30 days of lost emails….

Anyone waiting for a reply, last night, I had an email system crash. I lost the last 30 days of emails, I do not have saved emails that were given to me in the past 30 days, or the ability to find you.  Please resend your emails, and I will be able to answer you..
Thank you, Mandy


I am here in freezing cold New Jersey, it is all ice outside, the steps are all ice, it's so cold. The good news is, I had a sizzling hot night, with my lover, my husband, was working in his office all evening. I was upstairs with my boyfriend playing all Valentine's night long. The evening got off to a slow start, as my Husband came home, got the fire going, and my boyfriend was already here. So the 3 of us had dinner, and my husband was pouting as I sent him off to his den, to ...