Patio stroker naked to the world – public humiliation via Ms. Mandy for phone sex 1-877-732-6360

Patio stroker  is new to my blog, but not new to me, he has been stroking for me, and I have been controlling him and MY cock for years.  He is a very serious follower of Ms. Mandy and I  own him, decided it is time for me to expose his kinkiness.  Let me talk about one of my sessions… might start out by me having him get naked  having him go over to his living room window, to ben our session, and get him hard and ready for my guided masturbation phone sex session.   I ask if he is
touching,  and he replies that he would like to touch,   I tell him to beg in order to be able to touch.    A little surprise for me is that he picked
up a butt plug and has a dildo and a prostrate stimulator, he has some lube, we
are going to train throughout the day. Ms. Mandy likes toys and utensils this will be right up my alley. No cumming for this California stroker boy. He is on  the orgasm denial program,  his birthday is coming up shortly, I told him that he might be able to cum on his birthday, it would be a few weeks, from when I first started denying him howver not even sure I will let him cum on his birthday.  For a birthday present, I feel that NOT cuming would be more appropriate.  I gave him an assignment last night, to
fix his wife a drink, then go into the bathroom I gave him 50 strokes looking in
mirror and repeating that I own him over and over 50 times.
 I am giving intense edge play
now, my new thing. Getting his lube and plug to experiment for me.  Humiliation phone sex and orgasm denial phone sex, are very good distance training techniques for stroker boys.

I have taken our training through many email sessions, since the above session was started, I will email and control stroker boy daily thru email and he has submitted his will and MY cock to me.

Some of you may be more interested in the public humiliation that he craves.  He loves to be out of doors naked,  With the possibility of getting caught.  I send him out the front door of his house completely naked, and he has to work his way around to the back door, which is open.  Sending me photos of his house I can see that there is quite a distance for him to travel naked, cell phone in hand.  I send him out once, it is exhilarating, I then take it up a notch, and send him again, this time, having him masturbate for me as I tease and deny him.  He has lots of pre cum, and of course I make him lick it up each time.

We continue our sessions, via email and phone, many actually, and I have been enjoying myself immensely.
Patio stroker is a good boy, he is making Ms. Mandy very happy!

It so happens that Patio Stroker wrote up a story about one of my exploits with him.. read on..

Patio Stroker .. a walk around the house..

Last night my friend Mandy, who is also my Mistress, came by for a visit. Immediately upon answering my door I could tell she was in a feisty, playful, and yes, a bit of a wicked mood.  Mandy was wearing a short black skirt, white blouse, open far enough to get my attention, and black high heals. Her wonderful legs needed no stockings. She was a bit upset with me for not following her previous days instructions to the letter. You see, Mistress is keeping me in orgasm denial. I haven’t cum for almost two weeks. I was supposed to do some masturbation assignments the day before, then report to her via email. I did the assignment (without cuming, of course), but neglected to send Mandy an email.

Mandy also like to humiliate me, making fun of and laughing at my small penis. She also likes to embarrass me by using forced exhibitionism.

“Lover boy, you know I’m not too happy with you. It’s time I get your attention as too who is in control here. Strip. Now!”  I remove all my clothes, standing in front of her completely naked I start to grow hard.  She laughs at me. Then slaps my cock. “I didn’t give you permission to get hard!”  She then grabs my cock and leads me to my back sliding glass door.  “Unlock it”‘ she demands.  I comply.  Then, still leading me by my cock, which has become fully erect, she brings me back to the front door, opens it, pulls me out on my front porch and closes the door behind her.  I panic.  “Mistress, that door automatically locks when closed! We can’t get back in!”

“Oh yes we can…through the back door”  I knew then I was in big trouble.  “Now stand right here and masturbate until you edge…NOW!!”  I begin. In no time I’m leaking pre-cum.  She runs her finger around then head of my cock, then sticks it in my mouth. “Lick it clean and follow me.”  She takes me by the hand and leads me around to front of the house. I stand naked in front of my garage. “10 strokes, please, and don’t you dare even think about cumming”.  I stroke while surveying the neighborhood.

She then leads me around the corner of the house, through the gate leading to my side yard. As we head toward the backyard, my motion sensing lights come on. Mandy give an evil laugh.   “Stop”. “Masturbate“.

I’m mortified. We have stopped right underneath my neighbors eighteen year old daughters window. A real little hottie. And her light is on.  “10 strokes” I comply, stroking as fast as possible, I know cumming would not go over well.  “Continue”.

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