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Sissy Michelle called me for a sissy phone sex session, (click that link <— to read some of her other sessions on my website)  and she is wearing black heels and pink stockings, black 6 strap garter belt, pulling tight on the stockings, and a really skimpy light pink panties, pink bra, black skirt, and tight black top.  She looks so slutty.  I ask her how her little clitty is, she said it is really hard, she was reading on the web, forced chastity stories.  Made her clitty hard.
I think I will lock her little clit up. I am going to put some ribbons on that little dick!  Going to make her wear a cb2000, until then a ribbon to remind her of not cumming. She can not cum with out my permission, going to keep that cum in her. I put the chastity cage on now, stuffing her little dick in there, I smack the cage with my shoe, and it hurts! Smacking it, spank that clitty, she wants to cum, but I tell her no. I am going to torture her, she can not cum yet!  I let her take it out, I make her lick my ass, I beat her cock, or should I say clitoris, Lick up that pre cum you slut. I put a big dick in her mouth now, she loves it!  Beg me to suck it, you fuck whore.  Leaking again, I make her put it on dildo and lick it off.
Suck this big dick, I am choking her with it. Pull panties down, show everyone that clitty!  She can’t cum, unless she eats it!  Beg me! Spank that clitty, stick that dildo in your butt! Now it is, going to fuck her now! Going to put her in chastity!  Cum slut is getting a load to eat!

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy
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Pay piggy Owned by Mistress Mandy for pay piggie phone sex 1-877-732-6360

Owned by Mistress Mandy started out by calling me for guided masturbation phone sex.  He still gets some guiding from me.  However, it is more like, stroke and lick up pre cum, did I mention that I don’t even have to tell him to lick.  He is brain washed into doing so.  He is a pathetic stroke puppet, I use for my amusement.  He is a humiliation junkie, probably because he has a tiny cock, and laugh at it, he shows up on webcam, and I laugh when I see how small and pathetic he is.  Humiliation phone sex, can be about a small penis, or me having you admit your most degrading acts.Loser pay piggie begs me to fuck him over.  He is addicted to Ms. Mandy. We have done many sessions, I particularly like the time I ruined his orgasm, only to have him cum again, minutes later.  All without touching. That is how gifted I am in addiction, humiliation and phone sex in general.  I take control and make pay piggie do what ever I like.  I decided this time that I would fuck loser over and use him and in doing so I make him more addicted, and he needs to hear my voice in order to cum.

As he is on the phone talking to me I discuss taxes with him, he will pay a  cum eating tax, fucking loser with a little dick.  That should be a big tax as he loves his cum. He is a fucking cum slut.  Pay piggie sends me his webcam, I enjoy watching him perform with his tiny cock on webcam very much.
I own
and control him. He is hopelessly addicted to me. I am going to use him and
degrade and humiliate the fucking whore. What surprise tonight with “My” cock, loser has tied a
pink stocking around the base of “My” cock.  I am making him slap my cock, repeatedly. I
am going to fuck him over and make him a dumb fuck, fucktard for my amusement.  He has pink panties, I put them on his head, and make him sniff the crotch. Then I have him slapping “My” cock, rubbing his balls, pulling on stocking. Licking up precum. He is
addicted to me.

Worthless little dick loser whore. Going to fuck him over, make him more
addicted to me. Then I have him wiping his copious precum on his dildo and licking it off.  Punishing my dirty
slut as he licks Ms. Mandy’s ass. Cock spanking!  Punishment for little dick
loser.  I am thinking of a ruined orgasm, perhaps, I will put his thumb over his pee hole if he tries to cum, because he is a fucking whore.
Begging me to cum, the cum eating slut, I will have him cum on his hand and eat it.
Begging a lot! Loser loser loser!
xoxo”s Mistress Mandy

Sissy clitty is a drag queen! Call Ms. Mandy for cross dressing phone sex at: 1-877-732-6360

I do enjoy sissy training, and sissy phone sex, as I like feminization.
Sissy clitty, goes to the BBC club only once or twice a month, and works at a
bar in drag for 3 days a week, at night she works for her bf Trevor, she never
gets her tips, he pimps her out. Dirty little sissy whore! She enjoys feminization phone sex, and
Sissy clitty would
go to parties with Trevor, but he does not take her out much now, and he does
not give her tips, Sissy clitty wants a new pimp. One of her johns keeps her in
chastity when she is working. Just got her sissy clitty an aneros, and wanted
her to call me and update me. Makes her feel like she is cumming all the time.

She is wearing pink teddy, black fishnet stockings and garter belt, cute
pink bra. Her little titties, she has a big bubble butt. Sissy clitty loves
Trevor, and always will. He is the one that got her started. Sissy clitty is in
chastity 3 days a week,and bounces on her new butt plug.
She is supposed to cum hands free like a good sissy. Bounce on the plug, I
am going to make her cum with no hands. She is grinding on it with no stroking.
She is such sissy whore.xoxo’s Mistress Mandy



Teenie weenie tony back for small penis humiliation phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

teenieweenietony: Hello Mistress.
Mandie Parker: good boy
teenieweenietony: Yes Mistress.
teenieweenietony: I am stroking to ass licking porn
Mandie Parker: tell me what a loser you are
teenieweenietony: I’m such a pethetic loser Mistress. I have a tiny dick which i
stroke everyday because i can’t please women.
teenieweenietony: I wear panties everyday to hide my tiny clitty.
Mandie Parker: when is the last time you licked an ass loser
teenieweenietony: I was seeing a girl at the start of the year for a couple of
months and she would let me lick her asshole.
Mandie Parker: really?
Mandie Parker: did she think you were a faggot
teenieweenietony: I just started off by licking her pussy and then started to
lick her ass as well. Then i just started doing it all the time. I used to get a
bit carried away and would be begging to lick her asshole. I think she started
thinking I was weird
Mandie Parker: You are weird loser!
teenieweenietony: Yes Mistress, I’m a dirty little slut
Mandie Parker: you are a dirty fucking whore
Mandie Parker: and an ass licker with a tiny cock
Mandie Parker: Tell me about your little dick
Mandie Parker: anyone see it lately?
teenieweenietony: I am Mistress. My cock is so small. I think it would be
considered a micro penis. It is only about 3 inches hard and 1 inch soft and
very thin.
teenieweenietony: I have been to scared to show any women lately. I am thinking
about buying some new panties for the adult store and seeing if the sales girl
would help me try them on. That way see could see how small i am.
Mandie Parker: sounds like a plan
Mandie Parker: you are a loser
Mandie Parker: and  have you sucked any dick lately?
teenieweenietony: Not for a little while Mistress. I still practice with my
dildo. I like to keep my skills sharp. You never know when you might have a
mouth full of cock.
teenieweenietony: Only big cocks too. I don’t want any small cocks
Mandie Parker: Put your dildo in your mouth and suck loser
teenieweenietony: Yes Mistress. mmm it’s so big and hard in my mouth
Mandie Parker: suck
Mandie Parker: and describe more loser
teenieweenietony: mmm. I’m such a slut i wanna suck all the boys cocks
Mandie Parker: keep sucking
Mandie Parker: you love it loser
teenieweenietony: I love sucking cock Mistress. I’m such a whore
teenieweenietony: Oh it’s so big
teenieweenietony: My mouth is full and my clitty is stiff
Mandie Parker: good loser
Mandie Parker: fuck your pussy now
Mandie Parker: got a butt plug loser?
Mandie Parker: you are such a faggot
teenieweenietony: Yes Mistress. I will put my butt plug in for you. I’m your
sissy slut.
Mandie Parker: ok
Mandie Parker: good
Mandie Parker: we need to get you a rubber doll
Mandie Parker: I love those
teenieweenietony: I have the blow up one. I am thinking about getting a fake
pussy to fuck.
teenieweenietony: My sissy ass and mouth are full. I’m dripping pre cum
Mandie Parker: good girl
Mandie Parker: you fucking loser
Mandie Parker: you have such a little dick
teenieweenietony: I do Mistress. It’s only the size of a women’s clit. It’s a
baby pin dick. I’m so embarrassed of it.
teenieweenietony: Are you going to tell everyone how small I am?
Mandie Parker: yes tonight on the blog
Mandie Parker: loser
Mandie Parker: duh
teenieweenietony: Do you like embarrassing me and tell everyone how small my
dick is?
Mandie Parker: I love it
Mandie Parker: loser you are pathetic
Mandie Parker: or pethetic is that how you spell it?
teenieweenietony: I love you doing it. You control my tiny wee wee. I would love
you to tell all of your friends while i was standing right there with you.
Mandie Parker: yep will do
teenieweenietony: Having a tiny penis is so embarrassing. Does it make you happy
that i have such a small penis?
Mandie Parker: yes loser
Mandie Parker: you know I like it that you are useless
Mandie Parker: that girls laugh
Mandie Parker: and you amuse me
teenieweenietony: Yes Mistress. Thank you.
teenieweenietony: Oh i can’t hold on any longer i’m going to cum.
teenieweenietony: I came on the dildo and sucked it off Mistress.
teenieweenietony: Thank you for letting me amuse you.

Small penis humiliation and other humiliation

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Hi stroker boys, I am here to take control of your cock.  I hear that many of you have many unsatisfying phone sex experiences.  There are some reasons for this.  The first one being, you are not calling an expert at what you want to talk about.  If you just call from the photo, it does not mean the girl you are calling is versed in what you might want to talk about.

