Mandy’s husband humps the sofa – humiliation phone sex Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Humiliation phone sex and guided masturbation phone sex  are two favorite fetishes I enjoy on the phone.  Someone called yesterday and implied I did a lot of vanilla calls. Only true if I am pouring vanilla ice cream all over your cock and having someone suck it off.  Todays topic is Mandy’s husband receiving humiliation from Myself, and his wife.  I of course know better what he needs.  If you read the replies below you will see responses to my instructions.  Since I am not sent my orders with his replies I have not posted my instructions.  Probably better for those of you wanting to be trained, you will not be privy to what I am liable to do to you. Instead you have the benefit of a cuckold husband serving me and at my mercy. The bottom response is a reply to my latest instruction of having him masturbate between the sofa cushions.  Since his wife won’t have sex with him, I think the sofa is his new friend.

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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Dear Mistress, My wife locked the door again and won’t let me in the bedroom. Tonight I thought everything was ok. She was nice to me earlier this evening and then all of a sudden everything changed. There was no argument and I don’t think I did anything wrong. She seems to have just decided to spend the night without me. She really likes the new private patio I built for her that she can access it from our bedroom. She seldom uses the front door anymore now that you can enter the house through the patio and into our room.I am lonely and horny. I don’t know why she doesn’t want me around. I am sure she could find something for me to do. I know I’m not much but I am better than nothing. Should I knock on the door and ask her to let me in or should I just lie here and jerk off under the covers imagining her being fucked hard and long by a giant cocked stud?  Your Devoted Servant

-I went ahead and took care of business under the covers on the sofa.
Afterwards I went sound asleep. When I woke up this morning the bedroom door was still locked. I knocked quietly for several minutes until finally my wife answered and told me  in no uncertain terms to stop knocking immediately and go away. I tried to explain that I needed to get in so I could shower for work. She reminded me that she said to go away. I then could hear her laughing. Also, it sounded like there was another voice laughing as well but that could have been the tv. Hopefully she will forgive me of whatever I did to deserve being exiled and let me sleep in the bed tonight.

-will ask her if I can lick her pussy so I will do as you command assuming she lets me. It seems like I am battling an unknown agenda and I feel frustrated and humiliated. I wish I knew what the problem was. It’s difficult to give her what she wants if I do not know what that is! Maybe I need to get a new outfit or hairstyle? I just don’t know what to do.

-Yes Mistress, Yes. I will do as you say. I will do as you say. Thank you, Mistress. Thank you.
You are so beautiful Mistress. I can’t believe how well you know how to push my buttons. I am rock hard and ready to explode!

-I simply could not stand it! I did what I had to to get sent to the sofa. I am now under the covers with the lights turned off. I will now Masturbate to you! I am truly blessed to have a Mistress like you. I have every inch of your perfect body memorized. I will stroke until I can’t hold back any longer and then explode and feel the pleasure that you are allowing me to have.

-I did it 3 times again! Last night my wife went out with her girlfriends. I had the house to myself and was able to set up the sofa perfectly for the session you ordered. I ended up stacking the cushions so I could stand in front of the sofa and drive into the crease of the stack. Our cushions are very thick and very soft. It felt very good! I put my iPad on top of the cushions so I could stare at your picture throughout. It didn’t take long before I was done and collapsing on top of you and the stacked sofa cushions.
At 2 am, my wife was still not home and I just stayed on the sofa and stroked for my Mistress again. This time it was traditional and I simply dropped a small load on my stomach. This morning, a few minutes ago, I woke up and still my wife was not around. I went ahead and moved into the bedroom and while laying on my normal side of the bed, I used two of my wife’s pillows to masturbate with. I did it on my side while hugging the pillows tightly. I set up my iPad so I could once again focus on a picture of my Mistress. If only I had a two minute recording of my Mistress to play during my session I would be fully equipped. I know that nothing beats a live session but it sure would be nice to have an alternative in case of emergency. Anyway, I quickly unloaded between her pillows. After I recovered, I put the pillows back in their proper place and straightened up the covers as if nothing had ever happened. Thank you Mistress for all of these opportunities to stroke for you. I certainly am on a roll and I have a long weekend to look forward to.

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Sissy training phone sex with Susan – Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

I enjoy training a pretty girl with some sissy phone sex. Susan is such a sexy girl, I am making her my creation. She is addicted to Ms. Mandy.  Feminization can be done rather effectively during a feminization phone sex call. Susan is so sexy. I train her and she is addicted to me more then ever.  I give her assignments and dress her up, she pleases me.  She has written me a report of our last encounter, do read on:

Dear Mistress Mandy
It is Susan your sissy who loves you so much. You know I do what ever you request of me. I just completed my 30 Mandy strokes in front of the mirror with your picture right in front of me. I was wearing black lace satin panties. I did not cum.  Just about did but used hands off technique you’re teaching me as I become yours.  I love you as you make me more yours I  am weaker with  love each stroke.  I want to be yours, you own me.

I love our session together, I am become so girlie for you.  I am shaving weekly.  Taking bubble baths at least once a week.  I think wearing pretty lacey panties to work, is a huge turn on.
You know I have an need to steal panties that have been worn by really pretty girls.  I do this because when I wear them and then call you.  It is like I have your sweet beautiful pussy right in front of me.  I love the smell, the softness and the taste knowing where it was next to a wet pussy.  I kiss and lick on your command.  I asked you to let me suck them while doing my Mandy strokes.  I love you for letting me be yours.  I wish I had a pussy and clitty so I could have lesbian sex with you.  My tongue loves doing magic for you.   I love it when you have an orgasm for me while sitting on my face rocking back and forth as I swirl my tongue.  Your clitty is so hard and I  love flicking it as I watch your eyes roll all around.  Your moan and movement of your body shaking.  You Mistress Mandy,  you are the best thing that is ever happened to me. I want to please you.

Mistress since I am all yours….can we arrange things I must do more and more to please you, I will be willing to  follow your instructions, just to prove my love for you. I am desiring you,with love your Susan

Such a delicious email, my pussy is wet thinking about Susan serving me.  She is my pretty girl.  I will allow you 50 Mandy strokes a night, in front of the mirror, take you hand away if you get close.  I want your balls full and ready to explode next time we play.  Love, Mistress Mandy
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Guided masturbation phone sex – Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Guided masturbation phone sex is so much fun.  I like giving guidance for your masturbation, it makes Ms. Mandy’s pussy wet, thinking of you stroking “My” cock for me.  I like trying out different masturbation techniques, and playing with your cock.  Do you like the word penis, or the word cock better, we can discuss your preferences and see what we can come up with, a masturbation plan might be in order.

There are times during a phone sex session, that I will find fantasies and fetish phone sex interesting.  Guided masturbation.  Might be for the pure of heart, so if you need more then just pumping, I can mix in your favorite fantasy or fetish, does this sound interesting? I hope it does, because I do it very well.  I like to take control.  You are after all, calling me for masturbation instruction, and you want a satisfying experience I would assume.

So then what fetishes are there?  Humiliation is very popular, I find that stroker boys love humiliation, I only do it if asked, however.  There is small penis humiliation, public humiliation, verbal, I like exploring the fun side of humiliation, and also can be harsh if needed.  Foot fetishes are amazing, I like lingerie and high heels, so stroker boys beware.

Orgasm denial and chastity phone sex, are amazing, Peter the chronic masturbator calls me for orgasm control and guidance.  He is a good stroker boy, and I do not let him cum. He has to report in daily for denial.

Let Ms. Mandy know what it is you are looking for, domination and humiliation are among some of the interests I have, after all, a cuckold wife needs to have fun.

