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I have been training my cum eating fucktard, during guided masturbation phone sex session.  He is a cum eating whore, and he is addicted to eating cum, precum, Ms. Mandy, and a multitude of other things.  He wanted to know if I could make him cum without using his hands.  I think it is possible, but we need weeks of denial, and I must be told on a day, when you think you can’t hold it any longer, then I can give a guided session, and make you cum, hand less.  In future sessions,of course I can make you aware that my voice will prompt you to cum, that would be many many training sessions, and you being under my spell.  Depends on YOUR commitment.

In the meanwhile, we have had a few sessions since my last post, and I get to watch MY cock on webcam, as well as listen to my sexy stroker slut’s British accent. It is great that I will one day open my dungeon in London.  There stroker boy will come and be abused.

On another note, below is a summary from my piggy slave, read on.. and enjoy..

my last session with Mistress Mandy was a wonderful
experience.  The session started 6 hours before i called Mistress
Mandy. Mistress contacted me via IM and ordered me to call her later that day
and bring several items to  the session (ice cubes, rubber bands, ruler, candle,
stocking and panties.) Mistress also instructed me to stroke her cock on the hour
and bring it to the edge. i followed my Mistress’s instructions to the letter
but nearly came when i heard one of her excellent audios on little dick humiliation
when Mistress explains how she would put a little dick into ice water to make it
even smaller.

later that evening i called Mistress as instructed and
confirmed that i had all the things i was to gather.
Mistress started off making
me beg to stroke her cock and after calling me a little dick loser i was
instructed to stroke her cock for a while. then Mistress told me to take an ice
cube and rub it over my nipples which i did. When i was doing this her cock started to
leak pre cum which Mistress saw via webcam, i was promptly ordered to lick up
all this pre cum.  Mistress Mandy then called me a silly fucktard and got me to
insert the candle into my man pussy and thank her for charging me a tax for
allowing me to pleasure myself in this way.  i was then told to wrap
several rubber bands around her cock which made the head of her cock go a purple
colour. Mistress Mandy kept on saying your my little dicked pig loser fucktard,
which turned me on even more.  i mentioned that i nearly came when heard her audio
that i mentioned above and that i brought to the session a glass filled with
water and ice.

Mistress giggled and said you want to make that cock
even smaller. Mistress Mandy ordered me to place her cock in the glass, well
what can i say her already small cock didn’t lose its stiffness but
what i can say Mistress Mandy nearly wet her herself laughing at me with the ice
water engulfing her cock.

Mistress Mandy then took it out of the ice water and i
was ordered to smack her cock with the ruler. The pain was a wonderful
pleasure.  Mistress Mandy ordered me to count out 10 strokes then
stop.  Mistress asked if i enjoyed stroking her cock which i replied yes
Mistress.  Mistress then recapped all the taxes she had charged me
so far (pre cum licking tax, not calling your wife tax, fucking your arse with a
candle tax,  stroke my cock tax, allowing me to call her tax, and a
little tax).

Mistress Mandy laughed at me and ordered me to stroke
her cock again to the edge and stop. Mistress Mandy made me do this 3 times and
on the fourth  i was ordered to cum in a glass. Mistress Mandy then
ordered me to get on my knees so she could watch me consume my creamy load on
webcam, where  Mistress laughed at me and charged me a cum eating
thank you Mistress Mandy for another wonderful