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Luv Muffin Loves humiliation phone sex  with Ms. Mandy! I do enjoy making his little cock twitch. He sometimes wears panties  for me, and his little dick needs all the verbal abuse I can give him, He is a slut, a whore and MY bitch. I own and control him, and he is addicted to Ms. Mandy!

xoxoox’s Ms. Mandy

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Mistress Mandy was asked for guided masturbation phone sex today by a sissy who also wanted to talk about cum eating.  Sissy phone sex with sissy danielle today, was a lot of fun. She asked for sissy training and also was quite delightful.  She told me she loved to dress up, and play!  I had such a great time. I had sissy danielle all dressed up like a sissy whore.

I had her pull her panties down and masturbate for me. I wanted her to be a good sissy gurl, she had to perform in front of some of my girl friends.  I had her pull her panties down so all the girls could see her masturbate for us.  One of the girls played with her titties, one of them rubbed her balls, one fingered her pussy. I enjoyed watching her masturbate for me, it was great seeing everyone having such a good time.  Danielle liked it as well, I kept reminding her to be a good sissy gurl and to lick up her pre cum.

I like to give cum eating instructions, it is good to eat a creamy load to show how submissive you are for your Mistress.   She played with her clitty, and I reminded her constantly that she would be eating her cum.  After she masturbated for us, I had the girls hang her from her feet, we jerked her off, over her face so there would be no backing down, and she would be eating her cum.  She had a cum facial.

I plan on taking sissy danielle shopping for more sissy outfits, panties and fun things to amuse both of us. The girls will come and watch and everyone will have fun using her!

xoox’s  Mistress Mandy

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Tonight we are going to talk about cum eating.  Would you like some cum eating instructions?  Would you like a cum eating instruction?  Confess, would you?I know a lot of you stroker boy’s are cum curious, and because of this, you are in luck. I am going to give you some instruction to eat your own cum.   This will require training. Male cum training.  I will have you tell me what you have been fantasizing about. You will let me know if you are a sissy cockwhore, or just a slut wanting to eat cum.

I like to think of my husband, as a sissy husband  who has a cum eating fetish. It is super hot, and turns Ms. Mandy on!
Call me tonight for your cum eating instructions!

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I have been doing cuckold phone sex sessions with Mandy’s Husband, I enjoy teasing and denying my lover, we do not have sex anymore, I save that for a real man.   Mandy’s Husband is hopelessly addicted to me.  We have done some sessions recently and he has served me, he is here to please and amuse me.

Some recent comments from Mandy’s Husband:
Dear Mistress, I woke up this morning erect and thinking of you. I went straight to this email so I could look at you. I imagined being across from you in my chair and naked. You were looking at me as you are in the picture. You had your hands covering your private part and were telling me that it was not for me. You look spectacular. My cock is rock hard and I am stroking for you.  Suddenly your real man enters the room. You no longer are paying attention to me. You uncover your private part and spread your legs wide open for that giant erect cock he is sporting. I am greatly aroused and continue to stroke as he pounces on you.  Thank you for the email and the perfect image of what I crave. You are perfect in every way.
Your Devoted Servant

Dear Mistress, As ordered, I jerked off last night on three different occasions. Immediately after receiving your instructions I jerked off for a solid hour on the sofa. Without cumming. At 3 am I jerked off to your picture using the one where you are sitting in a chair, facing me and wearing only your panties with the word “Love” etched into white powder near your waist. I expanded this picture to cover my iPad screen and leaned it against my wife’s ass while she slept. I got on my knees and stroked while I repeated “Mandy is my Mistress” and “Mandy owns me” over and over and over again. I came all over your perfect tits making sure not a single drop came near your beautiful face. This morning at 6 am I awoke erect and immediately began doing Mandy strokes. I did them for another hour until I finally had to get up and get ready for work. I hope this is what you had in mind and that I performed well for you.
Your Devoted Servant

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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Cuckold husband looking for some advice! Call Ms. Mandy to discuss cuckolding during phone sex 1-877-732-6360

Ms. Mandy has a new phone sex  caller, he is interested in cuckolding because his wife cuckold’s him and he finds it very humiliating.  He told me that another  guy is pleasing his wife like he never could.  I asked him who it was and he told me that he is a neighbor and he caught her a few months ago.  His wife admitted even admitted to having sex with this guy for 9 months. Now the hubby gets absolutely no pussy. He was so humiliated. He still gets none.

