Woodsman is back, some good old fashioned cuckold stuff, be sure to check it out! Call Mandy for a cuckold phone sex call at 1-877-732-6360

If you are a fan of cuckold, then read what I have to say about my Woodsman, the original cuckold phone sex  guy! I am happy to say the Woodsman has returned. I know my blog has been aching for a good Woodsman update, here is what he had to say….

Woodsman had the good fortune to have is ex wife show up.  She immediately decided to take control.  I asked Woodsman how he hooked up with her and he said that he ran into her at the bar.  They started talking and she wanted to know who he was seeing. Woodsman lives in a small town, and so, she already knew that he did not have a girlfriend.  His ex wife wanted to know he would like to get back together with her, but this time, she would be in charge of money.  Guess what? He signed his checks over to her, and his credit cards.  She has a boyfriend now,  but his ex is going to be in charge of all of Woodsman’s money, and I guess cock for now. She has had her boyfriend for a while, and so she will not be having sex with 2 guys, and will be in control of Woodsman!  How is that for another Woodsman Cucky Tale!

To make matters worse, her boyfriend moved in with his Ex Wife, (she has a hot body and walks around in “booty” shorts, to make Woodsman hot), they sleep together in the downstairs bedroom, and Woodsman is upstairs.  Woodsman has now taken on the role of the cucky sub, she is in charge of all finances, and he is cleaning the house, and she is going to put him on a year’s probation..  “Even so” He wants her full time, Permanent as he put it.

He is glad she is back.. I asked how he got these woman like this, he said they are attracted to him. He said they know what they can get away with. Woodsman can’t even watch a movie without asking her permission. He said, if you watch a movie downstairs, he might be able to hear them having sex.  But, Woodsman will have to ask permission if he can watch a movie down there, because it is loud and they might want to sleep, or they might want to watch it instead of him.. It is a 56″ TV set.

Woodsman’s ex-wife’s boyfriend is 23 years old and cocky. The boyfriend thinks that he has his ex wife in the palm of his hand. Woodsman has seen him getting out of shower, and he got a glimpse of the boyfriend’s cock, he told me that it was 6″ soft, so you can imagine how big it must get. The wifey must be getting pounded for sure.  She told Woodsman that it is Huge! OMG!  Woodsman is such a cucky. She tells Woodsman how sore she is. So Woodsman gets excited from all this. Now he is embracing this cuckold lifestyle.

They have been their since the Super Bowl, so about a month. Which is why you have not hear a Woodsman story in that long.. Woodsman had to call and update me on his new living arrangements. I think this is great that Woodsman managed to find another cuckold situation, maybe he will get to watch!  He says they fuck A Lot!  Two times a day.. Poor cucky Woodsman.  She says his “Sap is rising.”  How funny is that!

I think that Woodsman might be in store for some orgasm denial, cuckold servitude, and possibly more.. What do you think?

xoxo’s Mandy