguided by my very tempting audio’s that do not sound like I can work you over.  Oh quite the contrary.  I can take your little dick and shrink it to half it’s size.  How is that for beginning humiliation. By all means give you and your little cock will do yourself a favor as you call and I emasculate you. You are so so
far from fucking me, Ever! Youcan hope for my attention, my dirty mind, twisting your innermost humiliating secrets.  Think about this,  my sexy voice teasing and
humiliating you while I have you fuck your pillow. I am going to fuck your mind at the same time.  Face down on a pillow on the floor.  Your useless dick, trying to cum as I laugh at you. LOSER!  If you are fortunate and I “allow you to cum”  I will make you sleep face down on that pillow later, much better then me making you lick up your dirty mess.  This will actually be your
big chance to cum loser, since I am gonna make you  put your loser face down in your own loser
mess and go to bed. 

Pillow humping during O/our phone sex session is
probably the best sex a stupid loser like you can hope for. I let you almost
pretend to be a man while I fuck your ears with my mean words and you hump and grunt until you are spent and weak. 

Humiliation phone sex for the pathetic loser you know you are!

Ms. Mandy

Stroker boy N – Call Ms Mandy | mind fucking guided masturbation phone sex at 1-877-732-6360

I had a super hot call with a guy from the Netherlands, I like to use cock control and a dash of tease and denial phone sex in my sessions, I like to mix it up and keep it interesting.  I did a mind fucking phone sex session with him, brain washing session. He is now addicted to Ms. Mandy.   I asked him what he had with him and he told me that he had toys, and lube, large selection of toys that were new in the package unused,
a vibrating cock ring, dildo to suck on, some panties.  I like having a lot to choose from that makes my session more interesting. 

I asked him for a list of his toys, and I just received it:

– Blindfold
– Ballgag
– Wrist restraints
– Ankle restrains
– Bondage
rope (About 12 ft, I guess)
– About 20 cockrings, still unopened. No idea if
I fit them.
– A vibrating cockring that does around the balls and shaft, has
3 vibrators on it.

– Strap-on, it doesn’t have balls, but it has a
butt-plug for the wearer. And a vibrator in the cock. Around 8 inches long.

Vibrator, red, slick, nothing special, around 7 inches.
– 2 clit vibrators,
one is still unopened, both identical. Quite small.
– Tiny buttplug, I think
maybe 2-3 inches long, if even that. It vibrators, still unopened.

I think you will be interested in hearing about our session, he was very obedient and I enjoyed dominating him.  First I had him put on the cock ring, he said it vibrates.  We did panty play, and eventually I used the panties for him to come in.  They were not his size.  I gave him a taste of what some
mindfucking would be like, and now  I own and control him.  It is now “My” cock.   Cock sucking lessons – I had him suck a dildo
because he is a fucking whore, and needs to please me.   How humiliating that, I would say very!   He now addresses me as Ms.
Mandy, Mistress Mandy, yes ma’am, etc..  I am very keen on obedience.  I have plans  to train him, if possible he will go
to work in panties.  As I mentioned I wanted him to cum in his panties, and  after some guided masturbation and
verbal humiliation he did.

Wait until our next session!
xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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That’s right boys… only $20 dollars for 20 minutes of hot cock stroking fun with me. I need to make you cum tonight, I want to GUIDE your Masturbation!

1-877-732-6360 – to reach Mandy

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I can watch you on cam, post about you in my blog, We can do guided masturbation.
I also have website that tells all about my cuckold  lifestyle.

Hope you enjoy!

"guided masturbation phone sex"

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guided masturbation phone sex  site, has new humiliation section, that if you would like to be written about on it, contact me, and my cuckold wifes site, you know how I love this! 
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Cum eater in WI phone sex with Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Cum eating phone sex or guided masturbation, with Me, Mistress Mandy, is probably what you are looking for.  I have been told the urge to eat one’s own cum disappears after the event. However, I can assure you that I will have you, not only eating your cum, but wishing me to assist you again in the procedure.  Whether you are a little dick loser who would like small penis humiliation phone sex, or a cuckold, wanting cuckold phone sex. I am the Mistress you need.   I like mixing it up, how about a cuckold fantasy, I will have you suck on a dildo, most likely resembling the big cock entering your wife’s pussy, and then cum on it, and then lick it off.

All kidding aside, straight cum eating, and cum eating instructions, where you finish with the sperm in your mouth, is something I will have you doing. Even though you think you can’t but want to, or lose the interest, I will make your fantasy your reality.

He has been repeatedly calling me back for the depraved humiliation of eating his cum.  He likes the fact that I have him begging me to eat it, and then he puts his legs up over his head, and cums in his mouth, swallowing it, and also on his chest.

Cum eater from WI confessed to me how he finds it exhilarating before he cums, because it is so humiliating and degrading, and after he is humiliated degraded and ashamed, even more so.  He is very excited after he eats his cum, he said it is because it is such a nasty act and that he never considered before.  Now, I make him admit it.  I have him tell me how eating his cum is so degrading, he swallows all of his cum and he feels degraded which is why he is calling me. Begging me to degrade and humiliate him. He wants to be my stroker boy and likes when I have him put his cock over his mouth, shoot his sticky load, and then swallows it down his throat, stomach and I degrade him as he does this.   I have him beg me to eat his cum, and now he is addicted to eating cum.  Craves eating cum because I tell him to.  Instruct him to eat his cum.  3 weeks of cum saved up for me.  BIG load saved up to make a big sperm mess all over him.
Be careful what you wish for and know I deliver results.  I am result oriented!
xox’s Mistress Mandy

Sissy clitty is a sissy hooker whore – call Ms. Mandy for sissy phone sex 1-877-732-6360

I do enjoy guided masturbation phone sex with sissy whores, who stroke their clit’s while I have them masturbate as I feminize them.  However, not all sissy’s do this.  Sissy clitty is a good example of a sissy with a mind of her own. Even though she has a boyfriend Trevor, who owns and controls her.  She is a sissy hooker, going to have full transformation.  Hooker money going towards tits and ass, real ones, for this pretty sissy gurl. 

click this link to read the background stories of sissy clitty’s transformation:
guided masturbation phone sex for sissy whores looking for feminization and being gurlie.

Trevor is sissy clitty’s pimp, sissy clitty was his number one girl for a while there is a BBC club where she has worked hard to be the number one sissy slut, she works
hard for him.  Sissy clitty was very happy to find out she would be working at a super bowl party hosted by Greg.   She of course would be
paid to work super bowl party, one regular showed up and had her
doing poppers (she had never done them before)  and sissy clitty liked it a lot.  Trevor – sissy clitty’s master, or boyfriend, wanted his buddies to see sissy clitty
sucking dick, sniffing poppers, so she sucked off this new guy while Trevor watched,  and did a great job as she  sucked him off forever.

I asked her what happened next, turns out that seven guys had their
way with sissy clitty during the first part of game.  They got sucked off and they
came all over her. She had to shower for round two.  Greg the party guy
complimented sissy clitty, told her she looked cute, then they gave her an
outfit to wear. Black lingerie, fishnet stockings. fuck me heels,  and at halftime the guys ordered pizza, they made her go to door, as a whore. When the  Pizza delivery guy showed up, sissy clitty was made to tip him, so she sucked off the pizza guy, and he gave her a cum facial.
He said that he was coming back after game to fuck her. Then she had to sit and make out with
all the guys and ride them all. She had a great time at the party. She made a
lot of $ at the party, and she gave Trevor the money for her boob job, and
bubble butt. She is going to be a beautiful girl. She is getting little tits
from hormones. Her nipples are sensitive, she is very sensitive now, and gets
emotional being a girl.

Sissy candi is now the top sissy at the BBC club, she is the most popular, and
Trevor’s number one girl, but sissy clitty wants to play with her, sissy clitty is now
interested in playing with her. Sometimes she plays with other sissy gurls. She
needs Trevor’s permission. Told her to suck 50 cocks for Trevor and buy him a
gift, to become number one gurl again. Told sissy clitty to put on a sissy show
with sissy candi and do a train, dress like sissies. Double sided dildo and a
routine together.

Out of chastity, think about sucking Trevor’s cock, dirty little whore
sucking dildo for me. Fucking slut, and will fuck all the bb in club this
weekend, show Trevor what a slut she is. She will be a sissy hooker and suck off
big cock.

Sissy clitty is a very good sissy hooker whore wanting a good dose of sissy humiliation phone sex, and soon to be a real gurl sucking more dick!
xoxo‘s Ms. Mandy

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Cuckold phone sex are you a real man or a loser – Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

I just had a  cuckold wimp  call me for cuckolding, not guided masturbation phone sex, afraid to tell his wife that he wants to see her with a real man. He was craving the intense thrill  of me making him addicted to Ms. Mandy. Of being made more and more horny and degraded, as I humiliated and degraded him lower then he dreamed possible.  You might want to sink so low, deep into the depths of submission? He wanted to see his wife cuckold him, but really did he want to get the guy hard for her?  I like making stroker boys, into cuckold fluffer boys.

I wandered into his bedroom to see him stroking naked, my bull boyfriend followed close behind.  This poor wannabe cuckie saw me kiss him and the rest is history. You would have to call me to get to actually tell you to the part where I might have my bull stud fuck me in front of you. Isn’t it strange that more I trash talk you with humiliating comparisons, the more turned on and submissive you get? That’s the icing on the cake for me. That’s the kind of thing a hot vixen can’t help but Take Advantage of. Call me wimp and I will explain to you why you don’t deserve to cum, and why you need to let me use your weaknesses against you!

No one can do it for you like I can.
Ms. Mandy xoxo’s

Cuckold husband looking for some advice! Call Ms. Mandy to discuss cuckolding during phone sex 1-877-732-6360

Ms. Mandy has a new phone sex  caller, he is interested in cuckolding because his wife cuckold’s him and he finds it very humiliating.  He told me that another  guy is pleasing his wife like he never could.  I asked him who it was and he told me that he is a neighbor and he caught her a few months ago.  His wife admitted even admitted to having sex with this guy for 9 months. Now the hubby gets absolutely no pussy. He was so humiliated. He still gets none.

He told me that his wife is out right (while we were having phone sex)  and she was probably  fucking this guy. He knows the neighbor, she says he has a big cock. Twice as big as her husband’s.  Hubby has a little cock, and this other guy gets her off, over and over again.  The boyfriend is black of course, and she loves black cock!    Hubby buys her lingerie to wear with her boyfriend. He buys it in front of her girlfriend’s,  the wife tells everyone in the store that her  husband will pay for it, and that she will wear it when she is with her boyfriend. His little dick does not satisfy her..

I love cuckolded guys.  Call me and tell me your cuckold story!
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

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