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I do enjoy my guided masturbation phone sex sessions.  Slave boy in London is totally addicted to Ms. Mandy and I like to watch him on web cam.  He recently appeared on web cam with a tent!  He was wearing black panties over “My”
cock.  Wow, so funny and adorable.  Slave boy had confessions  that he listened to my
audio’s and came and ate it, this afforded him 2 taxes, that will be added
tonight. He had some toys to amuse me for O/our session – a candle, stocking, ruler, lotion, and a condom.  I enjoy him wrapping a stocking around base of “My” cock, I pull on the stocking, and watch him do this on web cam as he slaps “My” cock,  per my
instruction, he lets me know when there is pre cum, he is a fucking cum licking whore.  He is addicted to eating cum, he could give cum eating instructions!  Looking
at my beautiful cock and it is leaking, says he came about three days ago, lick
it up whore!During O/our session, I like to mix things up, and slapping ass with the ruler can be very entertaining.. This of course causes more pre cum and of course it is slave’s job to lick it up.  Slapping it only makes it leak more.  I am going to jerk him off in front of all of my girl friends, going to fuck his ass with the
candle, and watch on web cam.   Milking out pre cum before I fuck his ass, and he
licks it up. Lubing the candle up, for me to watch, thanking me, he sure is a fucking loser ass
slut.  To make it all the more interesting I have him put a condom over “My” cock, and have him pump it in order to ruin the orgasm.  Ruined orgasms are so entertaining, I own and control
him, he is My loser.

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