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Orgasm denial phone sex, Marathon Stroker Boy, may need to be renamed as Orgasm Denial KING!  He is indeed the WORLD’s most prolific stroker boy, but with his diligence he underestimates his being  the King of Orgasm Denial.  We had a session recently and a “release” was possibly in the equation.  Yes, another 100 Days of denial had transpired and we were edging… no pun intended toward a release, BUT, guess what? We are now past the 100 days of continual Stroking and Denial, and guess what?  He did not CUM!!! NOOOOOO, he did not!  Yes, he is still in a blue balled state of denial, and euphorically stroking Ms. Mandy’s “magic cock”!    We are planning another session, and will he or won’t he… CUM PLODE!???

xo’s Mistress Mandy

**Marathon Stroker Boy, does keep me posted on his progress, read some of his musings of the lead up to this session to me below:

Your #1 Stroker Boy ever delighted in stroking most of the night, but may have finally fallen asleep for several hours. Junior’s loading the condom with lotsa drool. It seems like I haven’t cum in months, but it’s only been a few days short of a month since you rewarded me with your permission to have an orgasm for being such a good boy. I’ve continued to be a good boy, as I’m hoping you’ll reward me with your permission to cum again to conclude this strokathon. I’ll beg of you if I need to, but will accept & delight with whatever your decision is. I plan to stroke today as much as i can. I want to preserve my position as your #1 Stroker Boy. You own & control me. I love it.
Regardless of what I do, i never forget that Ms. Mandy’s in control & owns me. You’re my “Cummander-In-Chief” …. my “COO” (CHiEF Orgasm Officer) …. as well as my “Chief Semen Extraction Engineer” . I look forward to our next session too. I’m trying to remain the most prolific stroker in America — possibly even the entire world — in the meantime.
We haven’t discussed our next session yet, but i’m always eager to visit with you, regardless of rhe subject. I’d like to give you a status report on your #1 stroker boy in advance of Our/our session. The strokathon I started last week fizzled but I’m back on track, & caught up on reading the posts to your blog. They’re always so naughty & sizzling hot. “Junior” got excited, & started to drool. I prepped “Junior”, & returned him to active duty.  I’ve exercised him as much as possible the past 2 days, with thoughts of lovely, sexy you as my stimulus.  I’d like to continue his exercises for several more days, then schedule a session with you …. my controller, owner, masturbatrix, friend, & Cummander-In-Chief. Time flies, & know it’s been over a month since our last session. Junior’s rejuvenated, has reloaded, & is performing quite well. It’s important that I remain your #1 stroker boy.
My naughtiness is very unique. I possibly have the only technique of its’ kind that’s known to mankind. I’m firm in my belief that I’m the most prolific cock stroker in America, including Canada — possibly the entire world. I can’t imagine any man that strokes his cock any more than I do. I’m likely far ahead of whoever might claim 2nd place. If cock stroking were added as an Olympic sport, i believe I’d bring home the gold, silver, & bronze medals for the U.S.A.. I must stress that the stimulus for my stroking is always the naughty thoughts I have YOU, mistress, controller, owner, masturbatrix — the lovely, sexy, yummy, luscious Ms. Mandy — my Cummander-in-Chief.
