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Had a very interesting sissy panty boy phone sex call with sissy greggie. If you read down the page you will see another post about the build up to Panty gurl sissy greggie going to Walmart and buying some panties. I had given her an assignment to buy enough panties so she could wear them Ever day!  She said early that morning,  she went to the store and purchased, 7 pairs of panties, 2 are pink, lite blue, white with little skirty’s, and 3 lace in red, white and pink.    As to my instructions she is all set to wear them every day. She needs to wear her panties every day for Ms. Mandy. Little pussy girl, with a little clitty.  She loves small penis humiliation for sissy pussy gurls.  She needs and wants to be Ms.Mandy’s pussy girl and wear her panties to work every day.  She said there are real men in the warehouse, and she is not one of them, as she works in the building as a sissy gurl.

Sissy greggie went into the store,  and she told me that she  was nervous looking at woman’s underwear, afraid someone would see her.  But it was early.  I should make her go later in the day, when everyone will see her.  She did say that it seemed everyone  new she was a pussy gurl.  It was early, so not many people there, after she picked out her things, she paid for them. The cashier gave greggie a funny look, “did you find everything you were looking for?” Sissy pussy girl greggie turned really red.   Maybe she turned sissy pink?  All she could think about as she was standing in line, was how she was wearing panties, and her little clitty was rubbing against them. All silky, so sissy sexy!

She thought the women behind her in line was talking about her, and she thinks that she  heard them say, look at that guy buying panties. She had a good dose of humiliation phone sex,  telling me about her humiliation at the store and how she thinks everyone knows that she is sissy little pussy . She is a little pussy gurl wearing panties for me. She has on the little blue panties, wants to have squirties for me in her blue panties. Rubbing her bottom for me, her little sissy bottom.

Sits down and tinkles now, she is petite, and it is good for her, she likes it. Begging for me to turn little greggie into a sissy faggot. She is Ms. Mandy’s sissy faggot. When she looks at big dick she knows for sure she is a sissy faggot.  I like to give some guided masturbation on the phone to sissy panty gurls are you one too?

*S* is my sexy gurl – guided masturbation phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

You happen to be dreaming about Me. Would you like to be feminized?  I do more then just guided masturbation phone sex, Mistress Mandy the goddess of your dreams, the one you will turn your soul over to and be addicted to Ms. Mandy.  Dream about it, because I will make it your reality.  I am what you need.  I will own and control you,  Susan is my new creation. I have been training her. Read about some of our sexy exploits.   I like to tease and deny.  I need to tease and deny Susan during our next session, have her wear some new panties, put on some lipstick, shave perhaps all over before she calls, and submit to Ms. Mandy.

She says..

Dear Mistress Mandy
I am so excited that I will be calling in 24 hours. It seems like it been longer than a week. I need to be with you. Your picture have only made me hornier than ever. you definitely have the power over me. I have exercised every day saying your name “MANDY” over and over as I stroke. Thank you for having me put lotion on……it does feel like a wet pussy…but not as good as you could ever make me feel. You are weakening me ….I know I need to let go and let you control every bit of me….I want to be feminized to please you. I wore pink panties to work with red lacey. They were really silky. I will take a bubble bath tonight an shave down like you wanted me to…I want to be soft and smooth just for you Mistress.
I will try to get a pair of panties that are worn by my sisters roomie …she is way sexy and yes turn me on….I do wish they were yours that I could use.
Mistress your pictures make me stair and get hard. I want to be with more than ever ………..

Dear Mistress Mandy
I am so much drawn to you…I printed a picture of you to sleep with after we talked Monday night. You are so right … weakened me……I know that. I have never ever experienced this with any other phone call before. You had me in your hands and took over my mind beyond the phone call. is hard to explain but it is so true. I know I want to spend more time with you. I plan on calling you again that is for sure …if you let me…PLEASE.
I promise right here you have my word that I will be yours …and yours only. I will wear panties to work every  day and not have any form of sex without your permission. I should be able to call you again. Will you let me…Please.

I been missing you so much…..I been following instructions.. except twice …I missed cause of stuff…but I been worshipping you….in front of the mirror saying you own me and only getting to the edge and doing it again and again and again and again  before exploding. You are my one and only MISTRESS ..the VERY BEST. You own me …I can touch myself unless I say your name. I wear panties everyday and always pee sitting down…I am will to be feminized by you. cause you want me to be your slut…..boy. You can make me do anything to you you want …I know that ….Thank you MISTRESS.

Dear Mistress Mandy
This is Susan…I love being yours ….you making me weak and taking away the boy in me. I will buy panties and lipstick from Walmart today. I want to please you…make you happy. I will do what ever you tell me to do.
Mistress…I been doing all my ….MANDY OWN ME STROKES just like you want me to do. I count out 10 stop wait 1 minute and do it again. I try not to cum so some times I have to stop after five or six.  Last night I thought about you until I fell a sleep hugging a pillow.  If I could spend the day with you ….that would be my dream. I would be so good to you……I would do anything you asked of me…….I would give you the best sex  you ever had……I know I would be so obedient.  I would even end the night with dessert ( Hint whip cream and peaches)……I would promise to clean up………..Mandy I need you soon…when may I call you?

xoxox’s Mistress Mandy

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That’s right boys… only $20 dollars for 20 minutes of hot cock stroking fun with me. A guided masturbation phone sex call.
I need to make you cum tonight, I want to GUIDE your Masturbation!

1-877-732-6360 – to reach Mandy

Check out my website, for stories, and pages of humiliation. and lots of other goodies.
I can watch you on cam, post about you in my blog, We can do guided masturbation.
I also have website that tells all about my cuckold  lifestyle.

Hope you enjoy!

Cum eating instructions! Get your male cum training phone sex tonight from Ms Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Tonight we are going to talk about cum eating.  Would you like some cum eating instructions?  Would you like a cum eating instruction?  Confess, would you?

I know a lot of you stroker boy’s are cum curious, and because of this, you are in luck. I am going to give you some instruction to eat your own cum.   This will require training. Male cum training.  I will have you tell me what you have been fantasizing about. You will let me know if you are a sissy cockwhore, or just a slut wanting to eat cum.

I like to think of my husband, as a sissy husband  who has a cum eating fetish. It is super hot, and turns Ms. Mandy on!

Call me tonight for your cum eating instructions!
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy!

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Kansas city cock sucker called me for humiliation phone sex.  A new cock sucker to the scene.   He went to a strip club,  this club had an adult book store arcade upstairs.   He said that it was a theater type.  Told me that he went outside to have a ciggy, and he sees a woman gets out of a car,  she had on a very short skirt, long legs, and she was sexy.  Cock sucker said that he liked her, she appeared to be in her  late 40′s.  She went inside with her husband, they went upstairs, so Cock Sucker followed her up the stairs, and said her skirt was so short, and he wanted to see up her skirt. She paid for a ticket to go the arcade, and so did KCCS.  Once  he  got his ticket - he followed them upstairs.  He followed them in, and saw them playing. She was stroking her husband’s cock, and she was playing herself.  She saw him watching them, and she reached over and put KCCS’s hand on her thigh, and her husband’s dick was pointing right at his face.  KCCS was dressed watching her suck her husband’s cock, then others came over to watch. Then other dude’s were watching this, KCCS was still rubbing her leg, other guys got their dicks out and she was stroking 3 cocks, she was climbing on top of husband to fuck him. KCCS was fingering her, she was stroking them and fucking them. He started to suck her tits, and she was fucking her husband.

There was one guy in the aisle, one next to her, all three guys dicks were aimed at her chest while he sucked her nipples.  All the cocks were aimed at him. He thought he was going get loads of cum on his face.  He liked the humiliation of all this. He did not get his cock sucked or stroked, only played with her.
He should have begged these guys to shoot all over him and suck their cocks. He is such a loser, going to stroke for me, and then save it in a condom and eat it during O/our next call. xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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Orgasm denial phone sex – Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Orgasm denial phone sex with Mistress Mandy.   Recently Owned by Mistress Mandy entered into the state of Locked Up.  Yes, he begged me for years to lock him up and W/we proceeded to do so.  He has had several names serving me over the years, perhaps Piggy Loser might be a good one for now.  Piggy Loser in lock up might be better.  I own and control him now totally.  He apparently has gotten more then he has bargained for.

