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Of course I am here today to guide you masturbation with guided masturbation phone sex of course.

I suppose you cuckold wimps are you ready for some cum denial where Ms. Mandy just does not let you ejaculate.  Orgasm denial so sweet and delicious, is the non release I can afford you.   This will make you ready to feel the intense thrill of being made more and more horny for me, as I humiliate you to lower and lower depths of submission.  Denying you the very ground I walk on.  Of course I will not let you ejaculate.   I didn’t say that you are not allowed to stroke however, goodness no!

I am going to  encourage you to stroke your dick  more methodically and intensely than you have  ever masturbated  before.   The end result is that you will not be allowed to release. I just won’t permit you to cum.   Be it one of my delightful stroker boys, a real man with a  big cock or a cuckie, or even a little dick loser.  Be assured of how  hard and horny for me you will be.  In a perpetual state of excitement, I am doing you a favor not allowing you to cum.  You are looking at my  body. The hot body that you want so badly. Know that this  hot body is one that you NEVER get to touch.   Look at my sexy lips as I almost kiss you with the words “No cumming for you”.

You should be thankful that I am even allowing you to  stroke “MY” cock, just for Ms. Mandy.  Your suffering will be my enjoyment. Knowing you will never have me, never “get” me, is the part that excites me the most. You won’t even get the chance to try to please me.   You can beg and whine but I will not weaken, you releasing is of no importance to me.   I will be pleased  by you becoming  weak for me. I Will weaken you.

xoxox’s Ms. Mandy