Cum Eating, Cum on your own face, Suck your Own Cock, NEW FUN Stroker boy for Ms. Mandy!


Had a wonderful stroker boy today, I was teasing him and then he surprised me…. I was teasing him and denying him, then he surprised me he wanted to suck his cock and cum on his face for me…..

Before he did this he confessed that he likes to play with his nipples, and I found that nipple play toward the end of the session really puts the edgeplay over the top!

He said he got the head of his dick in his mouth, and then shot his load!

xoxo’s Mandy


I have been having some on going training sessions with T BOY, for those of you who do not know...these are some comments by T BOY about our training - I am posting in order... it's a riot, don't you think?

Oh sweet Mistress, you have taken me to the edge of desire and held me by my ankles over the abyss of pleasure. Today at the office I slipped into the men's room at around 10:30am. I had been holding out but couldn't stand it any more. I think my assistant could sense something was keeping me agitated. Perhaps it ...