Patio Stroker and orgasm denial phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Of course guided masturbation phone sex with Patio Stroker can be very interesting because he does not really get that from me.  It might start out that way, but since I own and control him, he is addicted to me and my orgasm control  I have him in denial.
I like knowing that I am making his balls fuller and full of cum for me.  That every day I give him instructions and have him masturbate for me without cumming. You never know what my emails might say.  I love knowing that I make “My” cock throb.   This is a great form of edge play, even our phone sessions I have him edge and edge and take his hand away. He never knows what I will have in store for him.

I like to go to his house and surprise him with my girlfriends. I dress him in my panties and have him wait on us as our houseboy.  He makes us frozen drinks,and I have him lick my girlfriends pussy’s and I like him to jerk off in front of us all as we enjoy the scenery.
I also bring along my boyfriend and have him suck him off for the girls to see what a naughty stroker boy he can be.  I use my strap on as I love to play with his pussy.

He is not going to be allowed to cum for a month.  I am going to make sure “My” cock is on edge, and that he will be throbbing in anticipate at the thought of actually coming for me.
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xoxo’s Ms. Mandy