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Guided masturbation phone sex could not be complete without the ultimate CFNM fantasy.   What is that you ask?  Clothed female – naked male.  Mistress Mandy enjoys the cfnm guided masturbation fantasy. It usually involves a lot of description and can be very intense.  Georgia peach called me for a CFNM fantasy.  But, what was very interesting was that he told me, many women have wanted to watch him masturbate.  He does not seem to like to jump into actual sex, quickly with someone new.  Apparently the women he attracts, seem to be dominant, and take control quickly. He likes to please them, and show himself, and jerk off for them. I found our conversation very exciting.

One woman he dated asked him to drop his pants and he masturbated for her, while she watched, he loved her control.  He told her that it was too soon for sex, I said he must be good looking because these women all seem to want to attack him. He said he works out and is muscular, and enjoys stroking while a woman watches.  He finds it most exciting if she stays dressed.  He said on several occasions it was the woman’s idea to watch him masturbate.

CFNM phone sex fantasy with Mistress Mandy.   On the phone it can be very hot, you can get on webcam, I can watch you, it is pretty close, some find it humiliating, that is also part of the humiliation aspect, and also the domination aspect of the whole thing.   He has had several occasions where the woman surprised him and wanted to watch, and that made him very hard.

I made his balls blue, I denied him and he loved it, I want him hard and ready to serve me.  I teased him and edged him. Right to the brink many times, and took his hand away.  Did you know you get a build up of the feel good endorphins if you save up your cum in your balls.  That is exactly what I had him do.  No cumming for him.  He can’t cum unless I say so.  I do enjoy orgasm denial. I will keep you posted on O/our progress.

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