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Stroker boy I am here – you guessed it for some small penis humiliation phone sex.  To tease and taunt you, make your tiny cock dribble.   I am guessing that you are  little dick stroker boy who needs phone sex to get any action for your tiny cock. You are lucky to find me.  I will let you call me, so that I can humiliate your little nub and laugh at you like you like it.   I know how quick you will make your little dick cum, that only makes me laugh harder.  When I encourage little dick losers to jack off, I am actually doing you and the world a public service. Guys with tiny cocks should stay at home and pay some one hot like me talk to them, so they are not out bugging and creeping out all the other hot girls who only want well-hung Real men. It’s kind like Darwin’s theory of natural selection. But I don’t expect a stupid stroke-monkey like you to understand what survival of the fittest means. Stop stroking it, loser. You need my control.

Little dick losers, wimps, guys in general,  get twice as horny as real men do when hot girls talk to them, that is one of the reasons that they shoot twice as quick. The other reason is because they are beta-male spineless wimp losers. Just the fact that you are reading this, coupled with the fact that you can’t keep your hand off of your tiny tool while you read this and ogle my pics, proves what a pathetic weak willed wimp you are for me.

Loser I am here to take control of your tiny dick!

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xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

Mr. Natural has an uncircumcised penis – phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Mr Natural is back and in rare form, he has an uncircumcised penis  that I enjoy playing with.  We have had a lot of fun calls, he is very kinky, and likes his foreskin played with.   He likes it teased and chewed.  I did such a good job today of telling him what I was going to do to his big uncircumcised penis, that he was really excited by it.He wanted to know if I had other callers that like to talk about their uncircumcised penis, and I told him that I do have men that are uncut that call me for their fantasies and I have some steady uncircumcised guys that call me as well.   One of my stroker boys actually calls and make him loosen up his foreskin, Mr. Natural said his is loose, I said yes, from all the stroking!I love to talk about naughty boys with uncircumcised penises.

xoxox’s Ms. Mandy

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Teenie weenie tony back for my humiliation phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

teenieweenie: Hi Mistress how are you? I just voted for you
teenieweenie: I have been masturbating to your pictures alot Mistress. I’m sorry.
teenieweenie: Please let me suck your boyfriends big cock Mistress?
teenieweenie: You are so beautiful. I want to serve you.
teenieweenie: I have missed you Mistress?
Mandie Parker: so did you message me that you sucked a cock teenieweenie: Yes Mistress. I did. I have only done it once
Mandie Parker: tell me about it
teenieweenie: There was this gay guy i started talking to at my health club.  After talking with him for a few months I told him I sometimes thought about sucking cock. We ended up aranging for me to try it. I was very scared and havn’t doen it since
Mandie Parker: what was it like
teenieweenie: I was very excited buy it and really nervious. He had a big cock too. I have praticed on a dildo alot so I hope I was good. He was wearing a condom which tasted good
Mandie Parker: you are such a loser
Mandie Parker: omg
Mandie Parker: what was it, flavored?
teenieweenie: I think it tasted like strawberry
Mandie Parker: so why did you not do it again?
teenieweenie: I felt really weird about doing it. I’m not into guys. I need you to make me? His cock was like 7 inches. It felt huge. I couldn’t fit it all in
Mandie Parker: did he see your little dick ?
teenieweenie: Yes I was naked too.
Mandie Parker: and?
Mandie Parker: so loser
teenieweenie: I told him I was really embarrassed about it. He said just to not think about it and start sucking.
Mandie Parker: not only are you small you are a cock sucker  now,
Mandie Parker: how pathetic you have become
Mandie Parker: even more so
teenieweenie: I know I’m such a loser Mistress. I am so pethetic. A tiny dick cocksucker
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Woodsman is back, some good old fashioned cuckold stuff, be sure to check it out! Call Mandy for a cuckold phone sex call at 1-877-732-6360

If you are a fan of cuckold, then read what I have to say about my Woodsman, the original cuckold phone sex  guy! I am happy to say the Woodsman has returned. I know my blog has been aching for a good Woodsman update, here is what he had to say….

