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New sissy maid on board, Mandy’s new sissy maid Candi, looking for phone sex. She has a 5 1/2″ erect clitty, and has served R/T, as a sissy maid. Her Mistress danced, and had Candi sit as a groupie and jerkoff in the men’s room, into a glass of soda, come out and drink it while she watched and had a “cream soda”.

I am thinking of a tea party with Candi, have her be forced into a transformation, and then serve us, masturbate in front of all my lady friends, in her Black Satin Maid’s outfit.

Sissy Maid Candi is a porn addict, compulsive masturbator, and a stroker boy, all rolled into one. I might tie her down, and force her to masturbate for me.


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You are addicted to me.  Face it you have no choice, I just can do things with “my cock” that you can not do alone.  You need me. You need my voice, you need my eyes, you need my smile.  I will use you and you will love it.  I will rope you into my web of addicted submissive.  Face it… You do not have a chance!

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California panty boy is back and stroking his little dick. I like to send California guy outside to show off to the world.  He says his neighbors can see him.  I make him wear panties outside, and then make him jerk off.

Here is some fun information for you guys out there.  CA panty boy and I have done a lot of calls in the past. I have dominated him, and used toys, I have done guided masturbation , I have sent him out and exposed him. I did not know he had a little dick.  He wanted some small penis humiliation  phone sex.  He sent me some pictures today.

It was way funny. Cause I had no idea.  He had one some nice panties, I did not know why I liked them so much, it was because they were ones from Victoria’s Secret that I wanted. SO, any of you stroker boys out there wanting to buy me some panties, it is summer and Ms. Mandy needs some new panties.

Tonight I did a two girl call with Ca panty boy.  If any of you would like one, I can make your stroking experience double fun, as I did tonight with CA panty boy.  My pretty girlfriend and I watched as he  modeled his panties for us.. He then got a toy, and used it on his pussy, did I mention, if he cums he is going to pay a cum tax of $100.  Orgasm denial phone sex !
Training is going on … Let’s see if he can hold out…

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I have made a new friend that likes to dress up for Ms. Mandy and show off her pretty body on webcam.  Katie! She wanted a taste of Ms. Mandy’s guided masturbation phone sex !  She was modeling a very hot little red short dress, and Katie had on some white nylon bikini panties, open toe sandal high heels, I can hear her walking in them, and now going to watch on webcam.  She looked lovely wearing a long blonde wig, I am so turned on by this slutty girl!  She is a fuck toy with a fuck toy body!  Wiggling that little ass, looks like Katie has a big clitty, really big like 8″ and all shaved. I can tell that she feels all slutty, because she is all slutty.!!

Did I mention that Katie has a vibrator in her pussy. Loves to have her little pussy played with. Has a 9″ big cock to suck there as well, and she is wasting no time bouncing on it like the slut she is. Likes to be humiliated for me and my girlfriends, likes to be tied up, and would love to be used as a house boy.

Asked what else she is into, well she is Into being an exhibitionist, used as my toy. We can use him!  In the middle of the room and spank him. I have Katie spank that naughty ass for me!  I put her over my lap, and spank it, till it’s nice and red!  It is really beat red, ouch!   Naughty little girl!  Ass is getting red Katie bad girl.  Ass now matches her dress. Katie says it feels good!

Katie has precum on her clitty, she is licking it up for Ms. Mandy!

We also had an outfit change, sh then put on a pair of thong panties for Ms. Mandy, white satin baby doll nightie, I have to say that this sissy girl looks so sexy and pretty. She feels beautiful all dressed for moi!   Naughty little boy girl.  Miss Katie’s legs up, Ms, Mandy fucking her pussy, SHE is a slut! , Katie is a big slut hole, needs to be filled with big cocks, Hot pussy girl, watching that cock go in and out of her pussy.

