Feminization – Sissy wearing a Wedding Dress

Here is what the Wedding Gown guy had to say….
I little bit about myself – My name is Mike and I am 40 years old, 5’6” tall and weigh a dainty 135 pounds. I have a really young baby face look and commonly am mistaken for someone in their late 20’s. I look very clean cut, no tattoos or piercings and run to stay lean.I have short dark hair and generally considered a good looking guy. I grew up in a wonderful catholic family with myself (4 of 5) and four sisters. Here is where the trouble begins.

Here is a very brief history of myself. I have always been very jealous of woman and their clothing. As far back as age 4 or 5, I remember fondling thru my mom’s lingerie drawer looking and feeling all her wonderful silky panties and slips. My heart would just melt. Then I would hump the corner of the bed, and cum in about 20 seconds. As I got older I started raiding my sisters drawers and closets. Each year was better and better. They started wearing nylon panties that actually fit me and I was in heaven. The closets began to fill up with dresses from, proms, bridesmaid and bridal gown. I was in heaven. They don’t know it, but I grew up in their dresses as well. I was the masturbating king. I couldn’t get sex in high school, so I jacked off in my sisters panties. Fast forward to now. I am an EBay junky. I buy panties, slips, formal gowns and best of all wedding dresses. I own hundreds of panties, many prom dresses and eight wedding gowns.
What I am:As you can tell, I am a waste of a man.

I don’t even deserve the 4” penis that I have. I think my dick is getting smaller with all the silky panties I’ve been wearing. I am a pussy who gets rock hard while wearing silky full cut brief panties, stockings, spiked heels while dresses in a virginal white frilly wedding gown.
How sad is that. What kind of man fits into a womans size 4 panties. I also own a cute ruffled flower girl dress in a little girl size 16 that I actually fit into. I am a petite danty princess. Love to blow my load into a pair of panties or all over the inside of my wedding gown. When I do cum, it’s about 3 drops and would barely cover a quarter. How sad is that, I can’t even cum like a man.I am a pantywaist who enjoys masturbating in womans clothes better that having sex with a woman. When I see a beautiful woman, I don’t think about fucking her, I wonder what kind of panties she is wearing and how I would love to rummage thru her lingerie drawer. I love dressing as a princess. I prefer the fashions from the eighties to the early nineties. I love the frilly ruffled gowns with layers of tulle and organza. I have thousands of masturbating experiences I would love to share.

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Wedding Dress Lover Guy

Wonderful new caller today... loves to wear and collect wedding dresses, hoping to get him to dress up for me and send me some pics.. to have a good look see at. Loves to wear panties, sniff panties, and so forth. Has a huge panty collection as well, I have a little about him here, there will be more to come, hoping to get some interactive with my Wedding Dress Lover Guy...

This is a new friend of mine, who is 41 and grew up with 4 sisters.. He loved to wear their clothes... Bridesmaids gowns, prom gowns, dresses, ...