Slave matt true cock sucker – humiliation phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Many of you think I only do guided masturbation phone sex.  Not true, I specialize in fetish phone sex calls, humiliation, cock sucking, orgasm denial and chastity, to name only a few.  I have far ranging experience if you need something unique.   One example of a far cry from guided masturbation is slave matt.  He is a slave of mine who has been serving me for years.  He recently called for a session and  has returned as a more pathetic, more submissive cock sucking slut then ever. Some news!  There is a lot of news, as he always surprises me with how degenerate he is.  He had an assignment that I had given him, and he failed miserably.  As a result his punishment was to hook up with Fat Jim.   Fat Jim is a disgusting pig.  He likes to be serviced and he is hairy and fat, and gross, and I believe he might be dirty physically as well.  The thought of him, and the changes he puts slave matt through make me ill.   He was to serve him to make up for disappointing me on his failed  assignment.   I would not think that  Fat Jim would be a no show, he was, slave matt said he flaked out.  I find this so humorous, because as I said this guy is gross, who would even go with him?  But Fat Jim changed his mind, so instead, Slave Matt  dreamed up something else to please me.  He went to a hotel after answering some ads, and two guys who had responded to his ads  came over.   Slave matt hosted and was successful in getting some action.  Apparently it is not that easy to hook up, ever for any of you guys.   The first guy came over just to get his cock sucked, he came over and Slave matt sucked him off.  He told me that this guy seemed like a straight-ish guy, he basically undid his pants, and slave matt took care of him and the guy  left.    This is sort of like the old days, when slave matt was just learning how to suck cock.

The second guy, was looking for a cross dresser, slave matt tells me he thinks these guys fantasize that he is a woman when he is bent over wearing a dress, so the second guy came over an hour after the first guy, and slave matt put on his cross dressing clothes, said that this guy was treating slave matt like a woman, slave matt went down on him, and then the guy took over.

Apparently these guys don’t talk much during there meetings. Slave matt satisfied both guys. Endured a lot of abuse tonight. More and more into the cock which is what I want.  When W/we began our sessions slave matt was not into cock, he was then still attracted to women, but now after many years he wants cock, he says it feels good when he thinks and sees cock.  He likes cock now. So exciting. Now he can focus on cock, like a good slut. Cocks do what they want to him.

In the beginning slave matt was concerned about his technique, now he does not even mention it. Now he wants to do it, and is probably good at it. Straight cross dresser – experienced at blow jobs.  He does some mental exercises,  when jerking off he looks at gay porn, and thinks of men’s cocks not about pretty women.  Used to be when he would suck a cock, it was because I wanted him to.  He felt it was because he was submissive, now when he sees a good looking guy he wants to suck his cock. More into cock now. More about men then women.  He usually felt submissive when he saw women, now he feels submissive when he sees good cock. When he sees pictures of these guys cocks, he gets excited.  Used to be he did not care.  But then he knew he had to suck it, now he wants to!  Now he wants to suck cock. Puts the effort of looking for a woman, now into looking for cock. He is finding anal sex the ultimate submission. Now he thinks about turning gay. Focusing on gay porn while masturbating he feels he is turning gay.  He drops to knees sucks cock and jacks off and looks at gay porn. I told him I don’t think he is gay, he is not comfortable with a guy making him happy.

Slave matt has turned into a total cock sucker, he likes it. Pathetic bitch that loves to be degraded.  He likes being called a bitch.  The second guy said to him… “take it bitch,”   that really turned slave matt on.
Even so he still is wondering if he is gay, but I don’t think so, I think he is totally submissive. He does not want a guy to get him off, he likes to be degraded, and humiliated. Even if a woman pleases him, he does not like it. He has walked down a long road of submission.  He loved being degraded tonight, he liked it a lot. Made him totally submissive, and used him like a dirty bitch, while this guy used him. Slave matt dressed like a woman having a cock slide in his ass.  Here is the good news.. he is totally into cock!  Taken a long time to get here, and he loves cock!  He thinks span style=”font-size: 13px;”>prefers cock now.

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