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I have been doing cuckold phone sex sessions with Mandy’s Husband, I enjoy teasing and denying my lover, we do not have sex anymore, I save that for a real man.   Mandy’s Husband is hopelessly addicted to me.  We have done some sessions recently and he has served me, he is here to please and amuse me.

Some recent comments from Mandy’s Husband:
Dear Mistress, I woke up this morning erect and thinking of you. I went straight to this email so I could look at you. I imagined being across from you in my chair and naked. You were looking at me as you are in the picture. You had your hands covering your private part and were telling me that it was not for me. You look spectacular. My cock is rock hard and I am stroking for you.  Suddenly your real man enters the room. You no longer are paying attention to me. You uncover your private part and spread your legs wide open for that giant erect cock he is sporting. I am greatly aroused and continue to stroke as he pounces on you.  Thank you for the email and the perfect image of what I crave. You are perfect in every way.
Your Devoted Servant

Dear Mistress, As ordered, I jerked off last night on three different occasions. Immediately after receiving your instructions I jerked off for a solid hour on the sofa. Without cumming. At 3 am I jerked off to your picture using the one where you are sitting in a chair, facing me and wearing only your panties with the word “Love” etched into white powder near your waist. I expanded this picture to cover my iPad screen and leaned it against my wife’s ass while she slept. I got on my knees and stroked while I repeated “Mandy is my Mistress” and “Mandy owns me” over and over and over again. I came all over your perfect tits making sure not a single drop came near your beautiful face. This morning at 6 am I awoke erect and immediately began doing Mandy strokes. I did them for another hour until I finally had to get up and get ready for work. I hope this is what you had in mind and that I performed well for you.
Your Devoted Servant

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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