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"guided masturbation phone sex"As you know Ms. Mandy enjoys guiding your masturbation in guided masturbation phone sex sessions.
I have started a masturbation fantasy club for stroker boys. Many of you have expressed an interest in participating, and have been grateful for the
attention and time that I can afford to your needs. Guided masturbation is a form of domination, me focusing on your need is part of my control, you need my guidance in order to further your masturbation experience. Without me, you are hopelessly lost to fumbling between your legs, longing for the experience that I alone can give you.

When you enter My masturbation room it will be very successful in helping you,  stroker boys, to whack off for me. The ultimate Masturbatrix!

What happens once you are in my evil web of control, you may wonder?  I first need to know you that you are serious. Then we have you set up a time. Coming to me for your masturbation experience will be your first step into submitting to me. This will be a ritual in itself.  You will be required to unzip and present your penis for my inspection. Then you will receive my consultation.  I will decide what you need.

It might be wise not to become erect. Containing your erection is part of the initiation ceremony. You would be soft and pliable. Since I am a  masturbation expert I suggest calling when you have not ejactulated for a while. The experience will be so much better for you.

Inspection and consultation would include discussing your masturbation needs, what you need to masturbate, how often do you masturbate.
What toys you use to masturbate. What type of masturbation do you think about. What is Ms. Mandy’s masturbation instruction can do for you. What are you expecting from it.

If you are lucky to remain soft throughout all of this, your member soft, and your mind pliable, I will be able to control you further. I might even
take you on as one of my subjects as I am writing a Thesis for the Sexual Advancement Institute on Masturbation, as well as Chastity. If you are a chronic masturbator all the better. Chronics as I like to call them, amuse and please me. I enjoy making sure you are hard most
always, sometimes I take a chronic and put him in total chastity. This way the denial becomes part of the training. Chastity control and orgasm denial are good for you. As the more you are denied the more submissive you will become, and I need a good submissive for a
successful masturbation subject. Submissiveness is critical for good masturbation, as I will tease and possibly tease you more, throughout the

Are you capable of telling me your innermost secret fantasy. I need to know them, for invasive masturbation expansion. I also will be asking your
first masturbatory experience. I like to hear about times you have been apprehended with your penis in your hand. It will aid your further
masturbation experience and guided masturbation exposing to me what you have done in the past. I can improve and enhance your orgasmic
explosions. Or lack of there of, if you prove not to be ready for the mental stimulation and the overall experience that this can afford you.

I like to write about masturbatory habits and let others who are involved in masturbation know that there are many among us looking for more mind expanding masturbatory experiences. Then you would do what I like call, “take position” and you would begin to jack off. Would orgasm be
denied? Most likely yes, if you could contain yourself.

What happens if you can not? Again, there is nothing set in stone. Does your ejaculate land on your hand, on your face with your legs over your head, do I make you eat your cum? Do you dare explode without control and if that is true I will recommend more sessions to improve your style and technique and lasting power. If you do happen to “accident” on the rug, you will lick it up with your tongue, rug and all, and yes, it will be clean when you are done, or a spanking will be done. You will already be on your knees.

Do you dare to “ejaculate without my permission”? This of course is tricky. A smart man will not do this as a joke in order to suffer humiliation. Because that would be tempting the fates. If it seems as if it was done on purpose, then the orgasm device is put in place. This is a specially device orgasm denial – chastity device. This one has a vibrator inside so it will make you hard at one of the counselors whims.

Overall your session is for the betterment of your masturbation in general. If you would like to be part of the the ultimate masturbation experience then you must contact Ms. Mandy for your guided masturbation session. It will be to your benefit, I can assure you of that.

Ms. Mandy at: 1-877-732-6360