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I have a caller in the UK, we have been talking for ages, he is addicted to Ms. Mandy , and he has developed a yearning to be on my blog.  So be it, he will be referred to as CUM PIG in the UK, and what a pathetic loser cum sucker he is.  This is what he said to me after our last session….  “loved being your cumslut. can you please tell everyone on your blog what a pathetic cum pig I am. you are so supreme mistress”  … you can see he is a pathetic cum pig needing some  public humiliation .   I do enjoy this, and love to make cum pig eat up his own …… cum?

he also wrote….. “thankyou supreme mistress for degrading me and putting me in my place. I am so owned by you now and powerless to resist your commands. I would be willing to completely debase myself to worship your little toe for 5 seconds. you have turned me into your cum dumpster and it is such an honour to be humiliated  by you. it is so gross to be made to spurt my cum in my own face and mouth but I can’t help but obey.”

Many call with the desire to eat their own cum, or to cum on their face, I do encourage it.  Especially little dick losers.  I want cum pig NOT to cum without my permission.  I own and control his orgasm now, and he will eat the next one!  LOSER! Humiliation phone sex and loser guided masturbation phone sex sessions – Ms. Mandy.  Get your cock out for some cock control and be addicted to  Ms. Mandy.

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