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Guided masturbation phone sex can be combined with cum eating. Did you realize this?  I received an interesting email request.  A cum eater, who reads my blog, wrote me a request.  He wrote:   “I am fascinated to the point of obsession with forced cum eating and cum eating humiliation phone sex. That said, I really want to experience your guided masturbation and ruined orgasm(s). My mind is caught up on the idea of ruining an orgasm while in the “self-facial” position followed by the necessary laughter, humiliation and clean up while still on cam. I don’t know if you can take screen captures during cam shows, but I’d love to see how stupid I look (also, threat of those pictures making it onto your blog would be a pretty strong coercion to follow orders).”

I decided to make his fantasy a reality.   W/we had a discussion, and he said he wanted a ruined orgasm, then to be forced to eat it.  I said to him, “so, I ruin it, your legs are over your head, it drips in your mouth and you have to eat it also?”  He then replied that I made it all sound grim. I have to laugh. In fact, I laughed during the entire session, as he loved the humiliation, and did not like to eat cum. I think he detests it, which made it all more fun. I don’t care if you are disgusted by your desire. I will play on it.  Take pleasure in the power over you, while you are in a state of excitement.  He needed to know, that I was addicting him, controlling him, and I made him repeat things, to begin his cum training program.

During the session, I had cum eater, confess all his dirty dealings.  He is quite the humiliation addict, needing to be made to eat his cum.  I watched him on cam, gave him guided masturbation instruction, and some different techniques I could see he was enjoying it. As I mentioned, I made him say humiliating things, and then I had him put his legs over his face, cock hanging down, over his mouth, and yes, he got a mouth full. I think he thought I would ruin it and drip it into his mouth, instead I made him cum extra hard.

I want all you wanna be cum eaters to know this, I can make you eat it, and I can also make you desire it, and be addicted to the process, as you will be totally addicted to Me!
xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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