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Phone Sex and News….

It has been quite a weekend, I still have some company so have not had a chance to let everyone know what I have been up to.

Tony has been wanking his little useless chicklette and wanting to cum, NOT that I am going to let him, I am having him butter it up, and play with it, tonight, as we speak he is standing in the window, doing the dirty, so that all the neighbors might get a look, NOT that there is anything to see...

Wimpy called, he said, Laura is having a DNA test to ...

WIMPY Is PATHETIC with his Little D***

So, I have been waiting for some comments from Wimpy...he assures me that he will post in my blog, so we shall see... here is what he messaged me tonight....

"After we got done last night Laura and April returned to put me through another 1 1/2 hours of T&D torture before icing down my penis and putting back into the CB-3000. my balls ached all day and my micropenis throbed inside the cage . aIt is trobbing now. All i think about is sexual release..."

He then told me all the girls and Laura are so laughing at my blog entries ...

Tease and Deny…Wimpy is going to have a baby….

Laura is preggers... with some other big dicked man's baby.  She was with 3 men, so we don't know who the daddy is...   Wimpy had to oink like a piggie, while Laura was being pleasured.

Laura wants me to hold Wimpy's key, and then he is going to be allowed to open it, 2x a month, in order to call me. 

April gave Wimpy a Cialis, had Wimpy masturbate for 2 hours, then call me. He is crying on his knees begging me to do this to him, Total denial, for a year!!  April  and I are going to ...

Wimpy is such a loser!

The little dick loser called me back. Seems all Laura can think of is getting pregnant. The point here being, she is 28 and Wimpy is 58, and she REFUSES to have sex with Wimpy. SO THE BABY will belong to another man. She is going to experiment, with others, till she gets pregnant. He has taken to servicing Laura, Alice, and Cindy. After their gym workouts.. ohhh stinky, don't you think?

So, Wimpy was begging me about his little dickie. I told him, that I did not want him to cum for a year, much less tonight, Laura was ...