I mentioned that i commenced a fresh strokathon yesterday, after a lengthy abstinence. I stroked much of yesterday, & was still stroking until at least 4:00 a.m. this morning. I rested for several hours, then resumed stroking for most of today. Much of my stroking is done when i’m fairly flaccid, but Junior immediately stiffened & increased his drooling when I read what you wrote about me in your blog. Junior has responded well to my marathon stroking, & is getting a thorough milking. My condom contains a massive collection of cum that Junior is swimming/drowning in. I don’t recall ever having such a massive collection of cum — it makes for super slippery stroking. I likely have several days of stroking & edging left prior to having a session to receive education, direction, & new orders from you. I love to stroke & edge, but I never cum until I request & receive your permission. You control & own me Ms. Mandy. I love it ….. & I love being your #1 Stroker Boy.
I love to stroke for days prior to having a session, concluding with your approval or denial of my request for orgasm. If denied, I just continue to stroke until such time that I receive your permission. In addition to being a “Mandyaholic”, i also have several other addictions. I confess to being a “Strokaholic” …. & a “Cumaholic” — neither of which has a cure. It’s okay though, as I don’t want to be cured. Lol As for what I wear during prep, I dress as follows: ▪︎pantyhose (Peavy brand), or tights (Capezio). Both have glossy sheen to them. I love the feel & compression on my legs. They create a degree of sexual stimulation. ▪︎2 pair panties — usually sexy black nylon — the leg band of one pair pulled up & over to the left of my cock & balls. The leg band of the 2nd pair pulled up & over to the right of my cock & balls. This leaves my cock & balls in full display to be stroked. Sometimes i wear 2 pair sexy black nylon panty briefs. I love the compression. Leg bands positioned same as described for panties above. Sometimes wear a short, tight sexy panty girdle. Once again, the compression feels great. I cut a slit in the front for access to my cock & balls. ▪︎black pullover pocket tee ▪︎drip 4 drops of Astroglide lube into a Trojan condom, & place it over cock. The lube facilitates initial stroking. ▪︎anchor condom with a nylon knee high to keep condom in place. Prevents it from slipping off if worn under my pants. Also retains cum inside the condom to prevent embarrassment if worn under pants. ▪︎pull a Hanes Silk Reflections nylon knee high down tight over cock & balls — fits like a 2nd skin. ▪︎install from 1 ro 4 elastic restraints on balls. Draws them together nice & firm. COCK IS NOW PREPPED TO BE STROKED.
Prepped as indicated, I can stroke for days/weeks/months without cock ever getting sore. Stroking is silky & slippery due to the condom with lube/cum inside, & the nylon stocking cover. The appearance of cock & balls can be changed by alternating the shade of the nylon stocking cover. It took me years of trial & error before I settled on my current prep, which is perfect for me. I love my cock ….. love to stroke …. love cum …. love to cum. I hope you don’t find me too weird. I’m always open to any ideas or suggestions. I’m open to try anything. I love being owned & controlled by you. I always want to please you. I’ll likely do most anything you ask of me.
I forgot to mention one detail about my prep attire you requested. When my prep is nearly cumplete, I slip on a sexy, black nylon bikini panty. I park the waistband on my balls, just below the shaft. It pulls my balls downward, thereby lengthening the shaft — providing me with more length to stroke. The panty feels great on my balls & in the palm of my hand as I stroke. I pull the panty up to contain everything under my pants when I leave the house. I hope you don’t find my prep to be distasteful or disgusting. Plz tell me if I’m doing anything you don’t approve of, & I’ll cease it immediately. As my controller & owner, i always desire to please you. You own me, & MY cock is YOUR cock. I’m honored to be your #1 Stroker Boy!!