Woodsman had the good fortune to have is ex wife show up.  She immediately decided to take control.  I asked Woodsman how he hooked up with her and he said that he ran into her at the bar.  They started talking and she wanted to know who he was seeing. Woodsman lives in a small town, and so, she already knew that he did not have a girlfriend.  His ex wife wanted to know he would like to get back together with her, but this time, she would be in charge of money.  Guess what? He signed his checks over to her, and his credit cards.  She has a boyfriend now,  but his ex is going to be in charge of all of Woodsman’s money, and I guess cock for now. She has had her boyfriend for a while, and so she will not be having sex with 2 guys, and will be in control of Woodsman!  How is that for another Woodsman Cucky Tale!

To make matters worse, her boyfriend moved in with his Ex Wife, (she has a hot body and walks around in “booty” shorts, to make Woodsman hot), they sleep together in the downstairs bedroom, and Woodsman is upstairs.  Woodsman has now taken on the role of the cucky sub, she is in charge of all finances, and he is cleaning the house, and she is going to put him on a year’s probation..  “Even so” He wants her full time, Permanent as he put it.

He is glad she is back.. I asked how he got these woman like this, he said they are attracted to him. He said they know what they can get away with. Woodsman can’t even watch a movie without asking her permission. He said, if you watch a movie downstairs, he might be able to hear them having sex.  But, Woodsman will have to ask permission if he can watch a movie down there, because it is loud and they might want to sleep, or they might want to watch it instead of him.. It is a 56″ TV set.

Woodsman’s ex-wife’s boyfriend is 23 years old and cocky. The boyfriend thinks that he has his ex wife in the palm of his hand. Woodsman has seen him getting out of shower, and he got a glimpse of the boyfriend’s cock, he told me that it was 6″ soft, so you can imagine how big it must get. The wifey must be getting pounded for sure.  She told Woodsman that it is Huge! OMG!  Woodsman is such a cucky. She tells Woodsman how sore she is. So Woodsman gets excited from all this. Now he is embracing this cuckold lifestyle.

They have been their since the Super Bowl, so about a month. Which is why you have not hear a Woodsman story in that long.. Woodsman had to call and update me on his new living arrangements. I think this is great that Woodsman managed to find another cuckold situation, maybe he will get to watch!  He says they fuck A Lot!  Two times a day.. Poor cucky Woodsman.  She says his “Sap is rising.”  How funny is that!

I think that Woodsman might be in store for some orgasm denial, cuckold servitude, and possibly more.. What do you think?

xoxo’s Mandy


New Erotic Story by Tiffany

Hi Stroker boys… Tiffany sent me an erotic story she wrote, I am posting it here for you to enjoy….  Taylor and her father-in-law
read on..

Taylor woke with a feeling
of dread deep in her soul.  Wrapped in the embrace of her husband, she has to
face the reality that he is leaving today. Married just 8 months with a new born
baby her new husband is leaving for the Marines.  They were like so many high
school sweethearts. Theirs is a love that will endure.  While the pregnancy and
the marriage for that matter were not planned for this time, they knew it was
meant to be. They would make it work. Her father-in-law, divorced as long as
Taylor and Joe have dated, has offered to take them in while his son sets off
for training and the start of his military career.  She turns to face him, to
take him in, for the last time for weeks to come.  She wakes him as he likes.
Soft kisses to his temples. Gentle kisses on his mouth until his cock wakes.
Joe rolls on top of his beautiful wife and kisses her tenderly and
passionately, sad about their pending separation. Being a young man he wastes no
time. He hasn’t yet learned how to really please a women, nor has Taylor learned
how to be pleased. They will learn in time.  Joe grabs a condom from the
nightstand drawer. They cannot afford another mistake, not to suggest their baby
was a mistake, just not the best timing.  He slides into his bride and they move
together, her slowly, him too fast and as soon as it began, it’s over.  It’s
time to rise and face the day.