Katie will serve Ms Mandy, and she will serve me in a pinafore, suck some cocks around my house, the bigger the better… Squirting cum all over her face.  Let’s put the bigger cock in her pussy now!  Sucking the big cock getting it ready for her pussy. A big hard dick.. ride that cock Katie, it’s a big dick!  Bouncing on it, a great webcam shot, nighty flying up and down, as she bounces the naughty little fuck girl. Has a big dick, and is my little slut, going to whore her out…

Katie likes going to the glory holes, going to send her so I can watch…she wants her pussy fucked… good girl Katie!  Naughty girl…beg me to fuck you, Pounding her pussy, she is bouncing on it!  Girlie girl with big pussy stick!  Use Katie as a webcam girlie!  That’s so hot,, Legs over head, pumping toward face, and licking it all up!

Hot Erotic tease and denial story by subby d**

Hi there stroker boys.. Subby d** wrote a super hot erotic story, it is a tease and denial story, all you guys loving edge play will love this one.
He is quite the writer.. enjoy!
Pushing boundaries, I think that what she called it, she was so playful.  She had always enjoyed taking control in the bedroom
and I must admit I have a secret submissive streak.
That night she seduced me and had me kneel before her as she straddled my chin and fed me her beautiful pussy…I was drunk with lust for her,
my hands running up the back of her legs and caressing her wonderful behind. Soon her legs began to tremble, her hands grabbed my head and
pulled me in deep, my tongue delved deep within her musky center. Then it happened, a sudden shutter and a deep moan followed by a rush of her
juices flowing into my mouth and down my cheeks, she was cumimg like never before, it was all I could do the hold her up right as she came
down from her orgasmic blitz.
Once she had recovered she helped me strip and laid me down on the bed, and without warning she quickly had my hands cuffed to the head board.
She smiled down at me as she sat on the side of the bed and slowly stroked my ever so hard cock. She then told me that earlier that day while straightening up in my den she had bumped my mouse and the screen screen illuminated, There before her was a video that I must have forgotten to close. It was of a beautiful woman fondling herself, masturbating all while looking at someone off screen as if teasing him, soon she has him crawling up the bed and licking her to orgasm. She said it really got her hot so she probed into my browser history, She said she had found links to domme wife stories  She said she say a pattern in that most of the stories were of a dominate wife who would tease and often humiliate her husband. She told me how she couldn’t believe how hot the stories made her and how badly she needed to cum on my face this evening.
She said that since I was always reading these stories then I must want to push my boundaries. she put her finger to my lips to let me know she
didn’t want to discuss it.  She then turned and swung her leg over my chest and sat facing away from me, she scooted back just a bit so her
as and pussy were just barely out of tongues reach. She was such an awesome sight and scent, she was swollen and wet from her orgasm, my
cock throbbed at the sight. then her hand was stroking me slowly…up and down, down and up. She was building me up to an explosive climax,
soon I could feel my balls contracting and the first wave at the crest when everything stopped. She let go of my cock and sat up and pushed
back on my face, she ground herself on my face her juices flowing and she came again collapsing on top of me. Then after a bit she moved
forward and turned her attention back to my throbbing member and began her expert manipulations again, this time I felt her mouth close over
the sensitive bulging head as she stroked…Soon I was begging and felt my orgasm build and just at the first spurt was ready to blow..nothing
she stopped stroking and squeezed the base to stifle it. She was ready for another one though and I found my face being ridden to yet another
screaming Orgasm for her.
She repeated this two more times, I was in a heaven/hell submissive state begging her to let me come, “I’ll do anything”.  She then got up
and turned around and held my cock at her pussy and pushed just the top of the head it, just enough to hold it straight. “Anything”? she said
“YES Anything please let me cum” she smiled and asked knowingly, when I had came last, she knew it was almost a week ago, and I told her
so.  “So you must be very full by now, I bet you’ll fill my pussy to overflowing wouldn’t you?” , ” Fuck yes” I replied.  Her smile grew larger as
she said “Anything…….” and sank down the full length of my cock. She sat there, leaned forward and kissed me deep and passionately, then
slid over and whispered in my ear..”well that ANYTHING is that once you cum deep, deep inside me, I’m going to climb up and ride your face
to one another explosive orgasm as you lick and suck all your stick hot goo out of me…My eyes flew open, I have always fantasized about this, as I
jerk off to stories, but after I came there was no desire left.  I began to panic, I stared to tell her no, but her finger once again silenced me.
She sat back up and slowly started her ride, telling me I should at least try to hold out until she came, but that she doubted I would last to long once she started to Gallup. As she picked up pace, the sight of her pounding up and down, her lovely breast swinging with each thrust was an awesome sight indeed. She began to scream, she was close, oh god I could feel my load boiling and my cock swelling deep within her.
Then the thought of what will happen once I’ve filled her, was both terrifying an erotic, exciting and humiliating….then it Happened…as my whole body stiffened, she leaned forward and whispered “Now, cum for me Now, fill me up so I can feed you to my next orgasm”  I came that instant, I don’t know how long it lasted or how many times a spurted deep in her, at some point I must of blacked out because the next thing I remember was opening my eyes in time to see her magnificent pussy dripping with my cum being lowered down on my face.  I didn’t want it at first I struggled but to no avail, so I gave in and licked and licked, it wasn’t all that bad and she was loving it riding me even harder than before, soon she was cummimg, and she just didn’t seem to stop it was all I could do to consume our mixed juice.
When she came down, she uncuffed me and kissed me licking some left overs off for her own enjoyment. She snuggled up into the crook of my
arm and rested her head on my shoulder. She whispered, “I love You….But from now on, here in the bedroom I own and control
you… me Mistress”