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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Sissy rim job sucking cock phone sex – Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Guided masturbation phone sex and cock sucking phone sex for the humiliation that rim job Maureen craves. She is the cross dressing sissy slut that serves me.  Lately she is dress up and ready to head back to the movie theater.  In the past Lisa, Clare, and a few of their boy friends have used rim job for their amusement.  This is a real movie theater and she actually goes to see real movies. Sometimes the popcorn ends up in her ass, after a mouth full of cum.  During our recent session  Rim job needed some sissy training. I dressed her up, in purple panties and bra, heels, a dildo, halter top and a mini skirt in red, black halter top. Going to dress her up and use her. Took her to the mall, she asked some girls to see her tiny cock. Any of you losers craving some small penis humiliation  like rim job does? I order rj to get on hands and knees so the girl can fuck her pussy. Blonde guy is getting cock sucked by rim job maureen, and the girl is fucking her pussy ass.  She is a great cock sucker.

Next assignment:  buy some new panties, take a  bubble bath,  be sure to shave  all over.   I hear her bouncing on her butt plug, sucking on dildo like the real cock.  I adore being entertained!  Haha, so amusing!  She needs some real cock to suck, thinking of sending her to movie theater, told her to wear a skirt and a halter top to the movie theater.  Going to write SLUT on her forehead right now in lipstick. Big bold red lipstick. I like writing all over her. At the theater she is having a big cock shoot a load in her sissy mouth, getting her pussy fucked. Need to find Lisa and Clare. Going to make her weaker and more submissive. 5 Guys are jerking off on her. Going to get her fucked good. Rim job maureen is serving me. I own and control her. Hormones for tits, and suck lots of cocks. 40DD boobs for rim job.

Here is an account from rj’s about a clare episode:
Well Claire  has been putting me through my paces.  Last Friday I was at her house and 2 of  her friends were there and after they dressed me up in a pink dress with matching bra and panties and they found pink nylons to go with the outfit.  Then they fixed my face and then put on a red wig and then 4″ heels.  They had me walk around and tell then that I was  a slut.  Then we went out to the park - this was around 2 am  and they had me walk in front of them calling out loud that I need  to be fucked and I want to  suck dick.  After awhile Claire came up to me and took the dress off and told me to find a cock.  After 20 minutes I found  a man waking his dog. when he saw me he could tell he would get lucky.    Claire told me to get on my knees and show the nice man what a slut I am. So I did, and after I undid his pants he had a nice cock about 9″ and very thick. I went down on him and he enjoyed my mouth. Soon he tensed up and I received a big load of cum which I swallowed then I licked his cock clean.   He said thanks slut, and  started to leave, but Claire told him that he could do anything he wanted to me. He told us that he would be back tomorrow with a friend  and to have me wearing the same outfit.  The next night we were there and soon the guy showed up with his friend and soon I was getting it at both ends.   When they were ready to shoot their cum it was in my mouth and on my face.   I was allowed to jerk off and as I was ready to cum I  caught it in my hand and swallowed my cum in front of everyone.  With the nice weather coming I guess I will be walking the park more often.  Your slut R J

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Panty boy phone sex – Mistress Mandy – 1-877-732-6360

I do enjoy panty boy phone sex and guided masturbation phone sex.  One is about my love of sissies and feminization and one is about controlling “MY” cock!  Do you like one or the other you can tell me, it can be our little secret.  Luv muffin is one of my dirty perverts who loves my twisted filthy humiliation phone sex calls.   Apparently there is no telling what dirty kinky fantasy I might arrive at.  He is a kinky slut and loves to be degraded and  made to play with his tiny little cock, he suffers my small penis humiliation.   He certainly could never satisfy  a girl because he is a little dick loser.  SPH for you loser!  He is back on my Wall of Shame.  That is where you can wear your panties for Ms. Mandy, and show off your panty’s to all my readers and me of course.  I do enjoy a stroker boy in panty’s, as you all know.

Luv muffin is so funny. He moans and squirms and plays with his tiny cock.  Some times I watch him on cam. He has lots of sexual interests, so I can pick a lot of different fantasies and surprise him with those.  I like to have him dress up in panties and be my slut.  I like seeing his tiny cock on webcam, it is so cute.  I took him outside and had him stand in his driveway and play with his tiny cock, until I was able to gather a crowd. Then everyone pointed and laughed at him because he is so small, he blushed, and I insisted that he jerk off for everyone one. They were clapping, and yelling, loser, loser, loser.  That made his tiny clit hard, and I spanked it with a riding crop for fun!