Tiny cock humiliation – small penis – long free erotic audio – Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Are you a guy with a tiny cock? Do you like small penis humiliation? I have guys with all sized dicks asking for me to humiliate the size of their cocks. I love to laugh at a little dick, but did you know that it turns me on? It makes my pussy wet, when I laugh at you, sometimes I just have to slid my panties down and masturbate when I laugh at you. I like thinking about you jerking off. I like to think of my girlfriends laughing at you too! I like you to do embarrassing things, so that I can make more fun of you!

Some little dick losers sing songs, and some are sissy’s with little dicks, they are very amusing too!

Let’s talk about some loser’s that I like to use for my amusement.

Teenie Weenie Tony, I know you all must be wanting a new humiliation session, I will be having a new one soon. He has now taken to sending me pictures of a thing called MANKINI, that is a bikini thingy, that is a g string, and a little piece of cloth over your little wiener like a bathing suit, he did send me a page of them. You have to be small to wear them, I will ask him more about them when he contacts me next.

He is such a little dick loser, in fact I have about 70 humiliation sessions that are posted on my website to read all sorts of humiliation’s click here <——

Make sure that you check on my blog, there are hundreds of humiliation audio’s here, and they are all free!

BBC Cuckold phone sex fantasy with JJ the whore – Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

BBC Cuckold phone sex with JJ who  is my fucking loser whore!  I own and control this fucking cock sucking slut!  I own and control his wife too.  I love fucking a big superior black cock, and he loves it even more.    JJ begs me for big black dick, he is a cock sucking whore.  Black cocks are superior as we all know!   I sent his wife to have sex with my amazing boyfriend who has an enormous black cock.  He has a huge 10 inch pole and she  can not get enough of it.   At least jj knows that he has to spoil me, because I am his goddess.. he says that all the time.  I get everything, and he serves me.  His wife knows he has to please me, and she gets nothing but gang bangs and dick.  I get all the luxuries, he understands this.  As he is my depraved cock sucker, for me to ruin and use.

During our sexy intelligent cuckold phone sex call,  we talked about a lot of things, on being that I got his wife pregnant by my boyfriend, now she will have a baby and everyone will know it is not her husband’s.  It is fine  because jj is a cock sucker, and he is a little dick loser too!  He likes big black dick now that I introduced him to it.   He can never have enough of me and even more.. BLACK COCK!!  He worships the ground I walk on, and he is totally addicted to me as well.  His wife will be gang banged tonight by a group of my friends.  Lucky Girl!

I plan of ruining jj more this week, it’s making me incredibly horny right now!  Shopping time jj!!  jj takes me shopping and makes sure I am spoiled and happy, for those of you wanting some financial domination phone sex, you should go to my Amazon Wish List   and send me something nice NOW!, I will add to it today losers! An Amazon Gift Card always is perfect !

xo’s Ms. Mandy


Cuckold phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360


Financial Domination – tease and deny phone sex with Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Hi stroker boys, I am posting a tribute letter from my pay piggy loser in the UK.  Not only does he like me to do guided masturbation phone sex, where he strokes according to my commands, but he worships me and write to me about his devotion below. W/we have been planning to meet in London, and this is what he would like to see happen “I suppose”.  I do like to tease and deny phone sex with him, and also do orgasm denial, cock control.  He buys me gifts and tributes me, I have him in LOCK DOWN, and do make him eat his cum.  I have him addicted to me, also he is addicted to licking up his pre cum.  I watch him on Skype, and the pre cum just oozes out, it’s amusing for me to see him automatically lick it up, as if I had brain washed him. Go figure.   I think he loves the degrading humiliation phone sex, that I torment him with, and he definitely has more in store, I am sure I am making “my cock” leak pre cum as he is reading this now.  I fancy going to London, and making him my slut.  I have much more in mind then what he has written below.  I would take his little dick out, measure it, before my real man boyfriend would enter the room, and I would use him for my amusement, while-st I have my pay piggie locked and squirming as he watches me,  I might lower my cum filled pussy on his face to lick out the cum that my bull has left, laughing and taking his wallet out and taking the contents for myself.  Of course he is shackled as I do it all. I can’t have my London pay piggie loose, as his tiny cock would run wild.  I would laugh and tease and spank him even. I know he would love that.  The submissive little piggy slut that he is. After he cleans up the mess, we could go into town on a shopping spree,  he buys me whatever I want, and then treats the three of us to a great meal at a local spot, so show me the sights.  Thinking he needs more guided masturbation phone sex, from Ms. Mandy.  Maybe he can jerk off in the men’s room while I am having my dinner.  He can eat his cum for his meal.  I am sure he would love any and all of the above!

xo’s Mistress Mandy

be sure to read my pay piggies tribute fantasy to me…..

Dear Mistress Mandy

You are in my thoughts all day, from the moment I wake till I go to bed.

I day dream about meeting up with you all the time and what it would be like to be in your company.

I have a reoccurring thought and that is, I meet up with you at my hotel, as I walk over to you to greet you I’m thinking fuck me you are so beautiful in person and my cock starts to stir. We go to the bar for a drink and a chat, and you ask me if I brought any toys. I reply yes I have my chastity device among-st other things. We carry on drinking and I suggest we go out for some food, but you insist that before we do anything else my cock needs to be locked up, so we go to my room. You tell me to undress, then order me to shower and remove my pubic hair. When I return to the bedroom you say something like “that’s better I can actually see your pathetic cock, now where is this cage?”, “look at you loser you are dripping pre cum, now be a good boy and lick it all up for me”.

I put the chastity device on with great effort and there is pre cum still leaking which I scoop up and suck off my finger. Seeing this as a problem and a waste of pre cum you place a condom over the device telling me, this should save every drop. You then close the clasp on the lock and remove the key, which you place on an ankle bracelet. You order me to kneel and fasten the bracelet. Then you have me roll up your black stocking up your beautiful leg, then you order me to kiss the key through the stocking.

I put on a pair of sexy pink panties and get dressed, we go out for dinner and all the time you are teasing me. You can see the sweat forming on my forehead as you continue to tease me. My cock is straining against the cage and the pain starts to become unbearable, I beg you to stop teasing me. But you just laugh and carry on as you find it highly amusing.

We return to the hotel and we get a bottle of red wine, 2 glasses and go to my room. When we are back, you start to rubbing the chastity device through my trousers, which you can see is causing me great discomfort, you order to strip and to leave my panties on. You order me to fetch you a glass of wine and to kneel before you.

You take a sip of red wine and stand before me, you remove your your dress to reveal the perfect body, still wearing black stilettos black stockings black panties and bra, I nearly cum then at the sight you. You order me to kiss the key again and to get on the bed. You remove restraints from your overnight bag and strain my arms and legs. This only excites me more, now I am totally at your mercy. You straddle me and rub your panties clad pussy over the chastity device, I beg you to stop as the pain is now killing me, but you just laugh your sexy laugh and carry on. You reach down and pinch my nipples and pull then and you can fell the cock cage twitching against your perfect pussy…..

Public humiliation with patio stroker – orgasm denial phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Last night was a banner night for guided masturbation phone sex and humiliation.  Patio stroker returned to serve me outdoors.  He told me it was 60 degrees outside and he was ready and willing to go outdoors, naked, to serve his, Ms. Mandy!  Not sure what is more fun, humiliation phone sex, or guiding a stroker boy to ecstasy.   I have been training patio boy for a long time, he is victim to my email training as well, in fact I have addicted him to me thru my email training.  I decided it would be good for him Not to cum.  He is in a state of denial now, and I will keep him this way, as it is good for him to practice control.  Controlling your orgasm, is a good way to be submissive for me.  I like a submissive man that I can mold into my own creation.

Patio boy, lives in a beautiful climate, he has sent me photos of the outside of his house, so I can give him good phone training, and public humiliation, as I lead him around the outside of his house, naked and serving me.   Not only did I lead him around. He is made to go out the front door of his lovely home, lock it behind him, then he has to follow my guided masturbation jerk off instructions, as I make him walk slowly, naked around the house to the back of the house.  Before he reaches his patio, the outside lights go on.  Mind you W/we do this late at night and there is a chance neighbors, or someone in a window, or a passing car, might catch him jacking off for me.

The best part is I made him go around the house three times, the back door is unlocked, once inside, I torment him, reminding him, that I am not allowing him a release, therefore, orgasm denial, and teasing him, making him take his hand off, and mentally tormenting him with dirty fantasies.

I like to have my girlfriends and their lovers come over.  He becomes my bitch, a cock sucking slut, that we all use, he jerks off for us, on command, and has to lick asses, and pussies, and suck lots of cock, also he serves us all drinks, in panties, and an apron.

Patio stroker just received his email instructions for today.  Would you like to be like him too?
xoox’s Mistress Mandy

Anteater gets drained by Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Guided masturbation phone sex, I use and abuse Anteater.  Why do I call him that.  I have to laugh it is small and strange and could never please a woman.
I like to drain his wallet, and make him tribute me so that I can degrade him further.  He will never get over being MY losa and money slave.  And that is how it will always be.

Thinking of adding him to my humiliation phone sex page for  financial domination page on my website.