He told me that his wife is out right (while we were having phone sex)  and she was probably  fucking this guy. He knows the neighbor, she says he has a big cock. Twice as big as her husband’s.  Hubby has a little cock, and this other guy gets her off, over and over again.  The boyfriend is black of course, and she loves black cock!    Hubby buys her lingerie to wear with her boyfriend. He buys it in front of her girlfriend’s,  the wife tells everyone in the store that her  husband will pay for it, and that she will wear it when she is with her boyfriend. His little dick does not satisfy her..

I love cuckolded guys.  Call me and tell me your cuckold story!
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

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Guided masturbation phone sex with Ms. Mandy.  Time for you to get that cock out and stroke for Ms. Mandy.  I give the BEST guided masturbation around.  You too will be addicted to me, if you are not already addicted to Ms. Mandy.   I am reposting the old vote for me button.  Do you stroker boys know how it works?  Message me on yahoo to find out.  I am looking for new voter sluts and jerk off boys to amuse me!  I have many new additions to my blog. Make sure you enter your email in the Subscribe to My blog on the right column.  You will get any new blog posts sent right to your in box! I also have a cuckold phone sex site , where you can find out about how I got my husband started down the path of watching me with other men.

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Glory Hole Stroker Boy! Masturbatorium jack off session, call Ms. Mandy for cock sucker phone sex at 1-877-732-6360 +

Ms. Mandy had quite the cock sucker  call her tonight!  He was wild really!  He went to a glory hole, at an adult book store, they also had a theater there. He was in the theater, apparently jerking off in thong panties, he stood in front of the theater, then other’s came over, he was on his knees in no time, sucking cock, getting f**d, and doing the dirty!

I love guided masturbation phone sex  calls, with naughty stroker boys, that love to suck cock!  He told me he has sucked about 8 cock’s prior to going into the theater, he also had a big 10 inch cock in his mouth. He loves cum. He had cum all over his face and he wiped it thru his hair as hair gel. He told me that when he left the theater, they could tell he had been used well!

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

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Naked fantasy boy cum eating humiliation phone sex slut for Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

I do love to do guided masturbation phone sex, and I am also very much into male cum training and humiliation.   If you want to be a cum training slut you need to follow my cum eating instructions.  My  naked fantasy boy is a prime example of my control   During a session recently I used him and made him do dirty things.  I very much enjoy making him do dirty things for me.   I started out by tieing up  MY balls and cock.  Then I had him him bend over and hold onto his ankles and let a group of my girlfriends look up ass.    I had a jar of Vaseline  handy, dipping my finger in it,  I  massaged his prostate,  and had him admit all the dirty things he wants and loves, and made him more.. my dirty boy.
I take him out side over to the window to watch Ms. Mandy undress, slowly slip out of my things. I know he is out there.  I sit on the bed, paint my toenails, I know naked fantasy boy is outside looking in at me and he is naked, he’s watching me.   I look out the window and see him,  I beckon him to come into my house,   I ask what he was doing outside, but I already know.  I know that he was jerking off out there. I could see him jerking off. I have him stand in front of me, hold my foot up, I push it against his crotch, and then I  masturbate him with my foot. I am pumping him with my foot. “Touch my cock with your feet” he says,  I take my toe, and swipe off pre cum, and stick it in his mouth.  I force him to lick it up.  If he does not do what I say, I will spank him, I call in more friends, and have them watch him lick the precum off my toe.More humiliation, public humiliation and phone sex humiliation for naked fantasy boy.
I get a huge kick out of making him jerk off in front of my girlfriends, bent over, holding his ankles, I order him to “take your position,” his balls are  hanging down, we can see them as we look up his asshole, and his cock is dangling as wee. I  finger fuck him, instructing him to pump it for me, going to use him for my amusement, he loves masturbating for me.   Tells me how much so very much loves to do all this. How humiliating!  As hHe licks my girlfriends ass, and I pull his balls, Kissing my legs, working his way up, I push face between my pussy.
I have the ladies hold him down, as I slide My strap on cock in his ass. I push it in, turn him into my bitch. We hold his legs up, and I make him cum in his mouth,  I order him to beg to squirt, then I order him to cum in his mouth and eat it.

 xoxo’s Ms. Mandy


T BOY IS BACK! Free Audio Guided Masturbation Session – Orgasm denial, stroking instructions, and cock control! LESSON #1

My T Boy is back, and we are going to start doing some new online guided masturbation sessions. So for all you guys out there, that want to stroke along, please join in!  I love to see comments, on my blog, let me know how you are making out with your stroking, I like to deny and make those balls fill up. Be prepared to suffer, before I allow you to come. That goes for you too T Boy!  I am going to start your training over from scratch. Here is the first lesson….