Down the hall, Mike, Joes
father is waking. He is filled with regret. His offer was generous but short
sighted as his daughter-in-law and grandson are sure to put a cramp in his
single mans lifestyle.  He likes Taylor.  He thinks she is beautiful. Her skin
glows, her smile is bright and beaming.  She has the body of a supermodel
normally but her breast feeding tits have turned her into a porn star look
alike.  Mike is aware of his growing cock but pushes away thoughts of Taylor,
it’s just morning wood he tells himself as he begins to stroke slowly.

There is a lot of noise and
hustle Coming from the kitchen downstairs. Mike will return to his cock later
and begins to make his way down.  As he heads down the hall he peers into his
sons open room.  He hesitates at the door for a moment then enters, straight to
his sons side of the bed and retrieves the freshly used condom from the garbage
can and slides it into his pocket.  His cock begins to stir again.

It’s a frantic morning,
cooking, packing, tearful goodbyes and by noon Joe is gone and the house is
quiet.  Taylor and the baby go for a nap and Mike retreats to his room.  Laying
on his bed he reaches for his cock and rubs. It comes to life for him.  He hops
up to lock the door and remove his clothes, retrieves the condom from the pocket
and gets back into bed. He is stroking his cock and licking the condom, adding
moisture to the salty, dried cum of his daughter-in-law.  It reminds him of the
many young pussies he has enjoyed.  Shaking hands untie the condom and he slides
it, with its cold wet contents over his cock and strokes harder, faster,
dreaming of Taylor, savoring the taste of her pussy and he cums, adding to the
already filled condom.  Upon removing he brings the condom to his mouth and
sucks it clean while holding his overly sensitive cock.  He falls freely in a
heap of ecstasy.

After his nap he finds
Taylor in the living room.  The baby sleeping in a bassinet nearby. She seems
troubled.  Mike asks how she’s holding up and she tells him of the pain she is
in from her engorged breasts.  She tells him how she had no idea how painful it
would be.  How sensitive she would be.  Mike disappears momentarily and returns
with a warm wash cloth suggesting she use it on her breasts.  The warmth may
ease the pain.  He is so sweet she thinks to herself

Together they sit quietly
watching a movie.  Taylor sighs and begins to rub her feet.  She complains of
how tired and sore they are.  Give them to me Mike says and she swings her legs
over his lap.  He rubs them gently and she thanks him for his kindness.  He is
rubbing her feet and stroking her calves and she welcomes his touch.  She isn’t
used to her husband tending to her like this.

to read the rest of the story click here guided masturbation  story

Cock sucking phone sex – Ms. Mandy at: 1-877-732-6360

Had an interesting surprise and wonderful time last
night,  while I was doing some guided masturbation phone sex calls, I also had a cock sucking call and a few other hot kinky ones. I talking to a very slutty panty boy who loves and craves dick.   I have to say that this jerk off slut  is quite the cock sucking panty faggot, which I love. He
gave me some very good news, and I must say, it was great to hear.  He has lots of dick lined up for to serve me with.  This
Slave is a wonderful guy, and has quite the cock sucking history. He
has sucked cock for me for a long time, and it looks like we are back on
the cock sucking bandwagon so to speak.

My cock sucking Slave  had on
some very sexy panties and a bra set that he bought for the occasion
last night. The panties and bra were made out of a mesh fabric, and his
clitty cock was poking over the tip of the panties, as were his nipples
sticking out thru the mesh fabric. Slave boy had managed to get a
pair of heels, and some cock sucker red lipstick to wear for me last

He had gone to his office to call me and he had also
purchased a dildo that would inflate in his ass pussy, the thought of
which was turning me on. He said it had a bulb like a blood pressure
machine, once it was inside, he would pump it up for me.  He also had
a dildo he was sucking on, we have done lots of sessions where I have
been able to listen to him suck real dick for me, He is a cock sucking
whore, and I love it! He makes me very wet and excited listening to him
suck and suck… I love hearing him get off also.

