Slave in Sd – domination phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

ith MY slave in SD.  He is a whore, and he serves me.  Recently he was on webcam doing some domination and humiliation phone sex with me, wearing a wig, (he really makes me laugh in that wig) a bra and panties in black, black pantyhose and
earrings, red lipstick. I have to say he is a sight.  That wig!    Very nice ! and if you click on this link, it will take you to my domination phone sex page, and there are many sessions with Slave in SD posted there for you to read. He is a very obedient and devoted slave that I love and adore.

 I have him pull up bra and put on clothespins.. on his nipples for some
nipple torture.  Having him suck on a dildo with that wig on..looks like a girl
with the wig, and dildo in his mouth.  Now I decide to paddle his sorry ass with
the paddle.   Ten spanks each cheek.  I do this many times of ten spanks, now
ten spanks of his cock with a black shoe!  I spank him until his ass is BRIGHT red.
He has a huge Slave cock, and it is soft but.. Cock spanking is making that
huge cock hard!   He is my slave and he is addicted to Ms. Mandy.
 I  now load up his balls with colored clothespins, he knows I like this, it
amuses me when he strokes and they bounce on the webcam and make a psychedelic
show!   He knows that I do domination phone sex as well as all my other kinky fetishes that I enjoy talking about.
xoxo’s Mistress Mandy