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Guided masturbation phone sex with Ms. Mandy.  Although I do get wet at you taking your cock or as I refer to it as “MY” cock out, and masturbating for me.  Humiliation phone sex, is probably something that I excel in equally. Rim job has been at it again, and I will be reporting many new exploits as is the one below. You will see the latest report from rim job maureen.  The cock sucking faggot sissy that I am degrading and humiliating for my amusement.  She is addicted to Ms. Mandy’s abuse and I am feminizing her further and using her for fun and adventure. She loves and craves more and more of my decadent desires.  I enjoy domination so much, that it is hard for me to think of vanilla sex these days.  Let’s get on with the fun!

Rim job reports: Mistress I went to the movies last night and I was dressed the way we talked about.  I had to put tape on a hat and then write faggot on it.  And wear it out when I went to the movie theater.  Once I was inside the theater, I saw the 2 guys from last week  and they had 2 other guys and 1 girl.  One of the guys from last week is the manager of the theater and his family owns it.  Once inside the theater the girl came up to me and asked me to follow her and she led me to the office.  After we were inside the office she told me to strip and she saw the outfit you told me to Wear.  When she saw my outfit,  and what I had written on me, (I had written filthy words all over rj)  she laughed her ass off, and when she saw the arrow on my ass (I had rj draw an arrow pointing to her butt hole)  I then told her that you have ordered me to do this, and she wanted me to have you write above the arrow “fuck me” and then she added hard, then she wrote sissy fag on my ass checks.  (I LOVE THAT!) After that, I was taken to a theater and the only people inside were myself  the girl and the 4 guys. The girl pointed out what was written on me and she told me that I should tell the guys about my Mistress. So, I told them that you have ordered me to beg them to let me lick their asses, and so they all turned around and dropped their pants and I went from one guy to the next, until I had licked and slided my tongue inside all of their asses.  After that, I told then to fuck me and to cum inside me and also on me.  So for the next 2  hours I was sucking and swallowing their loads and having them fuck and deposit cum in my ass. Eventually, they could not get it up any more, the girl came over and sat on my face and I ate her pussy until she dripped cum in  my mouth and then she moved and I ate her ass out.  I was told to jerk off and to shoot my cum at my face and I did.  We took a little break and the girl noticed the words piss whore on my stomach and the 2 guys from last week laughed and said they did  that to me last week well they all wanted to do it again. So I layed down on the floor and they all stood around me and pissed all over me and yes they did piss in my mouth.  I also told them that you wanted them to piss in  my asshole and one guy told me to flip over and spread my cheeks, and they all watched as he pissed right into my ass.  After that they told me to dress, so I put the bra and panties and skirt back on and just before I put shirt and pants on the girl told me to stop.  She pick up the shirt and pants and lead me out side this was around 3 am and then the girl told me to lay down and 2 guys came over to me and piss on me again and they made sure what I had on got drenched.  Then she handed me the shirt and pants and told me  put them on and then the other 2 guys came over and they pissed all over my clothes  and then the girl told me to pull out my cock and piss on myself.  All the while they were laughing and calling me names after I was done. She had one more surprise, she took out a butt plug and had me pull down my pants and panties and lift up the skirt and bend over, and she shoved the plug up my ass and I was told to leave it in until I got home. Then she said  next week I was to have the plug in me and to be naked under my clothes. Then she told me to kneel down and she pulled my face to her pussy and she pissed right in my mouth and she call me a piss whore. I was told next week she would have an outfit for me to wear and to plan on spending most of the night here being used as the nasty faggot slut that I am.  Your slut and slave rim job maureen. By the way,   my ass and mouth/throat are still sore from all the fucking I did last night and to be truthful I loved it.

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