Anteater: hello miss mandy
Mandie Parker: Hi ant eater
Anteater: how r u?  i tried to quit my addiction to u, but i can’t do it, i need to b used by u, and i am sorry for my absence, your losa=pathetic money slave only, i hope u forgive me..i know i will owe more
Mandie Parker: you do owe me more
Anteater: i will be old one day with no money, no wife, just a strong right hand for having whacked my pathetic cock off 2 u so much, and no money
Mandie Parker: good one
Anteater: i’ll have a strong right hand at least, i think once i am established with a job that i should just give u an AMEX and pay for your spending,i owe u, i know, last time i tributed  u were really busy so i barely spoke to u..i guess losers don’t have much of a say, huh?
Anteater: ignoring your losa
Mandie Parker: write me some more degrading stuff about yourself here
Anteater: ok goddess
Anteater: My name is ***..ever since i saw mandy, i realized that even though i have a tiny anteater cock which is only about 2 inches and a half and is hairy, i could still have some importance..well, not importance, since i am disposable to mandy, but i could have some usefulness, which would be to be a lil human atm to mandy..i knew then that i would need to make more and more money for her,i wouldn’t even waste her time on the phone or have her exert any energy to talk to me, i should just be used, i will be a lonely loser with no money in the future..i will be a moneyless tiny penis losa with a strong right hand, because of all the tiny loads of course, and nothing else, no wife, no g friend, money..a lil apartment, and money and amusement for mandy, once i get out of graduate school, i will give her her personal AMEX that i will need to pay monthly on whatever she wants to buy, i have been thinkin of that for a while now, it would b sooo awesome and amazing. would u ever let a loser give u an AMEX or Visa?
Anteater: u there?
Anteater: draining many losers?
Anteater: i guess u r too busy

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy


Tiny cock humiliation phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Stroker boy I am here – you guessed it for some small penis humiliation phone sex.  To tease and taunt you, make your tiny cock dribble.   I am guessing that you are  little dick stroker boy who needs phone sex to get any action for your tiny cock. You are lucky to find me.  I will let you call me, so that I can humiliate your little nub and laugh at you like you like it.   I know how quick you will make your little dick cum, that only makes me laugh harder.  When I encourage little dick losers to jack off, I am actually doing you and the world a public service. Guys with tiny cocks should stay at home and pay some one hot like me talk to them, so they are not out bugging and creeping out all the other hot girls who only want well-hung Real men. It’s kind like Darwin’s theory of natural selection. But I don’t expect a stupid stroke-monkey like you to understand what survival of the fittest means. Stop stroking it, loser. You need my control.

Little dick losers, wimps, guys in general,  get twice as horny as real men do when hot girls talk to them, that is one of the reasons that they shoot twice as quick. The other reason is because they are beta-male spineless wimp losers. Just the fact that you are reading this, coupled with the fact that you can’t keep your hand off of your tiny tool while you read this and ogle my pics, proves what a pathetic weak willed wimp you are for me.

Loser I am here to take control of your tiny dick!

click here for 100 pages of humiliation phone sex sessions
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

Sissy panty boy phone sex- greggie – Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Had a very interesting sissy panty boy phone sex call with sissy greggie. If you read down the page you will see another post about the build up to Panty gurl sissy greggie going to Walmart and buying some panties. I had given her an assignment to buy enough panties so she could wear them Ever day!  She said early that morning,  she went to the store and purchased, 7 pairs of panties, 2 are pink, lite blue, white with little skirty’s, and 3 lace in red, white and pink.    As to my instructions she is all set to wear them every day. She needs to wear her panties every day for Ms. Mandy. Little pussy girl, with a little clitty.  She loves small penis humiliation for sissy pussy gurls.  She needs and wants to be Ms.Mandy’s pussy girl and wear her panties to work every day.  She said there are real men in the warehouse, and she is not one of them, as she works in the building as a sissy gurl.

Sissy greggie went into the store,  and she told me that she  was nervous looking at woman’s underwear, afraid someone would see her.  But it was early.  I should make her go later in the day, when everyone will see her.  She did say that it seemed everyone  new she was a pussy gurl.  It was early, so not many people there, after she picked out her things, she paid for them. The cashier gave greggie a funny look, “did you find everything you were looking for?” Sissy pussy girl greggie turned really red.   Maybe she turned sissy pink?  All she could think about as she was standing in line, was how she was wearing panties, and her little clitty was rubbing against them. All silky, so sissy sexy!

