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Slave Matt is MY slave and he called me not for guided masturbation phone sex but to let me know that he found a superior male.  They connected the day that he called me.  Slave matt told me that they met online about a year ago, and it had taken until now to connect.  Slave matt had gotten a hotel room, so they could have privacy.  They had been corresponding as  This male wanted Slave matt as a cross dresser. Slave Matt went to hotel room first and dressed up in his gurly slut outfit, and waited for him.

He has sent me photos of him dressed, and he does look like a girl.  The outfit is elaborate, even over the elbow length gloves to cover his arms, making him look more feminine especially with the wig on.  Slave matt told me that he was excited to be having this experience because it had been a long time since he has played, due to being busy with work and such.  The only limits for this encounter would be no pain, and using condoms.>I wanted all the dirty details of this cross dressing experience.  Slave matt told me that the dom who showed up, came over and  kissed him on the cheek, then undressed and ordered Slave matt to suck his cock.  This apparently happened quite fast from the start.  The dom came in Slave matt’s mouth immediately. Then  Slave matt had to suck him to get him hard again rather quickly, the dom guy pushed slave matt onto
the bed, and fucked slave matt’s pussy. I asked slave matt how he felt and he said that being fucked by this guy was extremely degrading, just laying there and being used.
The two of them have been corresponding for a while, and they probably will  meet up again.

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