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While guided masturbation phone sex, is perhaps something I enjoy doing all the time.  I have many talents, extreme sissy humiliation  being one of those. For some, regular humiliation does not cut it.  Those of you needing to push the bar (so to speak) looking for the next level of humiliation, I do happen to possess the talent to take you there. I have a new caller, that has pleased me to no end. He did a starter session with me. You never know, if the person calling is really going to go to the extreme that is asked for. After all, this is fantasy phone sex. But, there are some who do just this. It is very real. And while, going to a real time Mistress, may not be something in the cards for this person. A phone Mistress, with experience, is able to deliver  something close to what might be found in real life. Ask how is that possible. Usually it takes time, you need to be patient, get to know each other, and then barriers are open for the Mistress to explore what exactly is needed in the session.

A selfish Mistress, looking for her own pleasure, is fine in real life, but a phone Mistress needs to take into account what is asked of Her during a phone session. If a serious caller, asks for certain types of humiliation, then a Mistress who is able to listen, and understand what that person (sissy, slave, subject, pet) needs.  This is how a relationship is formed.

I had the pleasure of a new sissy calling me, and I was asked to help bring all of her fantasies to life. I enjoy this, be it fantasy, or even it is going to be carried out in real life. The surprise is when I find out the person calling is serious in taking O/our session to higher levels, and actually being carrying out, what W/we talk about and being trained. Thus I take ownership of a new sissy.  This happened recently.  This sissy asked if I was going to name her, and it is funny, had I not been asked this, a name would easily have been given during this post. So for now I will call her sissy andie.

Let me tell you what has transpired. This all started by a phone session, the sissy caller, told me she is androgynous and loves to  wear panties.  Very quickly I was alerted to the fact that she wanted to be ruined and used.  This is all about making changes.  She has been wanting to push the envelope and suck cock for real, not just day dream about it.  She told me that she really is interested in changing and expressing herself and becoming more feminine.  Sissy andie is married, and her wife has no use for her sexually.  Andie is a bit overweight, not tall, and definitely not endowed. Being only 3″. Andie recognizes that she is useless to women, for one thing, not  well endowed.  Overweight makes her penis disappear under her belly. Penis has disappeared and she is happy about it.  Has to sit when she pees, so she can’t pee standing up, it is too small.  Sucking a cock to her is a gay thing.  And sissy andie expressed, that she likes to think of herself as gay. She already shaves her body, and confessed that she wants to engage in dirty sex.  Even cosmetic changes would please her, and has no problem upsetting her wife. Wants to ruin herself, and have total ruinination.  Feeling worthless, only turns her on more. This transformation will end the marriage, and they have not had sex in 10 years, her wife finds sissy andie embarrassing and repellant. All this would most likely lead to the divorce  of pathetic sissy andie.

So much to do, to bring about all of this about. I hear all day long about guys dreaming of sucking cock, most never do. Some do, and usually if they have not done it already, it does not happen quickly. I have to wonder,  is this caller serious?  After all it is the first session. How would I know? So I give a simple suggestion of shaving legs, and wearing pantyhose under slacks for work.  Immediately I am told that sissy andie is embracing the idea of being gay. Wants to be gay, and needs to suck a cock.  Also mentions there is an adult bookstore where she could suck a cock for the first time.  I decide, that in order to start the transformation process sissy andie needs to suck a cock.  W/we discussed many options, and I felt out sissy andie to see how serious she really was. It seemed as if she meant business, and I was told after a few sessions that she would not call back until she had actually sucked a cock.

I did not know exactly how long this would be, but in a few days, sissy andie called me.

She had a lot of news.  Told me that she had night to herself, and she went ahead and shaved off all her body hair.  Apparently she looks like a sissy anyway in real life. Very effeminate, she dressed herself in a pair of sissy jeans and femme clothes. She was pretty charged up about what she was planning on doing, being sucking her first cock, so she made an appointment for a  full set of acrylic nails, she did get some good humiliation at the salon. The girls there, asked her what she wanted nails done for, she told them outright that she was going to an Adult book store to find a guy. She told me that the girls at the salon,  got a kick out of that. Once home, she made herself up, and put on a pair of thong panties, a shelf bra, (she has man boobs – size B) pink Hello Kitty top, pink pleated skirt, and a pair of pink thigh highs, and pink pumps. How sissy can you get? Then sissy andie went on you tube and followed a makeup video, put on some perfume, and lipstick.  She drove to the bookstore, walked in very sissy, and paid for theater ticket.  Sissy andie sat in  the middle of the room, and in a minute, a guy came over and asked her if she wanted to suck his dick.  The guy sat on a table, and sissy andie got on her knees and gave him a blow job. While this was happening  other guys gathered around watching. Five or six guys watched, and the guy she was sucking off was calling her, a bitch,  fag or little pussy. When this guy came sissy andie swallowed her first load.  This was as good as she thought it would be. Maybe even better.  Then she gave two other blow jobs. Three blow jobs in a 30 minute period, they all came in her mouth and she swallowed.  Quite the cum eating faggot cock sucker. She also got fucked, by the first guy.  Sissy andie told me she was terrified and was excited at same time.  She told him that she was a virgin, now 20 people were watching as the guy cut her panties off with a knife, and spit on his cock and eased it in. Sissy andie said it hurt, but she loved it. She was a fuck piggie, “little fat white fuck pig”, the guy liked that she was chubby, and he fucked her for 20 minutes bareback.
Sissy andi went from zero to 100 in one night. I must say this was a surprise to me, never expected that her first experience would be so extreme.
Good gurl!
xoxo’s Mistress Mandy
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