I am a fetish goddess.  I explore and delight in fetishes of many kinds.  I may not even talk about them on my website.  You will find that I am very knowledgeable.  I have many years of experience and have a lot of expertise in fetishes involving femdom fantasy.

If you call a new girl at some random company you will not get the type of phone sex experience that I provide. Not even close.

The next point at hand is you must be specific.  When you call, I give you the opportunity to let me know, what exactly you want me to talk about.  Not your time to be shy. You must let me know.

Third case at hand, your last bad experience.. tell me about it, I can then give the right experience based on what I learn from what you don’t want.

Little bit about Ms. Mandy.. I have a 400 page personal website, this did not happen overnight.  I add to it constantly and will be doing more this coming year.  You will find many fantasies and fetishes  on my website.

Let’s mention a few here..

Cock Control  – I take immediate control of you when you call.  You do not have to wait for a wishy washy girl, floundering.  I am a domme, I am in charge.

Tease and Deny phone sex  – if you are  looking to be teased and denied – look no further.  I will make you drool at the suspense.

Orgasm Denial  – do not call and expect release if you mention this to Ms. Mandy!  Basically, no cumming for you!   I enforce chastity training, and use chastity devices.

What ever your preference is.. I will take control and own you.

Ms. Mandy is available… mornings at 9am till 10:30

3pm till 1am est

Ms. Mandy Malone  1-877-732-6360

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Stroke it slowly for me!” Is that what you want to hear my naughty stroker boy as I do a guided masturbation phone sex call with you?   I will whisper in your ear,  ” I don’t want you to miss a thing.” Imagine my soft, pretty painted lips brushing against your ear as I whisper  “stroke it a little bit faster for me, my naughty stroker boy” I bet that makes your cock all stiff and excited for me?   I hope so, because I am getting turned on too!  My pussy is dripping wet, knowing you are jerking off for me.  Can you imagine my nails scratching ever so lightly up from underneath your balls and slowly up your rock hard cock?

Next I guide your hand back to stroking. Any soft or feminine sound I make is music to your ears. “Oooooooo, … you like stroking for me, don’t you stroker boy?  That’s a good boy, keep stroking!” Maybe I will slide my panties off and let you rub your throbbing dick with these soft silky things that have been rubbing against my pussy all morning. Maybe I will have you put them on to see how that feels.

The more times you call me the more addicted to me you will be, the better I will be able to push your buttons to make your cock throb and your mind melt.  I like getting to know my stroker boys, and they love getting to know me!  There is No one like ME!   Bring whatever fun sexy and sensual toys that you have,  your panties, and call me!

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Sissy Mimi feminization phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Sissy mimi did not stroke till since our last session, orgasm denial and control is a
good thing, especially during a feminization phone sex session.  She called me wearing black panties with white polka dots, and red lipstick, she most definitely is a cock
sucking sissy
.   Before long I had sissy mimi sucking a dildo for me to show me what a cock sucking slut she
is. I had her prepare with some ice cubes, and she was sliding ice cubes up her pussy. Told me that it’s cold.   I had my strap on, on and ordered her to ” Suck on a strap on, be a
dirty bitch for me!”
She is  my cum eating sissy, with big thick black cock in her mouth, who will
shoot a big load down her throat. He likes her panties. She slides his big cock
in my pussy, and licks me, balls hitting her in the face, suck off my juices.
Wants a big load making her shoot on a dildo and eat her cum off it. She
ate it all up!
our follow up session…..
Sissy mimi called again, because she is such a sissy slut. Licking up precum for me
in her red bra  and panties, and has on cock sucker red lipstick.   She has a dildo, and I have her
sucking it of course, and I plan on sending her to the adult book store to suck real cock. She tells me she is now totally shaved and pees
sitting down, because I make her.  She is  going to buy stockings and heels for next
I instruct her to pull the dildo out and lick it clean, plays with clitty, and tells me that  it’s too small to
fuck me she says, that is a JOKE. I don’t fuck sissies!!!.   It is Only a 5″ clit, going to
make her cum on her face and eat it, just for suggesting that I might have sex with her.
I put my strap on on, put it in
her pussy, telling her about the sissy clothes she would wear at the glory hole,
how she could never satisfy me, that goes without saying and how I was going to
use her. I love fucking her, had her smothered with my girlfriends pussy, as I
fucked her she was licking old cum out of my girlfriend’s cum filled pussy, then
I put a big dick in her mouth, made her suck it, and get it hard.
Sent sissy mimi over to the panty drawer to pick out panties to wear for
me, as I get fucked by a REAL man. His balls were hitting mimi’s cock sucker
face as I got pounded, she slid his big cock into me, then I made her get on her
back, put her legs up, fucked her again, and made her shoot all over her
face.  A bit of cuckold phone sex, mixed in with been a sissy cock sucking faggot whore!
Mimi you are a cock sucking whore..
xoxo’s Mandy

Stroker in PA – New Free Guided Masturbation Tease and Deny audio! Call Ms. Mandy for edge play phone sex at 1-877-732-6360

Stroker in Pa is back, and in rare form, if you recall, he loves Ms. Mandy’s guided masturbation phone sex  sessions. He has even gone as far to say, that he is addicted to them.  I love to tease My Cock!  He is so hot and sexy. He likes to do role play  sometimes.
We enjoy bringing in my friend Dr. Val. She is a super hot sexy Dr. Vixen, that likes to examine, and then play and explore. She has been known to suck Stroker in Pa’s cock, lick his balls, and even f*** him. She is a hot momma!

I on the other hand, love to tease and deny  Stroker in Pa. I like to take his nipples, have him put ice on them. We both enjoy it when I do some nipple torture.  I like to oil up MY cock, and then have him stroke to the edge, then take his hand away..

Do you think you are man enough for me to tease you to the edge, and make you do it over and over? You must give me a try!
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

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Ms. Mandy’s panty boy’s – feminization phone sex with Ms. Mandy – 1-877-732-6360

   Panty boys… today is your lucky day, a new panty boy on board.. I have written about him before, his name is UNTOUCHABALL’s, he sent me in a panty picture.. I am adding a panty gallery to my website.    <—- Gallery

I will be adding to this, I have to dig thru my photos and see who sent me panty pics! Now is your chance.
Email me with your picture!   Total humiliation !

Meanwhile look at what Untouchaballs had to say to me..

” I’m so excited that Ms Mandy asked me to wear panties for her! I got all hard as I put them on, but I managed to keep my small cock inside them…it’s so humiliating that it can’t come out of such a  small pair of panties! I guess Ms Mandy laughed as soon a she saw the picture…she said that my cock is pathetic, and she was right. She also told me that I couldn’t cum, which made me get even hornier and frustrated…but she’s right again, because my cock is so undersized that it don’t deserve to cum.”

Panty boy’s, send me in your panty picture, I think you NEED to be on my panty page…





Cum soaked panties | Tiffany cock whore – Ms. Mandy for phone sex 1-877-732-6360

I have waited until I had enough time to focus on what happened recently.  I had a phone humiliation sex session with Tiffany, and Tiffany is very close to my heart. We go back a ways and I never can have enough of her.  Why is that?  Because she is the ultimate cock craving slut.  Tiffany oh tiffany where for art thou tiffany.  Deny they father and refuse cock?  A little Shakespeare for those of you into the arts .Tiffany and I have had many sessions together and she is the ultimate cock whore.  What makes her a cock whore is her total love, and craving and addiction to cocks.  She is also a panty whore.  I believe she is the originator or wearing cum soaked panties eating her cum sucking off her filthy panties and sucking more dick.

 Tiffany must have quite the stretched out ass hole as I have listened to her get gang fucked and suck and fucked at both ends.  Oh Tiffany, where for art thou?  At the adult book store of course.I must digress Tiffany has many sides, you might think she is a sissy, oh contraire – she is a cock whore, a cum slut, craving big cock. But a kinky bitch she is.   Loving to go to strip clubs and hire girls to use strap on’s on her. I get to listen, I get to her her getting fucked.She might run out in the cold and sit in panties and jerk off for me, almost getting caught or go to a neighbors and jerk off, while they almost see her.  And the wife?  Or should I say the wife’s sister?  That is a secret, should I divulge your dirty little secrets Tiff?

 Is your clitty hard at the thought of everyone knowing your cock secret.. I would assume you are sitting in cum soaked panties as I type, thinking of what depraved establishment you might visit tonight for your cum treat, or should I say treats.O/our most recent session had me sending Tiffany to an adult book store, she there took on many cocks as I sat and listened on the phone instructing her to be a good cock sucker, to entice other cocks into her booth so she could amuse me.  She was fucked, and jerked off on and pleased Ms. Mandy to no end.  Tiffany, does it get better?  I instructed her cock masters to use her for me.

 Tiffany wanted me to be her wife on the phone, asking the cocks if they would come home with Tiffany to fuck me.  What a trip.  I am going to send Tiffany out in her cummy panties, and make her beg for more dick.  I like it when she calls from the office and gets someone there to suck off.  Amazing there are so many cocks available to squirt in her cum laden lips.

adding tiffany to my humiliation section of my personal website click here
cock sucking cum eating whore

 Good Girl Tiffany!
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

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