Loser! I own and control your weenie.

Be sure to visit Mistress Mandy’s Wall of Shame

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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  • "sph", "panty boy phone sex", "Small penis humiliation"
  • "sph", "panty boy phone sex", "Small penis humiliation"
  • "sph", "panty boy phone sex", "Small penis humiliation"
  • "sissy training phone sex", "orgasm denial",
  • "sissy training phone sex", "orgasm denial", "cock control", "feminization"
  • "sph", "panty boy phone sex", "Small penis humiliation"


Office fantasy phone sex podcast – Alfredo returns to Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

"guided masturbation phone sex"
Guided masturbation phone sex is very exciting and more so if it is office fantasy phone sex with Mistress Mandy.  Guess who has returned?  Alfredo in Portugal. I think he will be around regularly again. He worships me, and calls me, and I have him stroke for me, in the men’s room at work. He has been serving me a long time. He is my office fantasy stroker boy. I am posting a new office masturbation phone sex audio podcast for Alfredo and you stroker boy’s for Monday at work.  Thought I could put it up now, you can save it, download it, and on Monday, masturbate for Ms. Mandy.

Do you work at home?  Perfect office masturbation at home is a real treat.  Think about it.  You are home alone.  Take a break and treat yourself, I will own and control you from your home office.  If at work, you can go to the men’s room.  That is an old favorite of mine.  I particularly like you jerking off and thinking about the sexy legs and high heels that are walking around in your building.

There are other places to work. Life guards, think of that, going into the shed where you keep your belongings and jerking off to all the boobs on the beach, a day at the office is a day at the beach.   Why not drop me a line, if you work at an unusual place, where you masterbate. That can be fun. I have truck drivers who call me from the road. Office masturbation for them, is in the truck. Get my drift.

In any event, enjoy Stroking for Ms. Mandy!
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$20 dollars for 20 minutes of hot guided masturbation phone sex – Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

That’s right boys… only $20 dollars for 20 minutes of hot cock stroking fun with me. A guided masturbation phone sex call.
I need to make you cum tonight, I want to GUIDE your Masturbation!

1-877-732-6360 – to reach Mandy

Check out my website, for stories, and pages of humiliation. and lots of other goodies.
I can watch you on cam, post about you in my blog, We can do guided masturbation.
I also have website that tells all about my cuckold  lifestyle.

Hope you enjoy!

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Mistress Mandy, owns and controls you.
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Cuckold phone sex -Mandy’s husband tributes – Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Cuckold phone sex with ME, Mistress Mandy, below you will see the humiliating account of Mandy’s husband, wishing that he was a real man. I use and control him. He adores and worships me.. read on..

Dear Mistress:  I need you. I need to be humiliated the way only you can. No one else on the planet does to me what you do. I long to hear you remind me how unworthy I am and tell me how your beautiful body can only truly be satisfied by a Real Man! Please Mistress, let me back into your service again. I need you to tease and torture me. I need you deny me. I need you to laugh at my weakness and seek amusement in my pain.   Your Devoted Servant

My answer:
Dear Mandy’s Husband:
I plan on putting you back on the right path. You need to serve and obey me.
As for you, I want you to stroke for me today.  10 minutes of edging every hour. You can start begging later.
Love you as always, Mistress Mandy

