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Little humiliation podcast for Teenie Weenie Tony….Here is another funny humiliation session with my Teenie Weenie…

tony : Hi Princess sorry i took so long
Mandie Parker: i did a podcast for you
tony : Im just looking now
tony : Do you want to do a dominate me tonight? Some guided masturbation Pretty Please?
tony : Your podcast is great Princess i love it
tony : Listening to that made me so horny
tony : Can we play please
Mandie Parker: I dont know how long i will be up
Mandie Parker: did you like the recording?
Mandie Parker: and my post
tony : I loved them
tony : The recording is so sexy.
Mandie Parker: i think there is another one
tony : My little cock is still hard
tony : Lets play Princess
tony: You have do make more recordings for me. That was so sexy. You have a hot voice
tony : Im leaking precum because of your recording Princess
Mandie Parker: lol
tony : That was so great
Mandie Parker: i thought you might like that
tony : I loved it you sounded so sexy
tony : Can we please play for a bit
tony : Princess please?
Mandie Parker: did you put on your shoes?
Mandie Parker: and stockings?
tony : Yes Mistress
tony : I know im such a loser
tony : Please teach me a lession Mistress
tony : I need to be punished
Mandie Parker: oh we need a spanking session
Mandie Parker: but i am going to bed soon
tony : Yes Mistress i’ve been a disobedent little slut
Mandie Parker: you know you have
Mandie Parker: maybe tomorrow, you will stand in the corner with your pants down for like 30 minutes before I humiliate you
Mandie Parker: get out the butter
Mandie Parker: you can wank for me
Mandie Parker: but NO cumming
Mandie Parker: you are not to cum
Mandie Parker: you little dickloser
tony : Yes Mistress thank you
tony: My tiny cock doesn’t deserve to cum
tony : I’ve been a naughty little cock sucker
tony : Im stroking my tiny clit for you Mistress
tony : Do you like my little dick mistress?
tony : Mistress?
tony : Mistress are you there?
tony : Mistress im so hard can i keep pumping my little dick for you?
Mandie Parker: yes keep pumping it
Mandie Parker: you dont deserve it
tony : I really have been a naughty boy haven’t I
tony : Please tease me just a little i’ll be good
tony : Mistress what are you doing?
tony : Mistress where are you?
Mandie Parker: ok
Mandie Parker: i am here
tony : Great
tony : Please tease my cock a little i’ll be good
Mandie Parker: ok, tickle it
Mandie Parker: you are not to cum
Mandie Parker: you need to be re trained
Mandie Parker: and probably punished
tony : Yes Mistress
tony : I forgot my place
tony : Im your little sissy slut and should do as im told
Mandie Parker: well in order for me to give you lessons and humiliation you are to serve me
Mandie Parker: and you totally jumped ship
Mandie Parker: so NO CUMMINg
tony : Yes Mistress i’ve been really busy but that’s no excuse
tony : My little pindick belongs to you and you are my first priority
Mandie Parker: yes, that is better
Mandie Parker: ok
Mandie Parker: now
tony : Im lucky to have a beautiful Mistress to tease my little cock
Mandie Parker: play with your TEENIE weenie for me
Mandie Parker: yes you re
tony : Yes mistress it’s so small
Mandie Parker: it is sooooo
Mandie Parker: small
Mandie Parker: go measure it
tony : Yes Mistress thank you it’s an honer to be humiliated by you
tony : It’s 3 inches fully erect
tony : Thank you for laughing at me Mistress im so pethetic
Mandie Parker: you are very pathetic
Mandie Parker: heheheh
Mandie Parker: heheheh
Mandie Parker: you can stroke
Mandie Parker: but you are not to cum
Mandie Parker: little dick
Mandie Parker: L
Mandie Parker: O
Mandie Parker: S
Mandie Parker: E
Mandie Parker: R
tony : Yes Mistress i’ll try not to let my little dick cum
tony : I have a tiny penis
Mandie Parker:
tony : When i was in high school i had sex with a girl. I remember her reaction when she reached into my pants and felt my cock. She didn’t say anything but i new she was shocked. The following week at school she had told everyone that i had a tiny penis and that i was a premature ejaculator.
tony : All the girls used to giggle when i’d walk past.
Mandie Parker: oh thats better
Mandie Parker: butter up
Mandie Parker: BUT no cumming
Mandie Parker: I am going to bed
tony : Ok thank you so much Mistress
tony : Tell everyone how small my cock is in your podcast Please