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My chastity slave boy is very kinky and has sent me many secret fantasies about his desires. I love that!  He is chaste, because I say so.  I am in control of MY cock!   He has a webcam and delights me with pictures of my cock. He has many interests that we share, and I find that makes my denial sessions more intriguing.  He never knows what I am liable to say.

I like to have him in panties, and wait for my orgasm denial phone sex to begin.   I like blue balls, orgasm denial, I like to use cock control, and make stroker boys, especially delicious peter Not cum.  He is able to control his orgasm.  Of course there is always guided masturbation phone sex as well.  That is a good thing!

Till we talk again.. xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

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xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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New Sissy Maid Michell.. Public Humiliation, Crossdressing, Sissy Maid Training for Ms Mandy!

New Sissy Maid in Ms Mandy’s world, today!   Sissy Maid Michell wearing a white petticoat, and a sexy, black maids outfit, that locks on with chain and padlock, what a good Sissy Maid.  She loves being a sissy, Michell, is a long time sissy, served R/T.  One Mistress for 3 years, and a ACouple as well. Enjoys ruffles and petticoats, and being submissive and subservient.  Heels for this sissy, fuck me pumps… 4″ or 5″ heels.  Wearing black patent leather heels with ankle straps for Ms. Mandy today!

Likes to be controled and humiliated like all good sissy’s do. Likes public humiliation, like, wearing a bra and breast forms to the mall. Buys panties at the Mall, and perfume and tells the salesgirl that it is for her. Lives in an apartment and parades in the hallway in a dress. She even got caught once in a white ruffled outfit, by a girl where she lives. Very intense don’t you think?

I am going to control and use you, Sissy Michell for my amusement.  You will be totally addicted to Ms. Mandy, I am going to train you!  So, I want you to get tampons, red lipstick, nailpolish, feather duster. Make sure you are wearing a bra, and breast forms when you go to the store. Ms.Mandy’s New Sissy Maid is going to be Trained!

There was no cumming this session, and I had her put a chastity device on now, You will be wearing this until our next session and be thinking about how Ms. Mandy is controlling you.

"sissy phone sex", "cross dresser"

Mandy Malone loves to dress up sissy gurls

T BOY IS BACK! Free Audio Guided Masturbation Session – Orgasm denial, stroking instructions, and cock control! LESSON #1

My T Boy is back, and we are going to start doing some new online guided masturbation sessions. So for all you guys out there, that want to stroke along, please join in!  I love to see comments, on my blog, let me know how you are making out with your stroking, I like to deny and make those balls fill up. Be prepared to suffer, before I allow you to come. That goes for you too T Boy!  I am going to start your training over from scratch. Here is the first lesson….

Lesson Number 1

You will need, a bottle of lube, a porn magazine or website… a small clock.

I want you comfortable in a chair, sit back and look at a porn image, No touching, this is not about getting off, this will be training..

I want you to get in a chair. and pull your shorts down underneath your balls, take the lotion out and drip some on your C** just as if I were doing it.

Now look at the picture, and stroke for 2 minutes, you may get hard, do not cum!
Look at the porn pictures, then take your hands off!  I want you hot and horny!

Watch the clock, and no stroking now for  3 min. Hands are off!  You may rub your balls, but no cock touching…

More lotion, get out some more porn, look at the pretty girls…….. repeat, stroking slowly for 2 min.

Then hands off for 3 minutes while looking at more sexy pictures….

repeat one more time…

No cuming for this session!

Be sure to follow the instructions…remember I am watching you!

For those of you who leave comments, with an email, I will send you a special treat in your email!

Happy Stroking xoxoox’s Mandy

Remember your comments are greatly appreciated, here is a comment, TBOY left for tonight’s session, you can find these comments on the lefthand column of my blog.

  •  T Boy wrote:
    Sweet Mistress Mandy you are a goddess whom I will worship forever. Thank you for taking me on as an obedient stroker pet for 2008. I promise that I will follow each instruction to the letter since you own me. My cock is yours Mistress. This lesson was a good starter. I put on my favorite handjobs POV porn video, sat back in my soft brown leather chair with a full bottle of KY warming lotion/lube. The band of my boxers under my balls, cutting into the skin and holding my balls up. I drizzle my cock with the jelly and set the clock to 2 minutes and begin stroking up and down per your instructions. My cock twitching to attention as the jelly warms to my hand. The veins on my cock begin swelling and pulsating as I stroke and watch the busty teen on the video give an awesome handjob. Mmmm…my balls are really going to ache with this training. Thank you for teaching me Mistress. You are a true goddess of pleasure. XXOO

Mandy Malone wrote:
Dear T Boy:
I am so glad to have you back. I have missed our stroking sessions, and I am looking forward to warming up the cold winter months ahead, with erotic fun!  I love your graphic description of what you did during your first welcome back session. It almost seems as if I am right there watching. I will be posting another session for your soon, You may do this lesson as many times this week as you like (untill your next session is posted)
Remember no cumming, as I own your cock!


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Naked fantasy boy does air humping – Ms. Mandy guided masturbation phone sex 1-877-732-6360

New to my blog, but not new to me, my delicious stroker boy… I will call him ….Fantasy boy running around the house naked for me.  A kinky boy for me,
told me that when he was younger he would run around late at night in the dark,
naked, he wanted an older woman to catch him. He could see in her window too,
and he would jerk off while he watched her in her window.  He was the lawn boy. Awww nice! He
would fantasize about her making him come in her house and jerk off for her.Maybe a little masturbation guidance?

Fantasy boy wanted to do anything she commanded him to do. He likes to
pleasure a woman’s ass hole with his tongue, and gifted it is (so he tells Ms. Mandy).  He used to
always think about him being caught, he would only wear socks, being
embarrassed. (this is why he likes humiliation phone sex with Me!)  She had great legs, he would watch her paint her toenails. Too bad
he did not get caught so he could have lived out this fantasy. She might have known.
He loved to cum outside the window. Fantasy boy is going to send me a new picture for my web site, the one he
sent for my panty page has his rather large cock, poking out of his panties, and
it is way too big for my page, NO nudies.

He has fantasized about me
telling him to do dirty things in front of other girls, and expose himself.
Making him put on white socks, and nothing else, and bend over so I can look up
his ass hole, spread your cheeks, make him do dirty things he is such a slut.
Take my finger and slide it in his ass, two fingers, squeeze balls with other
hand, he tied cock and balls for me, he has sent me pics of that, it is very
pretty!  Telling me how hard I make his dick, spread your legs far apart, and
expose yourself to me and my girlfriends, he tries to cover up but can’t.

I want Fantasy boy to jerk off us in front of all of us. Pump it, Be a good
boy!  He wants to be a good dirty boy. I am going to put a butt plug up his ass.
They will see what a pervert that he is, he wants to give a good jerk off show
to make everyone proud of him. Pump that cock, put on a good show, we are all
watching! Thrust your hips out, fuck the air, likes a butt plug in while he
jerks off!  Does this qualify for public humiliation?
Wants to see my sexy legs and feet. Kissing my feet, do dirty things for
me, his balls are so full, and tight, I will inspect balls for tightness, bounce
on that butt plug, I will plug him up, Tied up, plugged up, and we are taking
pictures, to send to everyone. Sexy legs all over his face. He loves to stroke
MY cock for me, I love him jerking off for me.  My dirty perverted, naughty,
jerk off boy!  Very very naughty. Touch yourself dirty boy.

Putting a leash around his cock, Caught him outside my window, come outside
and put a leash around his cock, and bring him inside by the leash, cock is
dripping, lick it up, lick up the precum, in front of all my friends they will
know he is a pervert. Jerk off for us, and lick, jerk and lick.. Squirt it out
after asking for permission to squirt.

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy


Pay piggy Owned by Mistress Mandy Financial Domination phone sex 1-877-732-6360

Dirty fucking whore on webcam, wanting guided masturbation phone sex, with domination and financial domination as he ties stocking around my cock.  Tieing it up in pink stockings and
pulling on it while he wraps MY cock in panties. I  use him to amuse me and I degrade him and that makes him weaker and more pathetic then when he started out. He is a cum eating
slut, unable to get enough humiliation, and automatically licks up the precum, that I bless him with.  He is lucky that I allow him to serve me.  I have him wipe a hot pink dildo on head of My cock and lick
off the precum.  Give him some pumps and he admits I own him. Tell him to jerk
my cock, and he thanks me for allowing it. Licking up precum,  I own and control
him. He says he loves being my loser. He loves small penis humiliation, and slave tells me I am beautiful.  He is a
fucking whore, that is not able to satisfy me. He thanks me for telling him what
a loser he is. I have him slap his little dick and then thank me and some pumps.
Stroking my cock on webcam with pink panties, fucking loser. I tell him how he
can’t satisfy me. My pay piggie loser is pumping and begging to cum. Fucking cum
slut will lick it up off his hand. He is a pay piggie as he has to pay tax to serve me of course.

He writes:

dear Goddess Mandy, hank you for the other evening.i am the property of Goddess Mandy. i know this because
i signed a contract written by Goddess Mandy.i have a small penis that would not satisfy my Goddess
, so Goddess Mandy has me please her in other ways.i am Goddess Mandy’s loser pay piggy, Goddess has me
paying taxes for having a little dick and some time orders me to buy items from her wish list
Goddess Mandy enjoys watching me eat my own cum via
webcam and laughs at me licking it all up
i love being your loser pay piggy.

xoxox’s Mistress Mandy


Cuckold wife Mandy states her view! Ms. Mandy phone sex at: 1-877-732-6360

When it comes to me being a cheating wife, it’s like the Spike Lee movie says “The Girl’s Gotta Have It”! I love my husband, and I love the silk sheets he bought for our bed. That’s why I need your hard cock, cause hubby is off working all the time. It’s kind of an unspoken agreement we have, I mean come on, he doesn’t think a woman this hot is just gonna wait around for the occasional monthly fuck! OK, maybe “agreement” is too strong of a word. You wouldn’t judge me would you?  When I climb on the bed and pull my panties to the side for your cock, you can see how badly I need to get fucked, can’t you?

