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Mistress Mandy loves her humiliation phone sex and of course guided masturbation phone sex, and  is back to her old tricks.  Patio stroker who enjoys public humiliation has been calling quite a bit to be humiliated and used by Ms. Mandy.   There are many stories about Patio Stroker on my blog and also a few of him in panties, I have been making him go outside at night naked. Lock him out of the house and have him go around the house masturbating to amuse me.  However lately Patio Stroker upped the bar, and decided to explore some new realms.

I took him into the world of submission and used him for my total amusement and satisfaction.  We did not do public humiliation, instead I dominated him and guess who else?  His wife of course.  I own and control both of them now. It is so amusing. I do enjoy the power it gives me to know they both need to submit to Ms. Mandy.  The first few sessions I used Patio Stroker as all my friends came over to his lovely house, (by the way when he walks around outside naked he is not in a secluded area), my friends, took over his house, and he had to strip naked, make his house open for us.  And serve us.

He licked lots of ass and pussy, and then sucked lots of dicks.  He is a cock sucker and also has a tiny cock himself, (may I add).  I have had such great fun, gently teasing him, that he could never satisfy me.  That is why he has to satisfy me, in front of all my friends in his out.  Many times we would all come over, sometimes even after he has gone outside naked, sit around on his back porch, have him masturbate for us, as we laugh at his tiny cock, have him lick our asses and pussies, and also suck our boyfriends big cocks.

But all this has now changed, I have taken control of his unwilling wife.  She was unwilling at first, but now she craves my control. I will be writing more about this soon in my next post about Patio Stroker, be sure to listen to the audio and leave a comment is if you think you might want to be used like a tiny cock slut, who sucks dick and licks asses, as you serve and amuse me!

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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