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Luv muffin is addicted to Ms. Mandy and her not so guided masturbation phone sex.  What does that mean exactly you say..  I do guided masturbation phone sex a lot.  I also do domination and cock control which is lucky for your chronic masturbators, needing my superior control of “MY” cock(s).  I have often alluded to what Luv Muffin and I do talk about.  Actually it is somewhat a secret, because it borders on no taboo at times, and I do tend to get freaky with him.   I sometimes mix a bit of cross dressing into our session, he has moments where he desires cock torture.

Luv Muffin is a cock sucking whore, and likes to push the envelope, I tend to push it over the edge because if this.  He likes to dress up on web cam and be humiliated.  I find humiliation phone sex is probably better then the public humiliation some of you desire. Rather then risk your relationship you can call me and discuss your deepest humiliation desires.  They can be public or verbal, kinky and perverse.  Not all humiliation is about penis size.  It can be many things that border on sexual humiliation.

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Guided Masturbation with Sven

MANDY and Sven Well, as you all know, my hubby has been away, and I have had a lot of time to play. I went for my usual massage yesterday, at the gym which was so relaxing. Sven, was his usual gorgeous self. I decided I wanted the hour massage, following my facial that cucky had treated me to. Sven came in, in his white outfit, and his blond hair seemed blonder, and blue eyes, were more blue, then usual, I have to say he is a great treat for the visual. He warmed up the lotion for my ...