Letter to Ms. Mandy

Finding the Perfect Mistress


I have always enjoyed phone sex but have not been able to find the perfect phone sex operator.  That is when I realized that I didn’t need an operator, I needed a Mistress.  I visited hundreds of web pages looking for the perfect Mistress who could control me, teach me and use me as her slut.  Many of the web pages had dominatrix’s, but many of them were into pain and CBT.  Pain does not appeal to me.


As I looked and looked I realized that I needed a mistress, to tease me and control when I would cum for her.  I also wanted a Mistress who I could serve as her throne and she could do with me as she pleases.  The thought of a Mistress who may make me wear my wife’s panties was very arousing.


Finally I found one of Mandy’s pages; www.strokesforme.com.  As you probably know, Mandy has a wonderful website with a ton of teasing stories and audio.  On top of that Mandy is beautiful.  After listening to several of her audio’s and seeing her beautiful pictures, I knew Mandy would be my mistress to serve and please.


With my schedule, having the private time to make a call is very challenging.  I knew that the following Monday, I could call my new mistress.  So on the proceeding Monday, eight days in advance, I called Mistress Mandy.


I explained to Mistress Mandy that I wanted to please her and to be her slut.  That I wanted to wait until the following Monday to call her, and that I did not want to cum until she told me to.  I explained that I would follow her masturbation plan without cumming.  I prepaid for two calls and Mistress Mandy agreed to allow me to be her slut…..her Stoker Slut, provided that I voted for her at least once per day through her link, and send her the codes.  I told her that I would vote more than once per day.


My training for the week had begun.


Tuesday…When I woke up, I found that I had not slept very well, dreaming of serving my new mistress.  I had the urge to smell my wife’s panties.  While my wife was in the shower, I went to the dirty clothes hamper and got out her panties from the day before.  I smelled them and instantly had an erection.  I sent Mistress Mandy a message requesting permission to wear the panties during the day.  Given permission, I wore my wife’s dirty panties all day.  Each time I went to the bathroom during the day, I would masturbate to the edge and stop, returning to work with a hard on.


On Tuesday night, I was very horny but determined not to cum until Mistress Mandy told me to.  I played with my wife, eating her and making her squirt in my face.  I drank her juices and licked her clean.  Fortunately, my wife was very tired and did not want to make love.  After she was asleep, I got up and went to the dirty hamper again.  I found her panties from Tuesday.  I smelled them and put them on, crawling back into bed, hope that my wife would not notice.


Wednesday…After wearing the panties all night, I was very horny.  I took my shower and masturbated till I was hard then stopped.  I masturbated again until I was to the edge of cumming and stopped.  After several minutes, I masturbated to the edge again, nearly cumming but was saved as I turned the water to cold.  I wore the panties to work and again practiced my control during trips to the restroom.


On Wednesday night, I was out of town and on my drive back, I started masturbating.  I found that the harder I stroked, the faster my car went.  Not wanting to get pulled over, I used the speed of the car to control my masturbation.  Without using the cruise control, when the car was going between 50-60 I would masturbate.  As I came up on traffic or into towns, I would start and stop my masturbation accordingly.  I was able to make it home without cumming but the precum was there and I was very close.


I was so horny; I again set out too please and serve my wife without cumming myself.  It started as she undressed.  While she was standing in her panties and bra in the bathroom, I came up behind her and started playing.  I was able to rub he clit and make her cum in her panties.  As we went to bed I got out an 8” dildo and a vibrator or her clit.  The dildo is much larger than I am, so she came very hard, squirting all over the bed.