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Once again, I will remind you addicted to Ms. Mandy stroker boys.  You are addicted to me, and my various forms of humiliation, one of them being public.  I do much more then only guided masturbation phone sex. You are most likely ready for public humiliation since you are one of my stroker boys and crave my kinky desires.  As our technologies grow and empower us, so does my capacity for using you!  Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days?  But I am guessing that you have one, and therefore you can snap a picture of you, from where ever it is you chose to jerk off, that is one form of public humiliation. Chronic masturbator’s can not get enough new ways to masturbate for me.

What is it you crave the most, telling me how you like to expose yourself, having me watch you jerk off, having me watch you ejaculate?  I like to watch, it makes me super hot.  I can most certainly verbally humiliate you and degrade you if that is part of the fun for you. I do not degrade everyone, that should be clear. It is obvious  you enjoy the risk of people seeing you jerk off. Humiliation is supreme for you.

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

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