She thought the women behind her in line was talking about her, and she thinks that she  heard them say, look at that guy buying panties. She had a good dose of humiliation phone sex,  telling me about her humiliation at the store and how she thinks everyone knows that she is sissy little pussy . She is a little pussy gurl wearing panties for me. She has on the little blue panties, wants to have squirties for me in her blue panties. Rubbing her bottom for me, her little sissy bottom.

Sits down and tinkles now, she is petite, and it is good for her, she likes it. Begging for me to turn little greggie into a sissy faggot. She is Ms. Mandy’s sissy faggot. When she looks at big dick she knows for sure she is a sissy faggot.  I like to give some guided masturbation on the phone to sissy panty gurls are you one too?

JJ Suffers Humiliation and visits “Casa de Stroka” Ms Mandy for phone sex 1-877-732-6360

Cuckold phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Happy Holidays stroker boys!  Ms Mandy has been up to her tricks again!

It started off innocently enough.  JJ my loser was egging me on about playing golf, and we had some nice weather days here in NJ over the past few weeks, and he also was curious about  Tyrone.  And you all know that Tyrone has a  big and gorgeous enormous black cock.
Tyrone is dominant and although he is, he does not dominate me, and from time to time, I call upon him to help me out in a pinch.  I will tell you more in a bit.

So JJ loves to spoil me, he buys me all sorts of gifts, shoes, clothes and jewelry.  He is extremely good to me.   We have known each other for a very long time, he has heard a LOT about Tyrone, and is always asking me if he could meet Us, meaning, me and Tyrone.  I decided to invite him to our rambling home “Casa de Stroka” in Princeton, NJ.  For those of you who don’t know, this is where my husband, Mr. Malone and I have lived for many years, (some of my stories on my website will refer to Casa de Stroka,  you should check them out at my story page, . I know you will be entertained.

Back to JJ.  I decided for Thanksgiving, I would invite him down, as he lives in New York State.  I knew he would be happy to leave his wife L, alone for the holiday.  As he is totally addicted to me and brainwashed, and fucked up, and humiliated by me, and wanted to dash to my home once he was invited!  I told him he had a place to stay for the weekend.  I was throwing a big party, my Masturbatorium was set up for company, and there were going to be a lot of old friends showing up.  JJ was really excited and also happy to come down and leave his wife home alone, because I told him to!  I don’t allow him to have sex with her anymore.  He is only allowed to stroke for me, that is SEX for him!  I give him the HARDEST TINY COCK in the world, and he Loves and Adores me for that.

He showed up for Thanksgiving, eager to meet Tyrone, and spend some quality time with “us” at “Casa de Stroka”.  He was not disappointed.  Tyrone was his amazing self, making JJ feel right at home.  I have to laugh because Tyrone knows all about the dirty tricks, I keep tucked away up my sleeves.

We all settled in for what would be an amazing weekend.  JJ brought me a fresh credit card, to buy any and all things that I wanted, he knows that it makes My PUSSY WET! Getting gifts is always a good thing!  I maxed out his credit card, only to have him say… with a huge smile on his face..  I came prepared, meaning, he reached into his wallet and handed me another card with a high available balance. Well, I have to say that I was so excited, that I grabbed Tyrone my his belt loop and dragged all 6’4″ of him up the winding staircase to my bedroom, I told my husband to go out and get some very expensive Hors d’oeuvres, and champagne, and invited JJ to come up to the bedroom to watch what it’s like to have a real man have sex with Ms. Mandy.

And real sex it is!  JJ sat in the comfy club chair on the side of bed, I told him not to talk, as I like silence, I was hell bent on a good orgasm, and Tyrone is always at my beck and call to please me.  I love his perfect 9 inches, and he stays hard for however long, I need him to be for me, and then when I am satisfied, I insist he fill me up with his sexy cum.  JJ was absolutely enthralled watching me go crazy on Tyrone.  My husband and I had just returned from one of his boring business trips, and by boring it means, no fun for me, other then spas, workouts, and shopping, NO sex,  so I was ready to have my BF please me.  And that he did!  JJ was super excited, but sat quiet and motionless as I instructed, as he watched me.  By the way, once I was finished, I asked JJ to get on his knees, and put his hands behind his back as I squatted over his face, so he could clean me up.  I casually walked in the bathroom, so that Ty and I could shower, and get ready for the festivities.