My pussy gets so wet at the thought of cheating on my husband. Why does being bad always feel so good? I told my hubby that I deserve to get pleased every night, so when he goes on his month-long business trips what does he expect me to do? Let’s help each other out.You are there with your horny cock, all rock-hard with nowhere to go, and I am here looking super hot and feeling a burning need to cheat! Let me help you get off!

xoxox’s Ms. Mandy



Suck your own cock – small penis humiliation phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Small penis humiliation phone sex, that is a trip!   I do get a lot of calls from guys with little dicks, who crave little dick humiliation, small cock humiliation, phone humiliation in general.
It is pretty amazing how much guys what are not well endowed, crave to be laughed at, called names, and told they are losers.  My latest loser you would think had a little cock, but he does not.  He says he is large and can actually suck his own cock. 

Here is the story.  Hilarious and supposedly true. He is a loser, pathetic in his own right, and does not even have a tiny cock. There are many forms of humiliation.  Public humiliation, verbal humiliation and the fact that you want to be degraded in general to get off, is humiliation at it’s finest.  So this guy claims that he bullied a girl and she was homely and on the plump side shall we say.  She had her chance to get even in massive amounts.

She got him drunk at a club, they went out to her car.   She managed to tie him up with socks, (I asked him about this, not sure how that works though) and then she push his head down, took out his 9 inch cock, and forced his head down made him suck it, and then took pictures of it.  I have to laugh, even if this is not true, it is really funny.

Here is a past example of the humiliation he endures:

In room with 6 girls tied hands behind his back and they made him blow himself.
Then his head was  pushed  down, said he hurt his back, then he blew himself – gave
himself a blow job. Only thin guys seem to be able to pull this one off. How
hot is this!   Then the girl that is instigating all this  jerked him off in his face.  He said that he got together with her again,  and she walked him on a leash to a motel room and made
him suck off two dudes.  He said it was intense, he did this because, she was
bullied by him in school.   At a reunion, she got him drunk and tied him up, and
took pictures, so now he has to do whatever she says. The worst thing she has done to him he said, was go to a gay bar, he had to strip down, tied
his hands and brought him guys and made him blow them.  He is such a cock sucker.
He sucked off 10 guys in the gay bar, they came on his face and in his mouth.  She likes him to get together with girlfriends and kick him in the balls,
she does this after she makes him blow himself.
Making him suck his own cock, hear the noises he is a fucking cock sucker.
I make him beg me to suck his own cock.  I like this because he then cums on his own face, want him to cum in his mouth.

Now he says that she makes him do all sorts of things.  Last night (he has been calling me with these tales frequently,  they are noteworthy don’t you think?  The latest is this.  She got one of her younger gf’s make him lick her ass and kick him the balls, then he had to suck off a gay guy, and then suck his own cock in front of them all, or a variation of this.  It has been ongoing as he is a loser none the less.

Haha loser!  Go suck your own cock, oh yes, I did make him suck his cock for me on the phone, I could hear him slurp away.

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

Guided masturbation audio podcast for today!

Wanting some guided masturbation phone sex today?   Seems like a good thing to do.  Tired of doing your chores, or working, or cooking, or maybe you have some alone time.  I like it when a stroker boy calls me from the bathroom.  I can hear an echo, but the good news is I can do ALL the talking.  You just can sit back and relax, and let me guide your masturbation.I like to give you various masturbation techniques, I like to make your cock throb because my sexy voice will drive you insane.  You need me to take control. You will become addicted to Ms. Mandy and her guided masturbation phone sex. Call me today, but first to get a taste… listen to my hot audio.. xoxo’s Ms. Mandy "guided masturbation phone sex"
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Mandy’s Special Phone Sex ~ $20 dollars for 20 minutes of hot cock stroking fun! ~ 1-877-732-6360

Be sure to take advantage of my special, $20 dollars of 20 minutes of hot cock stroking fun! I can take you to places you have never been, cbt, chastity, chronic masturbation, any of these sound new and exciting to you? I am great at humiliation, and also enjoy guiding your masturbation. Teasing and denial, keep you on the edge of your “seat”!!

"guided masturbation phone sex"

Let me guide your masturbation





Sissy clitty needs humiliation phone sex as she cums without touching – Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Sissy report from Sissy clitty, she does enjoy a good dose of sissy humiliation phone sex sessions, as you all know, she  goes to bbc club only once or twice a month, and works at a
bar in drag for 3 days a week, at night she works for her bf Trevor, she never
gets her tips, he pimps her out.She is a dirty little sissy whore! Sissy clitty would
go to parties with Trevor, but he does not take her out much now, and he does
not give her tips, Sissy clitty wants a new pimp. One of her johns keeps her in
chastity when she is working.  Sissy clitty has been in
chastity 3 days a week,and bounces on her new butt plug all the time, as she j
ust got her  aneros, and wanted  to call me and update me.  She told me that the plug makes her feel like she is cumming all of  the time.  I ordered her to cum hands free like a good sissy as she would bounce on the plug, she moaned and groaned and loved it, grinding without touching, what a sissy whore!xoxo’s Mistress Mandy