OnLine Cucky Hubby ~15 Minute FREE AUDIO STORY ~Sequel to his trip to Mexico~ Tiny cock humiliation phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360 +

I had just come home from a long day of shopping. I threw my keys down on the little antique French table in the foyer of our house, and ran for the telephone. It was ringing non stop.  I managed to grab the phone just in time.  It was my On Line Cucky Hubby, telling me he had just returned from his vacation.  He had just come home from Mexico, and apparently had gone with a girl, as a friend, he said they had gone dutch.  He told me all about the gorgeous beaches, some of them nude. The great restaurants, and how relaxing the entire vacation was.

I was busy opening up wall paper samples, and paint samples as I was getting ready for some spring decorating, and while he was telling me about his trip. I was looking at these samples that the decorator had just dropped off. I had many different colors, and was not quite sure what I would be using this year. My husband had gotten a huge bonus, and of course he had no say in where that money would go, as I was going to do with it as I pleased. When I had told my husband that we needed some redecorating, all he had answered was “yes, Mandy.”

I had samples in shades of blues, and apricot, and peaches, and lime greens … also taupe’s and beige’s.  I had books of paper samples, and was thinking of getting some material and having club chairs made to match a wall or so. I thought the dining room would look wonderful that way. The decorator is a stroker boy. I have him running back and forth for me daily from the showroom, with all sorts of goodies. He goes into the city, and brings back accessories for me to pick from. We had been looking for something for the dining room table, a centerpiece, focal piece for the room, and he had suggested these Georg Jensen candlesticks, they were incredibly expensive. I told him, I felt they would be suitable for our Ruhlman table, I was thinking of a chintz possibly for the chair seats, not sure exactly. I had also ordered a cherub chandelier for over the table in a with rose and leaf accents, the cherubs were bronze and cast from an old mold, very pretty for sure.

My Online Cucky Hubby was chatting away on the phone about this trip.  Apparently this girl he had gone with, had managed to find and become overly attracted to a rather handsome, and humorous black man with an enormous cock.  My OLC was quite astounded by her behavior and reaction to this man, I found the situation funny to say the least.  He told me that she had started off by flirting with him, and then it lead to more serious flirtation, there were other couples, and at one point, the black man, whose name was Devaun, actually called my OLC by a wrong name. How embarrassing is that? He said it was not like his fantasy at all. In fact it was unlike any fantasy he had ever had, he was merely the third person. To make matters worse, the girl he went with basically ignored him, and was totally into Devaun.  From what OLC told me, it is understandable since Devaun had a huge 10″ cock, and this girl had never seen anything like it.  OLC even went so far as to follow them, and watch them in the moon light on this vacation, have wild sex. He said she went crazy for his huge black cock, just like the girls do in the porn movies.  Enough said about this.  I was laughing the entire time he told me the story.  My poor, sweet, OLC, had quite the time, he said he had to jerk off on the beach to alleviate the tension of it all.

