Office fantasy phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Time for you to have some guided masturbation phone sex, possibly in the office. Obviously you need some relief
from your daily office drudgery.  It  is time to jerk off in the office for Ms. Mandy.  I am in charge of My Cock. I will be the boss.  
Clever question of the day?Are you hard at work for me?  Or, are you Hard, at
work, for Me?

I enjoy having you stroke for me at the office. I know many of you LOVE to stroke at the office, and my sexy cheerful voice just makes it all the better for you. I like you  worked
up at work and thinking of me. Ms. Mandy.

You might like a little fantasy mixed in with your office stroking. I will be your  hot boss who has figured
out how to press all of your weak buttons, with my sexy skirts, see thru blouses,  hose and heels.
I have caught you staring and drooling about me,  on more than one occasion, and don’t
think I haven’t noticed how you rush to pick up my pen or my papers when I drop
them at my feet “accidentally” when you are nearby.  I love how quickly you drop
to your knees to help me, and I even noticed how red faced and apologetic you
get when I sometimes  “accidentally” step on your hand when
you are down at my high heeled feet scooping up papers for me. Did you notice
how after the third or fourth time, instead of saying “thank you” I just said
“Good boy!”  And now I have got you doing my filing, and copying, and more and
more of my duties day by day. When I cross my legs and dangle my shoe,  I’ve got
you hypnotized.

Think of the kinky  taboo thrill of jerking off just for me,  at work, I know how excited
for me you are.  I will use my sexy skills to tease you at work!  OFFICE boy!

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy