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I have to laugh because I have a guy calling me on the phone  regularly for phone humiliation.
He is great, because he makes me laugh for real. Saying things like,

Paying you to humiliate me is the most degrading thing
I have ever done.

You making me say it, is so humiliating.

I did watch him on webcam, you can imagine how degraded he felt by that.
But, he told me something so totally hilarious, he said he had placed an ad on Craig’s list and 2 lesbians had answered him, looking for a guy.
He did not know what they wanted with him but he went over to their house, and found out that they wanted him to impregnate one of them.
BUT, he was not allowed to have sex with her, he was to masturbate, and right before he was to ejaculate he was to put his cock in quickly and then cum fast. She was not to have pleasure at all. The other girl would watch. I asked if the girl was naked, and he said only from the neck down. I had to laugh.
So he then said he got there and went upstairs to get ready, I wanted to know ready, how? He said he took his pants off, and came downstairs wearing panties, and the girls like that and laughed.
This is the part that killed me..
He said then “they MADE me masturbate for them”

It was the tone in his voice that killed me. Like wow, everyone who calls me is dying to find girls to watch them jerk off.
He masturbated, and right before he came, he put his cock in her pussy.

Here is the thing, I watched him on cam. His cock is so small and he is a quick cummer. The question is, did he really get it in?
Did he cum before he got it in.  Why did they not make  him wait and do it again, in case it was a failed attempt.
Comments on this would be greatly appreciated.
xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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