However, he continued to tell me, that the next day, Devaun told OLC that he knew that he was being watched last night. And that he felt that little white boys, watching superior black men fuck, showed that they were faggots. OLC had mentioned that upon waking up in the morning this girl that he had gone with, actually teased him with her crusty cum filled pussy, and he basically was trembling at the opportunity to lick her clean. New lows for OLC for sure.  Devaun, must have been privy to what she was planning, because while this was happening, OLC looked up, and saw Devaun watching him. Calling him a faggot, and taking out is big cock, Devaun made OLC suck him.  I should not use the word made, as he was more then happy to do so.  This girl also made him pay for lunch, and told him that he would be giving her his credit cards to use from now on.

This did not sit well with me at all.  My OnLine Cucky Hubby had recently entered an agreement with me.  I had told him that I would divorce him, unless he agreed to certain terms. This was all brought on by the fact that although I do love him, he cannot satisfy me, because he has only a 3″ dick.  He knows this, and he certainly did not want us not to be together, as he loves me as well, and he agreed to the terms.
These were the terms…”you have 2 choices, either i will divorce you and you will never get to see me again or we can do things my way.   good that’s what i thought.  first i want you to sign these papers.  they are kind of like a prenuptial that ensures i will be rewarded for letting your loser ass stay here.  it put everything we own in my name (except the credit cards) and stipulates if we get divorced for any reason, 90% of your salary will go to me.”  He eagerly agreed to the terms of course. For one thing, summer was coming and he did not want to miss out on another great summer on Long Beach Island.

But getting back to what I was saying. Here is he on vacation with some strange girl, and she is telling him what he is going to do with his money, when we had already agreed. I found this unbelievable and told OLC that this was not acceptable. He asked me, “Mandy,” what can I do to make it up to you? I told him to come over to my house and we could discuss it.  I do not think it took him very long to get to my house, and before no time, there was a knock at my door. He was standing there, flowers in hand, and looking as handsome as ever. I kissed him on the cheek and told him to come inside. I think he knew he was in the doghouse about agreeing to give this girl his credit cards, plus the fact he had sucked Devaun’s cock, without so much of a thought of our agreement.  I had just come back from the gym. I had showered, and changed into a new pair of  very  hot Chanel Jeans that I had gotten last time I was in the city (using my OLC’s credit card of course), and had on a very sexy Dolce and Gabbana top that was embroidered , this top made my sexy breast’s look even sexier. My Manolo stilleto’s only added to the curve of my backside. I could see that when OLC got a look at me, it made his little dick get hard. I alway’s have to laugh at the effect that I have on

We went into the Great Room and we were sitting on the sofa. I had a large bowl of wonderful fresh fruit that a friend had sent to me from a specialty store in NYC, I fixed us a cheese platter, and poured us some champage, so we could sit and chat, as it had been a while since we had done that. We were comfortable on the soft suede sofa with our shoes off, the fire burning in the fireplace it was actually very romantic, it was a bit late in the day, a good time to sit back and relax. Then, out of the blue,  my OLC asked me if I thought there was ever a possibility of us having sex again.  I said, “Again?  Loser, we have never had sex, if you recall once I saw your little dick, I was totally not into having sex with you, and we did not have sex. I think if I remember correctly, you tried and you could not stay hard, much less get it into my pussy, you are just too small. Besides you know that I only married you for your money, and that I just like the lifestyle you afford me.”  He sighed, and said, “Yes, Mandy.” A loser can only hope!” At which point, I had to laugh.  A few moments later Devaun showed up at my door.  I asked my My OLC to get the door, and he was completely shocked when he opened it, and saw Devaun standing there. OLC had mentioned that Devaun worked out in a gym a few towns away from where I lived, I thought that was a coincidence for sure, I called the gym and asked if there was a Devaun there, and after explaining to him, who I was, I asked him, if he wanted a little white pussy action now that he was back in NJ. Devaun said, if your white ass is as fine as the one I had in Mexico, than you can count me in.  OLC had no idea that I had been in contact with him, but he sounded so fine, I could not pass up the opportunity to see a big black cock.

