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Great sissy phone sex call with sissy michelle the other night, she knows that I enjoy guided masturbation phone sex, but actually sissy phone and humiliation are right up there with me, as are cross dressing fantasies.  She had on a white sweater dress. I like to take control of her, it was more of the same, as she needed to serve me. I thought a sweater dress was a traditional one that is to the knee.  But not the slut michelle. She had on a micro mini dress, black fishnet stockings, pink heels, bra and panties. Cock sucker red lipstick. It was quite the pimping out of her, if I may say so myself.

When I saw what a slut she looked like, I took her out on the street, made her go over to the cars, wave them down, so that I could slut her out.  She hailed down a car, and leaned in, her sissy ass was sticking out as she leaned into the car window.  Wow, what fucking slut.  She asked them if she could go along for a ride.

She hopped into the car in the back seat, two guys in the back and two in front.  The two in back really thought she was a girl, until her dress hiked up and they saw her tiny clit.  She does love small penis humiliation phone sex that I give her.  They laughed and started to use her.  She was red with humiliation loving every moment of it.  They pulled their dicks out, one had a big one and one was small.  She had to suck the small one.  That made me laugh, as she is so small herself.

Then she told me a very funny story.  She had gone back to the pool hall, and there are girls there that have no teeth.  She was so lucky that one of them decided to give her a blow job. I never heard of a girl giving a sissy a blow job.  BUT, this girl took her teeth out and gummed sissy michelle’s little clit.  That made me laugh so hard!

Back to the car. I made them all go into a deserted mattress factory, they tied poor helpless sissy michelle up and gang banged her. Cuming in her face, her pussy and everywhere, I brought over a bowl of cum and fed it to her..   for more of sissy michelle’s sissy antics click here..   sissy phone sex

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