Then the best thing happened.  The next day,  JJ started mumbling about his wife being alone, and calling him up about it.  I said I have the solution for that,  I had Tyrone send up a bunch of his Pro Football friends, (remember he is a Pro Athlete)  So a half a dozen of his BIG friends, went to pay JJ’s wife a visit, once they got to her house, and because I knew she would love them, all so handsome, she invited them in.  Only to find out later, that they gang banged her for the entire weekend!  Go girl!  But again, JJ is not having sex with her anymore, I guess she just needed it!
JJ in the meanwhile came with Ty and me the next day up to the Country Club to play golf, I had invited one of my girlfriends along for a 4 some, and when we were out on the 6th hole, there are a lot of trees, there, I sent JJ over to the woods with Tyrone, so he could get a taste of what I love so much. Tyrone’s huge black dick.  They were gone for quite a while, I have turned JJ into quite the cock sucker! JJ told me he never had so much fun in his life, and he is so happy that I turned him into this. And that this is what makes him super hard and the happiest! He is the happiest loser EVER!

Tthis is a little of what happened Thanksgiving weekend.

I hope you all have a great holiday, Stay Safe, and keep your dick hard for me!
xo’s Ms. Mandy


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I enjoy guided masturbation phone sex with my lesbian lover Susan.  I do like to feminize a sissy gurl, turn a guy into my girlfriend.  Have you wear panties and dress up for me, making me sexy and hot for you because you amuse me and obey me.  I control you.  I control Susan and have make her weak and submissive for me, and addicted to me as well.   She wears panties for me, and worships me.   I have been known to do a fair share of feminization phone sex with my sexy gurls, and Susan loves to be my lesbian lover. I give her assignments, and she loves pleasing me.  I give her email assignments, shaving, bubble bath, buying lip gloss, preparing for our lesbian lovemaking. I own and control Susan. Here are a few comments from Susan:

Dear Mistress Mandy: I love being your girl. You always make me feel like I am all yours. You do own me and control all of me. You making me into a girl is the biggest turn on to me. I love shaving and bubble baths. I love wearing panties just for you. I am feeling sexy and wanting more to satisfy you…… Thank you for giving me 10 minutes… know I adore you and you never have to feel bad if stuff happens during our calls. Because you own me I am understanding I am the one that wants to make you so happy ……I want to to really have sexual feeling during our calls…..when your get turned on it make me nuts………………mmmmmmmmmmmm do you make me into a lover. Today I am going to watch some sexy girl on girl so I can improve our time together. I want you …I need you I am all yours Mandy Love your girl, Susan

Dearest Mistress Mandy: I am your girlie lover Susan, who you own and control. I knew when I first called you that you would understand me. I want to be able to please you Mistress. I find you to be the only love in my life. I love kissing you and squeezing you. Your lips and tongue are so soft ….like rose pedals. Your scent drive me out of my mind wanting to make love to you. I learned a long time ago only woman can really know how to please a woman. I am so glad you are teaching me how to please you Mistress. Every session I become more your girl. You made me ….you own me… control …….you love me. I always do everything you tell me to do…….because I want to please you everyday of my life. I want to tell you about a dream I had last night: I knocked on your door and you met me with a kiss. I melted at the door…you taste like sweet nectar that sent a rush through my whole body. My nipples turned hard and this sent further waves of stimulus through me. I kissed you behind the ear and then the neck and saw you have all the feeling I was having. Without saying or doing anything else…..I knew my lover wanted me and I wanted her. My Mistress owns me………controls me………I am hers. She makes me so weak. I am told to take off all my clothes except for my bra and panties. Mistress Mandy always wants to see me model my sexy lingerie. The outfit I am wearing is a black lacy match that I bought from Macey’s. I love Mistress Mandy looking at me… I walk wiggling….in front of her. I know what we both want and desire……within seconds …or at least it seem that fast we were in bed. Mistress Mandy warmth and mine……… is a beautiful thing …we together in harmony. Mistress I love you, SUSAN

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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