I told my OLC, loser, what am I going to do with you. You are Not to use your credit cards on anyone but Ms. Mandy. You are addicted to Ms. Mandy, and you need to worship only ME! He said, “Yes, Mandy, you are right, I am addicted to you.”  Devaun and I both laughed. Devaun assured me that his cards were not used, as the trip was over and other then the lunch he had bought them, that was about all OLC had spent on them.  That made me feel a little bit better. I mean, I could enforce the pre-nup OLC signed and make him give me everything he had. I could ruin him, fuck him over, and laugh my way to the bank.

However, I do love my OLC, it is true, and really did not want him to not be around. I told Devaun, “well, you are here now, why don’t you show me what all the fuss is about?” He said, Ms. Mandy, you are a fine white thing, I would be glad to show my big Johnson to you! So out it came!  The biggest black dick I had ever seen.  I said, “Cucky Hubby, I guess you better get on your knees, and get Devaun’s big cock ready for me…” You know, I could tell that OLC was super happy to do so, to be included in the festivities, and he wanted to be a faggot just for me. That big black cock, in his mouth looked so hot. He was choking on it, and I could not help but laugh. On the one hand he was stunned and humiliated that I had thought to invite Devaun for another round with him, and secretly longing to suck his big dick.

I had been working out a lot over the past few months, and my body was tighter and more fit then ever.  I dropped out of the silky red Victoria’s Secret Silk robe that I was wearing, and laid back on the bed. I told my OLC to bring Devaun and his big dick over to the bed, he was to crawl underneath me, and lick me, and slide Devaun’s huge member into me!  OLC was very red in the face, was the humiliation to much for him. I hardly cared, he was there to please me, and I was there to be amused and satisfied.  My OLC was underneath me, licking away as this big dick was pounding me. I was in heaven, being satisfied on the inside and out, I was having multiple orgasms, one after the other. The cum and jizz were dripping on my OLC’s face, and he kept lapping away. I told him, loser, keep licking if you know what is good for you!
I took Devaun’s cock out of my pussy, and then fed it to OLC, I told him to lick my juice off, and I meant every drop! Financial domination and guided masturbation for losers like on line cucky husband. Cuckolds will enjoy this erotic story, about humiliation phonesex.

My OLC did as he was told, his little woodie was really hard, and as he licked Devaun’s cock, he squirted out a little load of cum. This cause Devaun and myself to break out laughing again!  Devaun said to him, white boy, you are a faggot! Just like I thought!   It was really a funny moment.  I got up, and wanted a nice hot shower, I told my OLC to leave his gold card on the dresser, that I wanted to go shopping, I also told him to get dressed, as I wanted him to take Devaun and me out to a real expensive dinner, of course OLC was going to pick up the bill.  I don’t see me and my OLC ever having sex, I guess you all realize that he is a loser with a little dick, but the fact remains that I love my OnLine Cucky Hubby, and he is here to stay!  Little dick and all!

NEW FREE 10 Minute CUCKOLD AUDIO! Cuckold Woodsman has returned! Call Ms. Mandy for your cuckold fantasy phone sex at 1-877-732-6360

Woodsman loves to do cuckold phone sex with me and he just called me and told me that he has been baby-sitting his ex-wife’s new baby, his ex-wife has a gorgeous HUNG black boyfriend. They are still living together.  Woodsman’s ex-wife has him come over to their house and baby-sit the new baby. He says the baby is very cute and he wishes that it was his.  Woodsman also has gotten a part time cleaning job, the swing shift at an office from 11pm – 6am, long shift. So he got job, and he is baby-sitting. That’s the news! Which is good, as Woodsman has more money to call me for phone sex!

I asked for some updates on what else is going on in his life, as I feel we are friends, and love to hear about all his exploits and adventures.  He told me that his ex-wife is working and so is her boyfriend. That is why Woodsman has to be the daycare/sitter. Woodsman has been looking for a girlfriend. He gets to see his ex-wife, when he goes to baby-sit, but she talks about Marcus all the time. So there is no pussy there for him, that is a given, plus if you already don’t know or remember, Woodsman has a 2″ dick!

The Ex thinks that Woodsman should be locked up in chastity device again. Maybe I should lock Woodsman up. Some hot new orgasm denial, I am going to let Woodsman cum today, then I will lock him up, I think that is the plan, and he won’t be allowed to cum until the next time we do a cuckold phone sex session. I gave him an assignment, and that is to say once a day “not cumming is good for me.”  And I want him to start looking for a new girl. I told him to offer to clean a young girl’s house, in order to learn how to clean, so he can start cleaning houses for a living.

Woodsman said, “I won’t get any pussy that way…” He’s going to be locked up anyway. He says all the stud’s get the hot women. Woodsman only has a 3″ clitty. He has even had to get Marcus ready for his wife, recently, as it turns on his ex-wife. Woodsman is a cock sucker now, with a little dick. How funny is that?

He can’t say no to Marcus or his ex, since Marcus is a superior black male, oh, by the way, they have a nickname for Woodsman and that is “bitch boy.”  I asked him how it feels to have a big black cock in his mouth. He says it’s very humiliating, and he has to clean them both off after…with a wash cloth. Woodsman is really pathetic.

Woodsman has on some porn on now as I am talking to him, a black man with a with a white woman. I am going to let him cum today. I have not let him cum in ages. He lied about the hooker he had sex with. (you will have to go back and read some of Woodsman’s other story’s he has some really good and funny one’s about being a cuckold, and about having a little dick) He really did not have intercourse with her at all, as he could not get his little soft penis inside of her, and maybe she was stretched out? Just guessing!  The hooker would not let him. He could not get it up, he did oral to her. He has not had sex in 7 years, because he can’t get it up. He said he has a limp dick, it does not get hard. He said the last girl he was with told him he was not a man.  I think she was probably right.

So this other girl wanted a big hard cock. And Woodsman will never have that… he is just a pussy licker now. His ex told him he was useless and inadequate and his tiny cock should be locked up. I am going to lock him up today.  I told him to get out his chastity device.  I was going to let him stroke and not cum, but decided to just lock it up instead.

So…. Now Woodsman back in chastity, where he belongs! He is going to baby sit and suck off his ex-wife’s boyfriend’s cock and be her clean up bitch.  He is a real cuckold ex-husband.  I asked Woodsman what the highlight of his week was and he said, licking his ex-wife’s pussy.  He said Marcus is such a stud, very Alpha Male. I think that mean’s that Woodsman is getting to lick sucking big black cock.

New rules for the Woodsman…  He is not allowed to get out of chastity unless he begs me.  Wanted to know last time I had sex with my hubby, I told him last December as he bought me a diamond necklace.  He wanted to know if hubby begs for sex, I told him yes of course..  my hubby says… Mandy please let me try.. I tell him I am too sore from my RMB!

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy


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Sissy phone sex candi is back – Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Of course I love sissy phone sex!  Sissy candi is addicted to Ms. Mandy, she is one of my first sissy’s and returned for a sexy panty girl phone sex call.  She is TOO much!  She told me that she dressed up just for me, and missed my exquisite form of humiliation.  One never knows, what is liable to pop out of my mouth.  I can be funny, filthy, or annoyingly teasing.  She dressed up for the coaction wearing a pair of fishnet stockings, and a garter belt and high heeled pumps.  She did not wear panties as she is not allowed to wear panties,  this provides easy access.  I like her to amuse and service everyone at my tea parties, and today was no exception.   I display her in front of my lady friends and everyone has a good time and a good laugh at her expense.  Sissy candi’s return is very welcome because she is an experienced sissy, which is what I enjoy the most. She admitted that she wants back into the fold, and wants to appear again on Candy’s Corner!  You can check her other blog posts and see what a naughty sissy she is. Today I will have her  serve at a tea party.  I  dressed sissy candi in a red sissy maid outfit.  This was for Valentine’s day and she also brought a box of chocolates for me and my friends.  She told me that she was going to inject the chocolates with cream.  I one upped her on that.

