Guided Masturbation with Sven

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MANDY and Sven

Well, as you all know, my hubby has been away, and I have had a lot of time to play. I went for my usual massage yesterday, at the gym which was so relaxing. Sven, was his usual gorgeous self. I decided I wanted the hour massage, following my facial that cucky had treated me to. Sven came in, in his white outfit, and his blond hair seemed blonder, and blue eyes, were more blue, then usual, I have to say he is a great treat for the visual.

He warmed up the lotion for my back, I like special attention to be paid to my back and neck and shoulders, which he does so very well. I could see at one point as he came around the side of the massage table, that he seemed to be excited if you know what I mean.  I said “Sven, so what’s going on with you you…” I shyly asked.  He seemed to be amused, and with his great Swedish accent replied. Miss, you know that I find you very beautiful, and I can not help myself. He proceeded to massage me, until I dozed off.

When my hour was up. I went into the dressing area, and put myself together, I was to have a pedicure, and passed Sven on my way over to the salon. I told him, if he was interested he could meet me at my house and we could have a nice friendly chat.
I was getting pretty excited at the prospect of Sven coming over, he is about 6’4″ and very handsome, a real Nordic guy, with broad shoulders and a tiny waist and ass. When he smiles, the corners of his lips curl up and smile at you as well.  He is such a looker and so nice. He seemed eager as I wrote out my address and gave him directions,

Sven was wearing a very revealing pair of jeans, torn at the knee, and worn at the crotch, and a white tee shirt. Very Calvin Klein ad, look, and smelled great, I asked him what cologne he had on, and he said, Chanel for men, it was very delicious. We went into my great room, and sat on the sofa, I had already brought some cold drinks out and wondered if Sven wanted to watch a movie, he edged closer to me on the sofa, and I smiled, and said. Oh,,,, maybe you might like to come up to my bedroom.

He seemed to not want to waste any time. We went up the flight of stairs to my loft bedroom. My window over looks the mountains, and it was a particularly beautiful day, I think Sven was taken back by the view, but not as much so, as he was taken back, by what I had to say and do next.  Sven edged closer to me, He put his hand on my shoulder, I quietly took it away, and went over to my dresser, and opened up my panty drawer, where I have tons of panties, that I collect and buy, when I am on a trip, or vacation, or even before a great date, or event. I took out a pair of bikini briefs in pink, and told him to strip and put them on.

Sven…”strip and put these on.”, he looked over at me, alarmed, I could see his face reddening and I could also see the same excitement that I saw during the day. He replied, “no, Miss, I can not do that”. I said, but yes, you can.  Slowly, in  a dream like state, he moved over to the bed, and dropped his jeans, His tightly muscled body, was like looking at a big bowl of ice cream, you just wanted to eat the whole thing up.

I could not believe my eyes, He was like the most gorgeous specimen of a man that I had ever seen. Sven bent down, and picked up the sheer pink bikini briefs, and put them on. Standing there in front of me, all 6’4″ inches of gorgeous man, in my panties, was quiet a site and it was getting me very excited.

Sven, I am going to sit over on my bed, and I want you to come and stand in front of me. He seemed to be enjoying this, by the smile on his face. I had all my clothes on and I took my finger and traced my way down the outline of his cock, to his balls, and then I went down to his balls and started to do the same. His cock was hard when I started but seemed to become harder as I proceeded, “Miss”, Sven said,, oh and did I mention he has the cutest accent. “I cannot take much more of this Miss, I am liable to have an accident”.  At that point I stopped. and walked out of the room.

I came back into the room holding a tube of KY warming gel. I said.. “Sven, you may sit on that oak chair over there, pull your panties down to your knees, and sit.” He did as I directed. I went over to him, and took the lotion and put it all over my two hands, I took Sven’s already hard cock out, and started to pump it. He was amazing, as I did this for a while, seeing how long he could stand my stroking him like this. I put extra lube on my hands, and every so often I would take a break,

Sven sat there silently for what was about 30 minutes, I told him, if he came before I told him he could. I would not allow him to come back.  As you can guess, Sven did everything in his power, not to cum.

I smiled at Sven, as I was thoroughly enjoying stroking his beautiful penis. He was now begging me to let him cum. I was feeling sorry for him, but more turned on then I have ever been. I said, sorry Sven, we are going to have to continue this on another day. “Go put your pants on…I said”.

Yes Miss, Sven did as he was told. He dressed and quietly left, I told him, I would let him know when he could come back, “Yes, Miss…thank you Miss he said.”  I went over to the phone and called my boyfriend up. I said, you better come over now, I have something for you…

On that note, I am going to freshen up my lipstick, and I will let you know about the next time, Sven, comes over…