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Sissy Kristen is a new sissy on board, not calling for guided masturbation phone sex exactly, more like some humiliation sissy phone sex.  I do enjoy sissy’s with little clits who like to suck cock for me.   I like cock control, possibly some orgasm denial.  If not total orgasm denial at least you will beg me to cum.  Sissy kristen sent me pics of herself in panties, and now she is posted on my “Wall of Shame”.  I bet you other sissies wish you were on the wall.  You need to do a session and ask me if you can be on the wall.  In the meanwhile she has sent me quite the humiliating photo of herself in her “pink” panties, just for Mistress Mandy.

I am giving email training to sissy kristen, and she is off sucking cock for me, and dressing up and masturbating.. You will hear more about her soon, read below some of the hot dirty sissy things she has been doing for me. I own and control her and will turn her into a bigger cock slut and sissy then she ever imagined.

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here are a few things sissy kristen has to say about herself..

Hello mistress here is the picture of me in panties I sucked a lot of
cock for you this weekend I just got finished getting ass stuffed by a skinny
little white guy with a skinny cock he fucked my face for a little while and
then raped my ass like I wanted but his cock was so small I was laughing inside
but after he left I wanted more dick

I told sissy kristen to buy a few things…

Hello mistress I went to the CVS the other day and I bought some red
lipstick and then I went to CVS and bought hot purple and pink panties then I
came home and sucked on my dildo for you for 10 minutes and then jerked off
for 10 minutes but I did not cum you are so amazing mistress I love being your
little sissy kristen
I would love to be on your wall of shame so I can feel like a real whore
kisses kristen

Hello mistress I just wanted you to know that I just had a big black cock
come over from Craigslist I sucked his dick for about 20 minutes before he told
told me to turn around and he said he was just going to put the head in but when
he felt my tight asshole he started to slide more and more of this 9
inch cock in until my butthole was full and started to make weird noises and then he pulled out and sprayed a load all over my sissy ass cheeks
sissy kristen

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy