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Have to say, today was a fun day, had some fun cock control phone sex calls, and one guy was really off the charts.  Starts out by telling me that his wife won’t have sex with him but one time a month.  I get a lot of guys with stories, you never know, some might be telling the truth.  This guy sounded real.  Said, that she would order him to do house chores, before she would let him inside her, and then it would only be for 90 seconds.  I think he is a fast cummer.  I know he is a wanna be cuckold and a chronic masturbator.I was laughing pretty hard at this.  He wanted to know if his five and 1/2 inches was small I thought he was a loser, and told him so.  My husband is 7 inches, I think that is a decent size, Tyrone is close to 10 and double the thickness, of course we can not compare all guys to my gorgeous bf Tyrone.

This guy today was a trip, I told him that I knew that his wife was out with a real man, getting stuffed full of big cock, while he was sitting on the phone and telling me about her.  Of course this only made him harder.  I knew he was looking to be cuckolded.  Cuckold husband humiliation is very hot! Cock control phone sex and sissy cuckold humiliation during a guided masturbation phone sex call. Ms Mandy will humiliate you as you stroke your cock.

Oh, this was a funny one. He told me that he rubs her back at night and then enters her after she is asleep. So, number one, he can’t be very big, probably not even 5 inches, and he must cum very fast, like the second he gets near her, he probably is only an inch.  I had to laugh thinking of his poor wife asleep, while he masturbates into her pussy.

Or, maybe she knows he is doing this, and pretends to be asleep to avoid having sex.  Either way it was  a great humiliation phone sex call, got me super wet and horny for a big dick!

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy