Cuckold Story – OLC – Isobella – Ty … Enjoy!

Back at the “Casa de Stroka” what I prefer to call my abode.  We are getting in full gear for the holiday weekend.  I am having some sissies over, dressed as playgirl bunnies.  They will be all dressed up in panties with bunny ears and even a few have vintage playboy bunny corsets to wear for the occasion.  I am planning quite a big party.  Tyrone is helping me, my husband is flying home from Chicago.

Did I mention we are thinking of going to the Keys for a long romantic weekend. He wants to spend time just with me. He was complaining that either I have Tyrone, or my new trainer, or OLC, or my sissies, and he hardly ever gets time with me alone.  That sounded amazing.  We can rent a villa in the Key’s and go fishing and snorkeling and I can work on a tan, collect shells on the beach. I am assuming we will be dining out a lot, also I believe we will have full time help where we are staying incase I want to eat in, the cook will prepare meals, I will not have to lift a finger, which is fine with me.  I could use some additional pampering, and it is wonderful that my husband realizes that.  Plus I spend really no time with him at all.  He wanted to be able to devote his life to his career, once again, may I add. “Be careful what you wish for.”

The trip will not happen for a while, but in the meantime, I have to get ready for this upcoming weekend, the “Casa” will be packed. I am horny and excited by all the festivities lined up.  Tyrone is flying in, he has been training on the west coast, and is dropping everything, he said he can not miss this for the world.  He loves when I get in a party mood.  He sent a few cases of my favorite champagnes and also some gourmet food items, such as jumbo shrimps, and filet mignons.  He also sent me a gift certificate to go to the spa and have a luxury day.

The house is looking amazing. I had new sofas delivered in a fabulous vintage chintz fabric and some French club chairs in bleached wood, distressed with a white wash. They look amazing, the last time Ty was here, after we were at Bloomingdale’s we made our way downtown to Soho and he bought a very expensive piece of art at my favorite gallery. The house is coming along, I called the gardener to plan our flowers outside, possibly add some more stones to the waterfall on the side of the house.
Keeps me very busy.

Back to the sissies, the sissies will be wearing the Easter costumes and will be attending to my guests.  We are having great food, and the sissies as a reward will have a big bunny circle jerk in their panties, there will be one sissy allowed to lie on the floor in the center, so other sissies can jerk off on that bunny.  How fun, we’ll have some cum licking sissies there as well, this will be in my play room.  The sissies will go on an Easter egg hunt while my guests are drinking and dining, we will be able to watch from my deck out back, and laugh as they prance around in their panties and bunny ears.  I can not think of anything more amusing.  Usually the sissies come to the shore house at LBI, this time it will be at my home in Princeton.

I digress again but let me get back to telling you were I left off a while back.  OLC (my online cucky hubby) had brought over and introduced Isobella to me and Ty.  For some unaccountable reason, little shy virginal Isobella thought she was woman enough for My Tyrone.  How preposterous!  She came on to him, OLC is her “boyfriend” of sorts I suppose. Although I don’t see the attraction.  He is under endowed and really enjoys my humiliation better then any other form of entertainment.  He wonders off to try vanilla sex every so often but always returns to moi.  I can see why he chose Isobella, as she has little experience, and she would not know his unit is small.  However, if you read back two stories, you will see that she found Ty’s giant and gorgeous black penis more then she could have dreamed of.  On her first encounter she was mesmerized, and on her second she tried to woo Tyrone, only incurring my wrath.

I decided to make good use of the little slut. I have her cleaning my house now, as a maid, I let her look at Ty’s cock, she is not allowed to touch it, or want it.  I did allow her to lick Ty’s ass, as it is all she is good for.  Ty on the other hand, has no use for inexperienced Isobella.  There is no one who possesses my sexual talent, skill, expertise, call it what you will.  I am sexually confident. Ty lives for the times I allow him to pleasure me.

Isobella should be fun at the party. I have some married friends, and their wives do not mind if Isobella takes their husbands in the powder room and gives them blow jobs, as they are not interested in sex with their husbands. Isobella is showing herself to be a slut, or a whore, I guess is the term.>  She rubs her pussy through her clothing, in public, she seems to be a nympho maniac.  She desperately wants Ty’s dick, but I am not allowing it.

Ty just laughs, he says, “Mandy, you know you are the boss.”

Actually we had some fun over the weekend.  Ty was here, and we have some new neighbors.  My husband is still in Chicago, so it is wonderful that Ty can be available for my needs. I told him, I was inviting the new neighbors over, and he was very excited. He knows that I am only interested in very interesting and eclectic people.  He knows that if I go to the trouble of having a soiree it will be amazing.

Roger (he is a handsome black man) and Emily is very dominant wife is beautiful with red hair, were be my dinner guests yesterday,Ty was here for the weekend as it was, I needed him to tell the help what to get ready and prepare, I have a personal chef that comes on call to cater at times for me and my husband, when he has to wow, clients for his law firm.   I had invited my new neighbors, a  they bought a sizable property nearby and he works in Pharmaceuticals’ at a high level. There are many companies of that nature in the area, he had been commuting and decided to buy nearby rather then spend the time in travel.

They are a fashionable couple, very good looking, well educated and both possess a great sense of humor. I knew we would have a great time.  Ty looked incredible, right out of GQ magazine.  He had on his trademark tight jeans, and a white starched shirt, that drives me wild, he also was wearing Chanel for Men, that is a major turn on.  I almost did not make it to diner, I wanted him so badly. But I had guests, and decided not to act on my desires, but to continue with the evening as planned.

I had a new Dolce and Gabbana top, stilettos’, my hair was hennaed, with an auburn tint, I have been working out non stop, swimming in our heated pool at the club, and doing weights.  I had on a new necklace my husband had given me, with a sizable diamond, my favorite stone, this was a pink diamond, I never had one of those before, they have some incredible diamonds today. It is set in platinum and I love having it dangle between my breasts.

Ty invited the guests into the great room, the fire was going, we had some Dom Perignon  and appetizers before dinner. Ty was charming, and we listened to Roger who had many stories of his world travels, a very interesting man.  He and his wife own a chalet in the south of France, and he invited me (and a guest) to visit when they are there in the summer. I thought that was a generous and amazing offer.

We proceeded to have dinner, and more champagne, however, things took a strange turn during dinner. Emily had a  bit too much to drink, and she started to regale us about her big bull “white” stud.  I knocked my drink over, spilling the champagne all over myself. You see, Emily and Roger, do not know anything about my sexual preferences.  I feel they find me and Ty attractive, they do know, that I have a husband, who is not around much, and that we have an “open” relationship of sorts.
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