He sucked on
this dildo, then I had him insert the plug, all the while begging me for
the privilege. He put it in, and bounced and sucked. Eventually he came
without touching.
My Slave  is an amazing slut.

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy


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Naked fantasy boy cum eating humiliation phone sex slut for Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

I do love to do guided masturbation phone sex, and I am also very much into male cum training and humiliation.   If you want to be a cum training slut you need to follow my cum eating instructions.  My  naked fantasy boy is a prime example of my control   During a session recently I used him and made him do dirty things.  I very much enjoy making him do dirty things for me.   I started out by tieing up  MY balls and cock.  Then I had him him bend over and hold onto his ankles and let a group of my girlfriends look up ass.    I had a jar of Vaseline  handy, dipping my finger in it,  I  massaged his prostate,  and had him admit all the dirty things he wants and loves, and made him more.. my dirty boy.
I take him out side over to the window to watch Ms. Mandy undress, slowly slip out of my things. I know he is out there.  I sit on the bed, paint my toenails, I know naked fantasy boy is outside looking in at me and he is naked, he’s watching me.   I look out the window and see him,  I beckon him to come into my house,   I ask what he was doing outside, but I already know.  I know that he was jerking off out there. I could see him jerking off. I have him stand in front of me, hold my foot up, I push it against his crotch, and then I  masturbate him with my foot. I am pumping him with my foot. “Touch my cock with your feet” he says,  I take my toe, and swipe off pre cum, and stick it in his mouth.  I force him to lick it up.  If he does not do what I say, I will spank him, I call in more friends, and have them watch him lick the precum off my toe.More humiliation, public humiliation and phone sex humiliation for naked fantasy boy.
I get a huge kick out of making him jerk off in front of my girlfriends, bent over, holding his ankles, I order him to “take your position,” his balls are  hanging down, we can see them as we look up his asshole, and his cock is dangling as wee. I  finger fuck him, instructing him to pump it for me, going to use him for my amusement, he loves masturbating for me.   Tells me how much so very much loves to do all this. How humiliating!  As hHe licks my girlfriends ass, and I pull his balls, Kissing my legs, working his way up, I push face between my pussy.
I have the ladies hold him down, as I slide My strap on cock in his ass. I push it in, turn him into my bitch. We hold his legs up, and I make him cum in his mouth,  I order him to beg to squirt, then I order him to cum in his mouth and eat it.

