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You will love my guided masturbation phone sex  sessions.  I guess I can start here.  I do enjoy knowing you have your dick on MY cock and I am controlling what you do.   You calling me is about me taking control of your cock.   You get a rest for a bit of time as I slowly and carefully take control of what I enjoy the most. Having you be MY stroker boy.  You will be addicted to me and my sexy voice in no time.  That of course is true if you are not already addicted to me.

I had a stroker boy call me today, who had not called in a while.  I love having guys that I have made cum call me after I have not talked in a while. I LOVE THAT!  He said, “Ms. Mandy, I miss your sexy voice and how you control your cock – so much!”  I was so happy to hear from him.  I never mind how long it has been, I like to pick up from where we left off, be it domination, cbt, cock control, chastity, orgasm denial,  ruining your orgasm, or me in my sexy lingerie, you never know where the session may go.

It may get less vanilla and more kinky if we explore glory holes and sucking dicks, and me in my high heels watching you lick my toes.  I like foot boys to jerk off for me, I like to rub my feet all over you as you jack off for me!  I might tease and deny you,  bring you to the edge and make you jerk off over and over, making you beg for release.  I can be naughty and tease your cock, be it big or small. The little guys.. well of course there is always small penis humiliation, for your tiny cock, I will laugh at you trying to satisfy anyone.

Sissy gurls, get ready to dress up for Ms. Mandy, I like to dress you up, and make you wiggle your little ass, as I feminize you.  Sissies are fun to dress up, spank, train to serve me and my friends.

Role playing cuckolding is very hot.  I like to talk about my real life as a cuckold wife. I enjoy humiliation of course and making you my naughty stroker as I taunt you with stories about my real men boyfriends.

Give me a call, you will be addicted to me and happy you made the choice to call!
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy