Blue balls is doomed! Orgasm denial phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Had a session with Blue Balls recently…. He told me that he had heavy balls of cum, 104 days… of not cuming… serious orgasm denial .   I do so love blue balling a guy and having him practice chastity for me.

Orgasm denial phone sex with blue balls who loves Ms. Mandy when she denies him during a guided masturbation phone sex session.

 I had told him to get a girlfriend and I would let him have sex but, he was to fake an orgasm.  I thought he could try this with the girl that had dropped him previously for not having sex with her (cause I told him he was not allowed.)   He is brain washed, I used him good, spent 30 minutes bringing him to the edge, he has to do things for me for 10 days, then I will let him cum and eat it.  He is totally mind fucked!  Can’t wait to hear about the fake orgasm, and I gave him chastity gymnastics


BLUE BALLS has not done what he has to do to make me happy,  I have added 30 days to his denial!

January 8th…. new date of release…