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My Alfredo loves to worship Ms. Mandy,  now it is time for you to stroke at the office for me. Office masturbation phone sex, is very exciting for me to control your cock at work.  I like knowing that “My” cock is out, and that you are concentrating fully on my photo.
I want “My Alfredo” to keep in mind that you are going to stroke every day this week.  No cumming for any of you.  I want you to go to your office, take my photo with you.  You will take my cock at during your day at work, you are to stroke for 5 minutes per hour – every 3 hours, until you go home. If I know Alfredo, he will be going to the WC to do this.  The door needs to be closed and secured, so that you not be interrupted.  You will look at my picture and remember that I control your cock, you are pumping for me.

After all I do control “MY” cock, there will be no cumming for you..

“My Mistress has exceeded all sexy levels in this last post Orgasm denial – no cumming for you!  Please, go read it first, and then come back here to analyze how She builds this idea in 5 steps

She owns me
She knows how much I desire Her perfect body
She wants me to stroke for her continuously
She commands me “No cumming for you… never!”
She states, I should thank Her for this!

Well, She starts saying “Orgasm Denial, so sweet and delicious, is the non release I can afford you”… Stop right here, “non release” is something that I should consider as special and good to be received?

Well, a regular answer would be NO, this is not a reward but a punishment, even if hearing Your Mistress saying this so naturally, only makes you understand how miserable and subordinate your are under Her presence.

Some lines after She is saying how She will educate us to stroke for her continually and how the No Cumming will make us “hard and horny” for Her. She then concludes, “I’m doing you a favor, not allowing you to cum”.

Well, now she was explicit, trying to convince us that Not Cumming is something good for us. Could this be true? We all would do anything for this Mistress, if only she ask us to do it, without thinking twice and independently if there was something good for us in it or not. Why would she repeat this idea of No Cumming is good for us?

Well, as usual, we can find all the answers to our doubts within Divine Princess Mandy’s posts. She knows us exactly and She knows how badly we crave for her hot body, desiring at least one bare second to touch and lick Her. But She “will not weaken” for our beg and whining, as our pleasure is “of no importance” to Her.

So, as more we desire Her, more we follow Her education, more we stroke for Her, never cumming in any circumstance, more we’re able to continue to stroke for her without cummimg, more we understand that we need Her guidance, more we realize that Her divine body is so perfectly sexy, more we stroke a long all the day, more we desire Her, more we need Her, more we feel accomplishing Her plan, more we want to achieve higher, more we stroke continuously…
…and… …at some point of the process, we’ll find why that we should thank for Her perfect guidance and the No Cumming orders. We reach the same conclusion that all slaves reach doing her orders, we will soon enter in a “perpetual state of excitement”, as you could never aspire to achieve without Her education, and all with Mistress Mandy body overflowing through your mind!”

xxox’s Ms. Mandy