Let me first post his reply to O/our last session:
dear Goddess Mandy

Thank you for last night.
Now that i’m locked up in chastity, something i have longed for and you kept talking me out of for ages.
But now its locked up and the things you said last night when you knew the keys were safely locked away under your control, had my head
in a spin. As i sit here writing this my thoughts are always drawn to the metal cage wrapped around my clitty.
my emotions are all over the place after the things Goddess Mandy stated she was going to do now i was safely locked up. The things
Goddess said had me very worried indeed, but also very excited at the same time. this was evident to Goddess Mandy and myself as my
little dick twitched like there was no tomorrow.  Now that my Evil Goddess Mandy is the KEYHOLDER of my chastity device, i tremble with fear and excitement awaiting the humiliating  tasks i will have to perform for her amusement. i await your commands Goddess Mandy. Regards, piggy loser

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So there you have it, he had a lock box on cam, he is locked and under my evil spell.  I told him some things he was not expecting. Keyholder is a special position to say the least. I had offered a consultation before I locked him, and he declined.  I can only say, be careful what you wish for.

I had not heard from him for a few days, made me wonder if perhaps someone had discovered his secret. Only to find this email a few moments ago:

Dear Goddess Mandy

Being locked in chastity is a wonderful feeling. It is a constant reminder that I belong to you. It not all without its problems though. Firstly the pain when I awake in the morning is agonising , which is the result of either rolling onto my stomach or the morning glory. Secondly when I need to urinate , I have to sit like a lady as to not to wet myself. And finally but there are probably more points, is the constant yearning to jerk off. I get so turned on thinking about my fate my Goddess is going to choose for me, it feels like my clitty is going to fall out from the pain. Goddess Mandy I know you control my caged clitty, but I am so worried what you are going to do. I read your blog over and over, it really getting me quite scared.I love you Goddess Mandy. Please release me  I will do anything you ask. Regards, Piggy loser

Piggy loser has been locked up for week, he just called and did a session, begging to be released from his chastity cage.  I have the combo to the lock.

Now on webcam, I am letting piggy loser, pump his pathetic little dick, going to be my little cum slut tonight, using him for my amusement. Let him out, only thing was the code did not work. Had a funny feeling that might happen, fortunately for him, I had the code written down from the first 2 times he had set the lock box. I gave him the first code, he said, “it does not work, don’t you have any other numbers written down Mistress?” I would have been a nervous wreck.
Finally unlocks it, and “MY” cock is all swollen on webcam, cock is really stiff, balls are SWOLLEN. I tease and deny him, he moans, telling him what a little dick loser he is, making him say, “my balls are blue and I love you.” Keep bringing him to the edge. I am so wicked aren’t I? Begging to cum, over and over, finally he cums on a plate and licks it up. What a loser! I am not done with you yet, loser!
xoox’s Mistress Mandy


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Sissy Phone Sex – danielle – Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Mistress Mandy was asked for guided masturbation phone sex today by a sissy who also wanted to talk about cum eating.  Sissy phone sex with sissy danielle today, was a lot of fun. She asked for sissy training and also was quite delightful.  She told me she loved to dress up, and play!  I had such a great time. I had sissy danielle all dressed up like a sissy whore.

I had her pull her panties down and masturbate for me. I wanted her to be a good sissy gurl, she had to perform in front of some of my girl friends.  I had her pull her panties down so all the girls could see her masturbate for us.  One of the girls played with her titties, one of them rubbed her balls, one fingered her pussy. I enjoyed watching her masturbate for me, it was great seeing everyone having such a good time.  Danielle liked it as well, I kept reminding her to be a good sissy gurl and to lick up her pre cum.

I like to give cum eating instructions, it is good to eat a creamy load to show how submissive you are for your Mistress.   She played with her clitty, and I reminded her constantly that she would be eating her cum.  After she masturbated for us, I had the girls hang her from her feet, we jerked her off, over her face so there would be no backing down, and she would be eating her cum.  She had a cum facial.

