Stroker in PA – New Free Guided Masturbation Tease and Deny audio! Call Ms. Mandy for edge play phone sex at 1-877-732-6360

Stroker in Pa is back, and in rare form, if you recall, he loves Ms. Mandy’s guided masturbation phone sex  sessions. He has even gone as far to say, that he is addicted to them.  I love to tease My Cock!  He is so hot and sexy. He likes to do role play  sometimes.
We enjoy bringing in my friend Dr. Val. She is a super hot sexy Dr. Vixen, that likes to examine, and then play and explore. She has been known to suck Stroker in Pa’s cock, lick his balls, and even f*** him. She is a hot momma!

I on the other hand, love to tease and deny  Stroker in Pa. I like to take his nipples, have him put ice on them. We both enjoy it when I do some nipple torture.  I like to oil up MY cock, and then have him stroke to the edge, then take his hand away..

Do you think you are man enough for me to tease you to the edge, and make you do it over and over? You must give me a try!
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

"sissy phone sex", "cross dresser"

Mandy Malone loves to dress up sissy gurls