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I love guiding your masturbation, making you addicted to me, during a guided masturbation phone sex call. Mind fucking and brainwashing a stroker boy is fun, and men enjoy this, because of course Ms. Mandy is in control.  I might mix it up with ruined orgasms or tease and deny you, only to make you eat your cum for me. Sometimes I have a stroker boy put his legs over his face and jerk off on his face for me.  A humiliation junky loves this, and can be termed a denied blue-balled wimp. I have hundreds of humiliation posts listed on my website: click here for humiliation phone sex ideas.

If I decide you are not going to cum, I might change my mind, that is real mind fucking, and then you will receive  a rare treat if I let you cum.  If you are fortunate enough for me to actually decide to ruin your orgasm the pleasure is all mine. Ruining orgasms helps give orgasm denial a twisted twist. You will become a helpless victim of my ruthless blue balling denial, and sometimes that nasty cum just wants to spurt out, so when you feel your accident is about to happen, you MUST tell me “Ms Mandy I am cumming!”  At which point I will snap
“Hands Off!” And then you can watch your wimp milk and your manhood dribble out of your pathetic cock.

That ecstasy that normally accompanies a real man’s final thrusts and strokes during orgasm has just been DENIED you. You have been robbed of that pleasure, by me. You will give me your pleasure to increase mine! You feel empty and worthless after cumming but you also feel that frustration and horniness as if you hadn’t cum. It may be the most confusing (for you, wonderful for me,) feeling in the world. Sorry loser, you don’t deserve the pleasure of a real orgasm, that is for real men.

“Please don’t ruin my orgasm, Ms. Mandy.” would be the best way to start our guided masturbation phone sex call, unless of course you really are aching to try a ruined orgasm phone sex call. If you have to ask, wouldn’t that ruin it? No, the fun of ruining your orgasm should be all mine. The decision is mine. The pleasure all mine. If you don’t know what a mind fuck is, then you need to let me do this to you. You will be like “What the fuck just happened?” And I will be laughing at you. You want to fuck? How about a delicious mind fuck!The rest is history..
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

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