 xoxo’s Ms. Mandy


Foot dangle fetish phone sex story – Mistress Mandy at 1-877-732-6360 **

My sexy foot boy sent me this erotic foot fetish phone sex story and I wanted to share it with you.  We just had a session and he was loving my feet as he does from time to time. I think I am going to have him under the table again.  I like to dangle my shoe off my toes, if you read the story I am sure you will be fascinated by his sexy foot tale.My wife and I were headed to a restaurant that evening for her birthday. We
were supposed to meet up with family and friends for the evening. As we walked
into the restaurant, I could see a bar down one wall, a piano player in the
corner, a roped off area for our reserved group, and the rest of the restaurant
was dimly lit, with small round tables and long table clothes. Sitting across
the room, I saw you. Sitting in thigh high, red dress, sexy tanned legs, and the
most sexy little feet I’ve ever seen. In an open toed, red shoe that had no
back. I must have been looking too long, all at once you arched your toes and
popped the sole of your shoe off your foot. As I looked back up to your eyes, I
saw you giggling as you bounced the shoe on your foot. Getting up, you started
walking my way, and my cock instantly got hard.Approaching the bar, you ordered
a couple glasses of wine and turned to me. “From the look in your eyes, and in
your crotch, you like my feet….is that right?”   “Yes ma’am,” is all I could
mutter. Leaning in close you whispered,”if I let you love on my feet, you have
to cum for me-agreed?”  The blood in my brain was gone. I hadn’t even considered
where, or how..    “Yes ma’am, I’ll cum for you” fell out of my mouth. I
couldn’t think of anything else. “Pay for the drinks and bring them to my table”
as you turned and walked back to the your seat.  Sitting there wondering what
had just happen, how was I going to get away to be with her. Suddenly the
bartender sat the drinks on the bar, and as I paid for them, all I could think
about was being at her feet. So there I went, walking across the restaurant
floor with 2 drinks, and as family and friends were rounding in at my table, I
was delivering these drinks to this mystery woman(who was soon to become my foot
mistress) in the corner. As I set the drinks down, you crossed your left leg
across your right one, lifting your foot just far enough for you to slip your
shoe off, as you held the edge of the table cloth up, and motioned me
underneath. The next thing I know, I’m sitting under this table, slipping her
shoe off and forgetting all about the b-day party. “Before you love on my feet,
you have to pull your pants below your knees, you don’t have to take them off,
but have them below your knees.”As I struggled to get out of my pants, she
shoved her big toe in my mouth, as to hold my attention, and I soon found myself
sitting with her foot in one hand as it positioned my hand around my cock and
had me start stroking, while the other held her foot to my mouth, where I gently
sucked each toe, and was kissing my way up the sole of her foot. Hearing my wife
ask people if they had seen me started me to worry.As I started to move, she
said “and where do you think you’re going,” as she stuck her toe back into my
mouth and pulled downward. Her other foot was behind my head and now it pushed
forward also, all of a sudden, I’m bent over top of my cock, with her toe
holding my jaw open, and her other foot holding my head bent over. “Pump it for
me, you want to cum for me don’t you….?” “Good boy, pump it faster”  As I
jerked on my cock and sucked on her toes, I forgot all about being looked for.
“Good boy, you can almost suck your own cock, show me how close you can get.”
with that, I’m pulling my head down as her foot pushes me closer and closer to
my cock. As I stroke my cock, the pre cum starts flowing as you rub your foot
across the head, and raise it to my lips to licked up. ” I like that. That’s
just how I want you to cum, and you stuck your toe back into my mouth and pulled
my head back over.

Having me stroke faster, I could hear them looking for me,
but didn’t care. As I started to explode, I started to raise my head, but your
hand held me still as you told me to shoot it for you. As I sat there, under the
table, bent over so far that all I could see was your foot and my cock ready to
explode, one more pump sent me into spasms of cum shooting from me. Bouncing off
your foot, and shooting in my mouth, as I continued stroking the last of the cum
out of me, you pulled your toe from my mouth, and raising your cum soaked sole
to my mouth also raised my head. Licking and sucking for all I’m worth, cleaning
your foot, and trying to catch my breath, I was told to pull up my pants and go

As I crawled out from under the table, I made my way to the restroom to
clean the cum off of my face, and clean up my pants and shirt the best I could,
before going back out to our table to meet up with the rest of the family and
friends, and try to explain where I had been, and what I had been
doing………              Your CE

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Cum gargling with little dick stroker boy – Ms. Mandy for humiliation phone sex at 1-877-732-6360