I always have plenty of studs at my party.  All you little dick losers can now drool.  Candi might call me for some sissy training, but I am not opposed to add in a cuckold fantasy, some guided masturbation, panty play, as I dominate her sissy ass.  All my studs and lovers have big cocks.  I had candi suck a big cock for me, in front of all the girls.  She is made to suck the cum out of my pussy,  I wasted no time dripping the cum into sissy candi’s mouth. She is going to suck the cum out, what a cum slut she is.  She does not deserve to cum, I  lock her up, and make her beg to take it out. Candi is also going to lick all my gf’s asses, one after another, each girl giggles, and Candi continues to lick asses. Lot of girls in room for V Day taking pictures to post on their Facebook walls.
As a real surprise I bring out a chocolate cupcake, and I put it on her clitty and order her to hump it.  Chocolate flying everywhere, we all get a good laugh about this, the goal is to load the cupcake up with cum / cream, then has to eat it.  What is more hilarious, she is covered with chocolate and cum, and continues to lick up every nasty drop, at her expense we are wild with laughter.
Sissy candi will be back soon for more abuse.
xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

Sissy Brenna – a bottom is a top? Not quite.. Sissy phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Sissy brenna likes my sissy phone sex, and also enjoys guided masturbation phonesex, especially designed for gurls who enjoy cross dressing.  I do so enjoy a cross dresser as it turns Ms. Mandy on.  Sissy brenna is now in a new relationship.  Sissy brenna and I go way back, she is quite the sissy whore, I like dressing her up and having her look like Sharon for me.  She has many items of clothing as she likes to cross dress, and also has some new gurl friends.  From time to time she goes clubbing to clubs that have transgender type entertainment, I would love to go along with the “gurls” and have some fun with them. Brenna has sent me a link of one place that she enjoys.

She has gone through many phases. Brenna has told me an interesting
story which I really enjoyed hearing about her journey into fetish land,
and how she got into the fetish world, she is very amazing. She tried to be open with her mate at one point, but her girlfriend just was not into it.  Taking her to other places, such as a sissy maid. I met brenna in her sissy maid period, she has full maid attire and has been featured on sites dressing in a sissy maid outfit, and has been spanked for not doing her chores as she should.

I have had her put on makeup, and do enjoy hearing her travels in the fetish world, and being a sissy slut.  Recently she has a liaison with another sissy gurl, but apparently that has not worked out, because they were both bottoms.

Now brenna has yet to find another sexy encounter, it is not her first with a couple. Now the Mistress has brenna fucking her, (yes, the Mistress is being fucked by sissy brenna!)  in front of her husband, it is a cuckold sort of situation.  I can not imagine a sissy fucking a Mistress. However, everything kinky is good!   This  Mistress has put brenna in a chastity device, and keeps a butt plug in her as well.  Not to sure a Mistress would (or should) fuck a bottom, but that is what  we have here. It is sort of humorous..  Mistress is trying to make brenna
not a gurl, not sure that I like that, cause I love sissy gurls more
then anything, however, I would love brenna in any form. I am told she
likes brenna’s big cock, and also plans on her doing house work. That
sounds gurly, so we shall see….

brenna had this to say about the situation. 
sissyb: Love your last post about me. The new mistress  is going to use me twice a week, and I will be chastised when not being used
Mandie Parker: great!!!!
sissyb: I feel kinda weird about this
Mandie Parker: What do you mean? What will she do?
sissyb: She has me fuck her
Mandie Parker: thats strange
sissyb: Her husband watches, eventually I am to move in with them
Mandie Parker: where do they live is it far from you?
sissyb:  about 30 miles,  she will totally control me
Mandie Parker: so how do you feel about all this
sissyb: Excited but scared. It is so wrong to be fucking a Domme.  She has me wearing my plug to bed tonight
Mandie Parker: sounds intriguing, but I  did not think you would be having sex with her
Mandie Parker: what does hubby do?
sissyb: He watches…


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