My Alfredo -Office fantasy phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

As you know, I have Alfredo masturbating in the office doing guided masturbation phone sex, when I command him to do so.  He is my naughty stroker boy and sends me tributes, thank you very much!   He is addicted to Ms. Mandy, and I own and control him.   He is a very good office masturbator, I have helped and guided him with office masturbation, all the way up to orgasm ruination.

He writes to me from Portugal and says…

After getting out from Office yesterday, I could not stop wishing I could stand
a little more in the office, in order to listen to you new Office Masturbation
Audio. As I was going out, I called you just to explain why I had to leave…
and after that, I open one of you great pictures on my phone, and made the rest
of the drive with you close to me!!!!!!!

Now… imagine, how my cock… pardon me… your cock is, after a all day
being excited by your voice, by your audio, bt your orders, by… YOU!!!
** he also had a dream.

Hello Princess,

i was dreaming i was in a mall and somehow find you there shopping.
you were with someone but you stop and said me “Hello Alfredo” and
me if I have been a “good boy” for you! I was so surprised I could,
say a word…You seemed so real. I was so happy to really get to know you!… and
now I cant sleep again as this image of meeting you is so bright in
head!! Thanks for this dream Princess… I Love YOU!!!