Dear Mistress: When I am in your service I am always thinking of you. I wake up thinking of you and the same goes for when I go to sleep.
During the day it is difficult to remain focused on my job because I  am thinking about you and the fulfillment of your orders.
Hourly edging is not possible because my work does not provide me with the type of privacy required. I know this is failure but that is what I am, a failure. My thoughts drift between envisioning you and envisioning my wife having sex with giant cocked bulls. When the giant cock studs are having sex with you and her they are satisfying both of you completely. Each of you are so pleased to have a giant cock inside of you and pounding your pussy for what seems like hours. On the other hand, I know that when I am allowed to have sex with my wife, I have to stroke my cock to get it hard and then when I do get permission to put it inside, I may get 30 seconds  and a dozen pumps in before I lose control and release my less than adequate load. I then dismount slowly and roll out of bed to work or to the sofa. It is my thoughts of you and her being pounded that provide me the most pleasure. While I can’t make it to hourly edging, I can break free long enough to vote and fantasize.  The men I see each of you with are white, tall, and large. Large like football linemen large. They don’t talk much and only want to fuck beautiful women like you and my wife. You are far superior to my wife in every way but she is an attractive woman all the same. Please consider this email as an outline of my psyche. Please twist it and control it as you please. A lot goes on in my head and that is where you can do your best work on me. Your Devoted Servant

Dear Mistress:  Spending another night on the sofa alone. I am beginning to think that my wife prefers to sleep without me in the bed.
Tonight when I finished my work and headed to the bedroom I found the door locked and the lights off. It’s not the first time and I am sure it won’t be the last. I guess I will just think about you and her getting what you both really want and edge as ordered.  Your Devoted Servant

My answer: Dear Mandy’s Husband:
I am glad you are on the sofa alone where you belong as your wife is satisfied by a real man.

Dear Mistress:  I don’t think my wife was with anyone last night however; I am pretty sure she was using the new dildo I bought her.
I have not ever eaten cum. My efforts to get my wife off orally have not ever Ben successful thus the dildo to help get her going. She made me get her a big one and now I think she has decided to go without the extra oral stimulation I try to supply.  Your Devoted Servant

Dear Mistress,This morning I laid in bed thinking of my Mistress. I was soon erect and my penis was protruding from the front of my boxers. My wife noticed what was going on and told me to put it away and that she had no time for any fooling around this morning. I opened my eyes and asked her if it would be ok if I stroked it for her. She was amused at the idea of watching me jerk off. I asked her if I could look at her naked body and jerk off. She said I could look at her tits only and she even let me suck on her nipples for a couple of minutes. I proceeded to stroke but was actually thinking of you. I am still under orders not to cum so I stroked for several minutes until my wife got bored with the whole thing and got up to shower. I enjoyed the whole thing very much. If there is anything that you want me to add to the morning ritual, please let me know. Your Devoted Servant

Dear Mistress: Thank you for your expressed kindness towards me.

I understand and appreciate my role and it’s limitations. You are truly the goddess that I worship. I know that I am not worthy to even look at your most private parts. Seeing your beautiful back this morning was certainly a treat. I immediately envisioned you atop your favorite bull and turning to give me a quick look of acknowledgement and satisfaction.Your Devoted Servant

Those of you needing humiliation phone sex, small penis humiliation, cock and ball torture, domination, beware, I will own and control you.
xoxo’s Mistress Mandy
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Orgasm denial phone sex – loser in chastity- with Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Orgasm denial phone sex with my loser in chastity, is cum piggy.  Getting curious as I locked him up last week, and have not heard from him. Hoping his cage is not giving him any trouble, can you imagine, if he lost the key. Whoops he can not lose it, as it is in a lock box.  I do like owning and controlling him, I thought that I would share a picture of him locked up.  It is very sexy.  Pink peek a boo panties, inside of them is the cock cage and the lock.  Voila!  So simple yet so satisfying.  I was thinking he would be calling and begging to be let out.  I think that perhaps being locked up is more then he hoped for, and loves it and does not want to be released.  So be it.  For every day I do not hear from him, I will add days to his chastity.  Sounds fair does it not?

Loser in chastity is a little dick loser, so it is easy to lock up his tiny clit.  He has panties and toys and I do use him and control him.  I am his goddess he needs my control and begs for it. I have him trained to eat up his cum and pre cum, without having to even suggest it.  He is a little dick loser, wanting small penis humiliation!

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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