Lesson Number 1

You will need, a bottle of lube, a porn magazine or website… a small clock.

I want you comfortable in a chair, sit back and look at a porn image, No touching, this is not about getting off, this will be training..

I want you to get in a chair. and pull your shorts down underneath your balls, take the lotion out and drip some on your C** just as if I were doing it.

Now look at the picture, and stroke for 2 minutes, you may get hard, do not cum!
Look at the porn pictures, then take your hands off!  I want you hot and horny!

Watch the clock, and no stroking now for  3 min. Hands are off!  You may rub your balls, but no cock touching…

More lotion, get out some more porn, look at the pretty girls…….. repeat, stroking slowly for 2 min.

Then hands off for 3 minutes while looking at more sexy pictures….

repeat one more time…

No cuming for this session!

Be sure to follow the instructions…remember I am watching you!

For those of you who leave comments, with an email, I will send you a special treat in your email!

Happy Stroking xoxoox’s Mandy

Remember your comments are greatly appreciated, here is a comment, TBOY left for tonight’s session, you can find these comments on the lefthand column of my blog.

  •  T Boy wrote:
    Sweet Mistress Mandy you are a goddess whom I will worship forever. Thank you for taking me on as an obedient stroker pet for 2008. I promise that I will follow each instruction to the letter since you own me. My cock is yours Mistress. This lesson was a good starter. I put on my favorite handjobs POV porn video, sat back in my soft brown leather chair with a full bottle of KY warming lotion/lube. The band of my boxers under my balls, cutting into the skin and holding my balls up. I drizzle my cock with the jelly and set the clock to 2 minutes and begin stroking up and down per your instructions. My cock twitching to attention as the jelly warms to my hand. The veins on my cock begin swelling and pulsating as I stroke and watch the busty teen on the video give an awesome handjob. Mmmm…my balls are really going to ache with this training. Thank you for teaching me Mistress. You are a true goddess of pleasure. XXOO

Mandy Malone wrote:
Dear T Boy:
I am so glad to have you back. I have missed our stroking sessions, and I am looking forward to warming up the cold winter months ahead, with erotic fun!  I love your graphic description of what you did during your first welcome back session. It almost seems as if I am right there watching. I will be posting another session for your soon, You may do this lesson as many times this week as you like (untill your next session is posted)
Remember no cumming, as I own your cock!


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Cross dressing sissy andi gets phone sex humiliation – Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Phone sex humiliation for sissy andi is very rewarding.  Seeing as I degrade and humiliate her, and she has made great progress, moving along with work and home.  She is full of all sorts of surprises, she even met her  wife dressed in drag. When I asked andi what her wife said, she told me that her wife feels that she is a pathetic piece of garbage, and laughed. I laugh at her all the time as well.  Her wife wanted to be sure that sissy andi  would still support her, since she was demoted at work.   At first she had a guy’s spot in the company, now moved to the secretary pool.  Andi has really done this, this is for real.  She decided to come out of the closet and has told me she loves being femme.  Her wife has a boyfriend, and has had one for a long time. She is not interested in sissy andi at all for sex.

I told sissy andi that she was to phase heels into work.  She went to office to cocktail party wearing new outfit and got a black top and sexy leggings and a pair of 2 inch black pumps. Had her hair done platinum blonde and pink highlights, nails done long nails and hot pink polish, beaded clutch. Then bought black boots with 3 inch heels on Thursday to work. Friday 4 inch red heels to work. At one point during the day she announced that she is a homosexual. She got applauded. She said it felt awesome.
Andi mentioned going to the adult book store to celebrate the week to celebrate her coming out. Put hair in pigtails, wore a crop top and support bra. Short skirt thigh highs, 6 inch stilettos. Got a lot of action at the abs. She lost count of how many cocks fucked her, maybe 4 guys, One cock was huge super thick and 8 inches, and it hurt. 5 blow jobs.  Such a dirty cock sucker.
A bit of history, sissy andi is a worthless slut, and needs her holes filled with lots of cock and cum. She is a cum slut who serves Mistress Mandy.  I use and degrade her, she has embraced her feminine side very quickly and I am very proud of how depraved she is.
xoxo’s Mistress Mandy
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