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Ms. Mandy is up to her tricks again.  I have written another hot erotic story… about my OLC cucky husband, I know you all have been asking for more, so here is a new one, enjoy!  Enjoy the audio too!

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy
Another day at “Casa de Stroka” I am so blessed to have my sissy boys and stroker boys to make me happy.  The casa is just another bonus.  If you happened to read my last story, you know that I was having trouble adjusting to a new personal trainer.  I had found out that the one I was somewhat enamored with Hanson the hunk trainer, was really a cock sucker, and if you know me, you will know, “if” … I am going to be intimate, I have certain stipulations. One being, my guy is not going to suck dick.  Maybe I should have warned my OLC husband about this before I cuckolded him, as now that he was initiated into the cock sucking cult, although I was never really attracted to him in the first place, he happens to be a loser, with a little dick and could never satisfy me.  This is another reason casa is so good to me, as I have the pleasure of long leisurely days and nights, talking to many of my friend’s, wonderful strokers, and kinky perverts, that keep me amused day in and day out. I am truly a lucky girl.

I have been doing a lot of shopping, I think you boys should get ready to buy me some panties, I will be setting up a rather interesting offer soon with my panties, you should stay posted as, it will be on my blog soon. So panties, perfumes, body lotions. I have been getting some nice gifts and tributes from my friends, slaves, sissies, and I love that.

Back to my trainer.  Tyrone of course, has been up in arms about all this, he had not expected me to find interest in white dick, and was secretly thrilled when he saw me force Hanson Phillips my ex personal trainer to suck his big black cock. I was amused but also pissed off because Hanson is just so gorgeous and hot.  Oh well another one bites the dust.

Backing up a bit now, you probably know that Tyrone is the big hunk that I have a big thing with (no puns intended.)  My OLC hubby also is usually involved with me and Tryrone,  However, my OLC (online cucky hubby) for some reason had gone off skiing and met a girl.  Can you believe that?  I did not even know about it.  He has later told me, he was trying to find himself.  I have to laugh as he is most found when Tyrone has his big dick in his mouth.   Another thing that was news to OLC was Darren, my OLC cucky hubby had been hearing a lot of positive feedback from some guys that had called me for phone sex.  I have them suck Darren’s big juicy cock, on phone sex calls with me.  Darren has a super nice voice – deep, sexy, would melt any girl or girlie boy.  I love when we play together,  OLC and Tyrone have been a bit confused by my interest in Darren as well.  Oh well, variety is the spice… so they say.

Back to my house, Tyrone and I had been working on some revamps of my house, and we had settled in to a week or so of being snow bound.  I loved it.  We had plenty of good champagne, Wood for the big fireplace in the center of the great room.  I am well stocked with sexy lingerie, and sexy movies, shrimp, steaks, veggies.. we were good to go for a long winter snowed in. Hubby was off somewhere, I had Tyrone and his big sexy bod all myself.

Much to my surprise, on the first day of snow, right before it got really heavy, you know how severe weather in New Jersey can be, low and behold, my OLC Hubby came knocking at the door. I was so surprised.  He had told me he was doing the vanilla thing so I never expected to see him, secretly I knew it would not last.  He is all about ME owning him,and fucking him over.  I was sure he could not go too long without my ruthless and unrelenting control of his tiny cock and his big wallet. My OLC hubby is well aware that I use him only for the lavish lifestyle he affords me, and, that I would never have sex with him.

He knew that I would be enjoying the house, since this big snow was coming, and most likely I would someone here to play with, he was much in luck when he saw Tyrone. In fact his eyes were wide with excitement when he saw the two of us. I invited him in, laughing, knowing the tides had changed.  OLC would be back in full force soon. My OLC hubby also brought some gourmet items, as he knows how I love great food, and entertaining, I asked him if he would please get some of the food going, and I would get the festivities rolling.

What Tyrone and OLC did not know, was that my Darren was upstairs relaxing.  He is a super hunk as well, he comes by and does calls with me.  He gets off knowing he is such an alpha male, and we have so much fun, doing calls together.  I get off, just hearing these calls.  My OLC hubby was fascinated by my new interest in Darren, once again Tyrone was on his toes about the whole thing.  He is really threatened by Darren, but Darren and I are really friends, he likes to stay at the Casa, he says.. “Mandy,” you are such a trip!

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