I plan on taking sissy danielle shopping for more sissy outfits, panties and fun things to amuse both of us. The girls will come and watch and everyone will have fun using her!

xoox’s  Mistress Mandy

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Panty boy phone sex – Mistress Mandy – 1-877-732-6360

I do enjoy panty boy phone sex and guided masturbation phone sex.  One is about my love of sissies and feminization and one is about controlling “MY” cock!  Do you like one or the other you can tell me, it can be our little secret.  Luv muffin is one of my dirty perverts who loves my twisted filthy humiliation phone sex calls.   Apparently there is no telling what dirty kinky fantasy I might arrive at.  He is a kinky slut and loves to be degraded and  made to play with his tiny little cock, he suffers my small penis humiliation.   He certainly could never satisfy  a girl because he is a little dick loser.  SPH for you loser!  He is back on my Wall of Shame.  That is where you can wear your panties for Ms. Mandy, and show off your panty’s to all my readers and me of course.  I do enjoy a stroker boy in panty’s, as you all know.

Luv muffin is so funny. He moans and squirms and plays with his tiny cock.  Some times I watch him on cam. He has lots of sexual interests, so I can pick a lot of different fantasies and surprise him with those.  I like to have him dress up in panties and be my slut.  I like seeing his tiny cock on webcam, it is so cute.  I took him outside and had him stand in his driveway and play with his tiny cock, until I was able to gather a crowd. Then everyone pointed and laughed at him because he is so small, he blushed, and I insisted that he jerk off for everyone one. They were clapping, and yelling, loser, loser, loser.  That made his tiny clit hard, and I spanked it with a riding crop for fun!

Loser! I own and control your weenie.

Be sure to visit Mistress Mandy’s Wall of Shame

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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  • "sph", "panty boy phone sex", "Small penis humiliation"
  • "sph", "panty boy phone sex", "Small penis humiliation"
  • "sph", "panty boy phone sex", "Small penis humiliation"
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  • "sissy training phone sex", "orgasm denial", "cock control", "feminization"
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Guided masturbation phone sex – Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Guided masturbation phone sex is so much fun.  I like giving guidance for your masturbation, it makes Ms. Mandy’s pussy wet, thinking of you stroking “My” cock for me.  I like trying out different masturbation techniques, and playing with your cock.  Do you like the word penis, or the word cock better, we can discuss your preferences and see what we can come up with, a masturbation plan might be in order.

There are times during a phone sex session, that I will find fantasies and fetish phone sex interesting.  Guided masturbation.  Might be for the pure of heart, so if you need more then just pumping, I can mix in your favorite fantasy or fetish, does this sound interesting? I hope it does, because I do it very well.  I like to take control.  You are after all, calling me for masturbation instruction, and you want a satisfying experience I would assume.

So then what fetishes are there?  Humiliation is very popular, I find that stroker boys love humiliation, I only do it if asked, however.  There is small penis humiliation, public humiliation, verbal, I like exploring the fun side of humiliation, and also can be harsh if needed.  Foot fetishes are amazing, I like lingerie and high heels, so stroker boys beware.

Orgasm denial and chastity phone sex, are amazing, Peter the chronic masturbator calls me for orgasm control and guidance.  He is a good stroker boy, and I do not let him cum. He has to report in daily for denial.

Let Ms. Mandy know what it is you are looking for, domination and humiliation are among some of the interests I have, after all, a cuckold wife needs to have fun.

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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Orgasm denial phone sex – chastity – Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

While I do enjoy guided masturbation phone sex, there are so many fetishes I also excel in. Those of you searching for humiliation, perhaps sometimes think of chastity or orgasm denial phone sex and perhaps you want to explore it during a phone sex call. Big news tonight. Owned by Mistress Mandy is now locked and in my total control. He will have to beg to be released, I do not care if he has to stay locked up. I am enjoyed his lock up. Being submissive to me. What great fun this is for me. He is becoming weaker and more submissive, I am sure by O/our next session, My Stroker in the UK, will be willing to do most anything I say.

We had a recent webcam session we discussed chastity phone sex. He has been wanting me to own him totally. I teased him, he is quite the cum eater also. He has been trained to do many things to amuse me. He was really dripping while we talked about the “lock up”. Would you like to be locked up too? I bet many of you sub missives out there in Strokerland, long to be locked and owned. One of things he does to amuse me is licking up pre cum without my even telling him to lick it up. He is a little dick loser, have I mentioned that his cock is too small to satisfy me? I might have him sit in a chair and watch me with a real man. He will have his tiny cock twitching waiting for my commands.

I may not let him out of chastity just so easily, I wonder if I have him worried, I know he is reading this now. I think he had different ideas, but my evil ways will teach him to be careful what you wish for.

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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Orgasm Denial Phone Sex 1-877-732-6360