Pay piggie commonly referred to as Owned by Mistress Mandy, is wearing black lace stockings, and pink bows, black panties,
sucking a pink dildo, wrapping pink panties around his loser dick, whilst I
decide what he will buy me on my wishlist. Whilst he is not wanting guided masturbation phone sex, he prefers the humiliation I dish out.  A dish literally as he licks his cum off a plate on webcam for me, and gargles it. Cum eating makes Ms. Mandy’s pussy wet.  He gets charged a cum guzzling tax as well. As he is my pay piggie, he buys me things to make me happy. I enjoy seeing him licking up pre cum, has a dish
ready for a cum gargling tax, sucking on dildo dipping it in precum to lick
off. Taking a butt plug and shoving it in his pussy. This little dick loser,
wants to see a real man fuck me, cause he wants some cuckold phone sex with Ms.
Mandy. Little fucking useless dick which makes him my pay piggie. Using him as
he is my fucking whore. He thanks me for all the taxes I will charge him. He knows that he would never be the one to have sex with me. He worships me and thanks me.
I like fucking him over, degrading and humiliating him. He is “MY” addicted stroker whore. Cum eating, cum guzzling stroker pay piggie whore.
I own and control him. Licking up globs of pre cum, maybe I will ruin his
orgasm, I like to do that, he cums twice if I do. Can you do that stroker boy?
Now pay piggie is cumming on a plate licking it up and gargling it. Will charge
him more that.

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy


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Sissy rim job sucking cock phone sex – Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Guided masturbation phone sex and cock sucking phone sex for the humiliation that rim job Maureen craves. She is the cross dressing sissy slut that serves me.  Lately she is dress up and ready to head back to the movie theater.  In the past Lisa, Clare, and a few of their boy friends have used rim job for their amusement.  This is a real movie theater and she actually goes to see real movies. Sometimes the popcorn ends up in her ass, after a mouth full of cum.  During our recent session  Rim job needed some sissy training. I dressed her up, in purple panties and bra, heels, a dildo, halter top and a mini skirt in red, black halter top. Going to dress her up and use her. Took her to the mall, she asked some girls to see her tiny cock. Any of you losers craving some small penis humiliation  like rim job does? I order rj to get on hands and knees so the girl can fuck her pussy. Blonde guy is getting cock sucked by rim job maureen, and the girl is fucking her pussy ass.  She is a great cock sucker.

Next assignment:  buy some new panties, take a  bubble bath,  be sure to shave  all over.   I hear her bouncing on her butt plug, sucking on dildo like the real cock.  I adore being entertained!  Haha, so amusing!  She needs some real cock to suck, thinking of sending her to movie theater, told her to wear a skirt and a halter top to the movie theater.  Going to write SLUT on her forehead right now in lipstick. Big bold red lipstick. I like writing all over her. At the theater she is having a big cock shoot a load in her sissy mouth, getting her pussy fucked. Need to find Lisa and Clare. Going to make her weaker and more submissive. 5 Guys are jerking off on her. Going to get her fucked good. Rim job maureen is serving me. I own and control her. Hormones for tits, and suck lots of cocks. 40DD boobs for rim job.

Here is an account from rj’s about a clare episode:
Well Claire  has been putting me through my paces.  Last Friday I was at her house and 2 of  her friends were there and after they dressed me up in a pink dress with matching bra and panties and they found pink nylons to go with the outfit.  Then they fixed my face and then put on a red wig and then 4″ heels.  They had me walk around and tell then that I was  a slut.  Then we went out to the park – this was around 2 am  and they had me walk in front of them calling out loud that I need  to be fucked and I want to  suck dick.  After awhile Claire came up to me and took the dress off and told me to find a cock.  After 20 minutes I found  a man waking his dog. when he saw me he could tell he would get lucky.    Claire told me to get on my knees and show the nice man what a slut I am. So I did, and after I undid his pants he had a nice cock about 9″ and very thick. I went down on him and he enjoyed my mouth. Soon he tensed up and I received a big load of cum which I swallowed then I licked his cock clean.   He said thanks slut, and  started to leave, but Claire told him that he could do anything he wanted to me. He told us that he would be back tomorrow with a friend  and to have me wearing the same outfit.  The next night we were there and soon the guy showed up with his friend and soon I was getting it at both ends.   When they were ready to shoot their cum it was in my mouth and on my face.   I was allowed to jerk off and as I was ready to cum I  caught it in my hand and swallowed my cum in front of everyone.  With the nice weather coming I guess I will be walking the park more often.  Your slut R J

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