Small penis humiliation for those of you who like tiny cock humiliation! Free erotic humiliation audio TONIGHT!

Are you a guy with a tiny cock? Do you like small penis humiliation?  I have guys with all sized dicks asking for me to humiliate the size of their cocks.  I love to laugh at a little dick, but did you know that it turns me on?  It makes my pussy wet, when I laugh at you, sometimes I just have to slid my panties down and masturbate when I laugh at you.  I like thinking about you jerking off.   I like to think of my girlfriends laughing at you too!  I like you to do embarrassing things, so that I can make more fun of you!

Some little dick losers  sing songs, and some are sissy’s with little dicks, they are very amusing too!

Let’s talk about some loser’s that I like to use for my amusement.

Teenie Weenie Tony, I know you all must be wanting a new humiliation session, I will be having a new one soon.  He has now taken to sending me pictures of a thing called MANKINI,  that is a bikini thingy, that is a g string, and a little piece of cloth over your little wiener like a bathing suit, he did send me a page of them.  You have to be small to wear them, I will ask him more about them when he contacts me next.

He is such a little dick loser, in fact I have about 70 humiliation sessions that are posted on my website to read all sorts of humiliation’s click here <——

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